The General and the ANUS
Posted on November 13th, 2009

Ben Silva

It is sad if our hero, General Fonseka join the biggest fool RW, known as Gona, who nearly gave away the country to the terrorists.  Many consider those in ANUS to be fools, opportunists, traitors and extreme Tamil racists, out to create a racist Tamil empire. It is dangerous to have fools as friends, as they will mislead you and also will take you along the wrong path.

ANUS is the place where human waste go before excretion. The General should avoid  getting into the company of fools like RW. Some in the ANUS group have slandered the General   and others that waged war against the terrorists by saying “ƒ”¹…”he is even not fit to be the commander of the Salvation army, he does not know the difference between Kilinochchiya and Medawachchiya, any fool can go to war’ and so on.

The president MR should be commended for uniting various forces in Sri Lanka  to fight terrorism and for not yielding to foreign powers. Foreign powers that tried to divide Sri Lanka are still powerful and will not hesitate to divide Sri Lanka, given an opportunity. Therefore we have to be always vigilant  and should never drop our guard. We need permanent structures to defend against foreign threats.

 It also has to be acknowledged that the General has served and saved the country.

Many hope that the President would  listen to the grievances of the General and provide the General with opportunities to serve Lanka.

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  1. babaloo Says:

    President Rajapakse should be commended for ridding the country of the LTTE. However, that does not give him the right to plunder the country and use thugs such as Mervyn Silva to harass ordinary citizens and run the country like a banana republic. Sri Lanka has a history of democracy and it should always be up to the people to select who they want to represent them. The President is a servant of the people and not the other way around.

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