General Phobia and Presidential Elections mania
Posted on November 14th, 2009

by citizen Mahinda

According to the media, every thing said now, General will contest against Mahinda, under the UNF/JVP/TNA or whatever so called duped alliance, or popular pretext of Common candidate.

 Should you contest under UNF Alliance the mercenaries of the Western Imperialists and with the ulterior agenda of betraying the country, the nation, and will kneel to, LTTE, Hillary and the gang.

 Public will even spit on your photographs in time to come on the aftermath of your office.

 Afterwards, you will go to Yankee land and get Citizenship instead the Green one, where are we to go then?

 If you contest as common candidate and subsequent appointment as president, how would you cope up with JVP, UNF, SLMC, Mano and so on that has different strokes and agendas. it would be the biggest mess in this country to face with chaos all over.

 People of the country will make a big mistake if a military man is elected to the highest office in the first time ever in Sri Lankan political history, because Civil society cannot be ruled by a man who’s mind is set with a military attitude, the general public of the entire country is not like Prabha or LTTE that you overpowered.

 Public will have to face unexpected affront and agony by doing so. If the people of Sri Lanka would like a different experience for a change, then lets see what happens. Sri Lankans are famous to accept ” Unknown Angels than known Devil” in the contemporary history. i.e. 1997 change to the hand of a mad man and the results are being enjoyed by public up to date.

 Some times it makes to think whether Sri Lanka people are so adventurous?

 The duty of the people of Sri Lanka is to be patient and re think, not bring in an unknown angel, since we know the Devil who is already there is not a Devil.

 Few days ago JVP lead Graduates protested in Fort and in front of our eyes, the Police was only using tear gas to expel them, but how it would have been if the Devil was Ranil? or in the worst scenario a Military commander, at least a dozen would have been gunned down in cold blood.

 For that the public must go back to the history of 88-89 & 90 and will see how horrible it would be.

 Similarly, with a Military man in the Devils seat, how the JVP will face it, will there be any more protests?

 Should the Sri Lankan people are fed up of Democracy however much ugly it is now, when an Iron Fist rule is installed, you will be able to feel the thrill of it.

 The General Public of Sri Lanka should not be subjected to the ride that the Western reactionary forces together with Ranil and the clan are waiting to take you for.

 Don’t betray the entire nation and subjugate us to the Ranil, Hillery, LTTE alliance.

 by citizen Mahinda

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