Rajapaksha Must Change His Buddies or Lose to UNA Fags
Posted on November 14th, 2009

Dilrook Kannangara

Sri Lanka is cursed with megalomaniacs. One met his fate at the Mulaitivu lagoon and the other is in the making. For position and power a group of henchmen have surrounded the President poisoning his mind. Acting on their venom, President Rajapaksha makes irrational decisions. He must come to his senses before things go out of hand. People are not going to vote for Rajapaksha just because he won the war. They demand “what next”? If what Rajapaksha has in store is insanity, very few will want to make him the next president.

 It is upto the Maha Sangha to correct the President by way of advising him. If the Maha Sangha are also in fear of speaking out, then the President has passed the point of return.

 However, this does not mean his opponents are any better. They are worse. Power greed and selfishness has driven General Fonseka to the open arms of nation’s enemies. He has been poisoned by the venomous nonsense of political homosexuals of the UNA fame. US$3,000,000 from a wealthy US LTTE sympathizer is doing wonders with barren national traitors cursed with eternal infertility for betraying this great nation. Thank God these traitors cannot ever produce other traitors!

 Rajapaksha’s irrational behavior pushes helpless Sri Lankans towards the enemies of the nation. It also makes him further unpopular with his voters. None of his newfound buddies was with him before the 2005 presidential election. They are only parasites drawn to the money and power. Sri Lankas desperately seek the humble and patriotic Rajapaksha they lost with the death of Prabhakaran; they want their best president back.

 He can decide on changing his course for good or leave office prematurely giving way to the enemies of the nation. Patriots will never support the enemies of the nation but will not put up with Rajapaksha’s irrationality either. They will use the third option which is leaving the country and forgetting all about it.

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  1. Kit Athul Says:

    A very good article. Do you know who initiated this coup-de-etat alert? Ask the following questions and you will see the answer. 1. Why is Alok Prasad, the Indian High Commissioner leaving suddenly? He is going to work for M. K. Narayanan, as a deputy defence security advisor. All the so called Indian high commissioners are espionage agents. They are well trained to provide disinformantion. Alok Prasad told some one close to Mihinder Rajapakse that he will have the same fate as the Honduran president. That is what started the Coup alert. I have no proof but this is how I analyse the issue taking the info from the e-mails that were floting about.
    Kithsiri, Florida, USA

  2. babaloo Says:

    Well said, Dilrook. Sri Lanka desperately needs “the humble and patriotic” Rajapakse back. The last thing this battered and bruised country of ours needs is a virulant clash between two egomanicas who are only interested in lining their own pockets and the pockets of their sycophantic followers. President Rajapakse needs to get rid of his insecurities and become a noble, equitable and judicious ruler of all people of Sri Lanka. President Rajapakse alone has the power to transform Sri Lanka from a country of sufferers to a country of prosperity. May he do right by all people and turn this country into prosperity.

    Dear Mr. President: There is no need for any insecurity on your part. You alone have the power to re-elect yourself through your noble, judicious and brave conduct. You succeeded once by defeating the ruthless LTTE, you will succeed for a second time by getting rid of waste, corrumption, nepotism and thuggery. May the power of the triple gem and the powers of good governance be with you.

  3. Samson Says:

    This is what I call “hard hitting”. Well said.

    Both parties should shed petty personality issues and work for the betterment of the country together.

  4. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Am I the only optimist among us? It could be because I may have a better feeling about what happens in Sinhale’ (Lanka). As a nation, Sinhala people could not have survived this far purely on the numbers or on other nations given our small population, exclusive location and limited resources. I see all these events more like a cleansing process that will run its due course. It is very hard for me to explain what I feel and wish I could.

    Kith Athul, your concerns are admired given the 180 degree turn made by MR who behaved recently more like a viceroy from India and as the evil who also forced English down Sinhala throats to build his Utopia. Those who treated Sinhala people as scum and had roughshod over them have no choice, but to pay their due price plus interest. Most of you were eagerly supporting MR in this website until I made and adverse comment resulting a stoush with Wijesinhe (I hope he still visit this site). Now, I see that many of you have seen the truth lately. It is true that I know more things than I pretend to know. Please do not worry about Indians as they are on their way to extinction (In fact they are walking up the stair to heaven according to their belief). It is ok to give a little push to see that is achieved faster.

    MR, supposed to be an arrogant leader with a steely resolve is begging the Diaspora and looking for everyone (or is it a specific one) without going with those who attended the meeting called by his government. Is it because he is experiencing something very strange these days? Ref. Coup thing, Kith please look at your backyard (US) for the answer. SF has received training from them like many others. Please note that RW knew all too well before any smoke. What can I say except “to hell with those who betrayed Sinhala people”? Those suffering are not really Sinhala people, but those Sinhalised who brought all the miseries on our people behind their backs by taking English side. Believe me, our brighter days are ahead.

    I just want to remind about the Victory Speech by MR after defeating barbarians. He said for words about the future of the country such as Powerful, etc. Let me say that he missed the most important word in the original set of five words that were pillars of his ambition, or was it someone else’s ambition. Naturally I tend to despise MR because he is a man who insulted some of his staunchest supporters, may be by descent, known to me a long time before many of you realise his conduct. Let me finish my comment by saying my wish as an ordinary layman that those who hurt Sinhala people be cursed and burn in hell for the eternity.

  5. douglas Says:

    Dirook – Good work. You represented the right thinking peoples’ minds of Sri Lanka. General Sarath Fonseka became a “thorn in the eye” of so many national and international, so called “big” powers and traitors of our mother country. This was a great plot hatched by the LTTE as well as their life long friends in the neighbourhood. It is very evident from requesting Inida to keep their army on alart. Still India needs to show some respect for the LTTE and they never ever thought it will be militarily defeated by S/L Forces. They need a foot in our land. For this our disgruntled traitors too will give a helping hand. Another section of the Armed Forces too gave their share in hatching this plot, merely to get into “big shooes”. Otherwise, do you think that a man awaiting disciplinary action will the appointed to the highest rank in the Army?. In this regrad I wish to draw attention to ASP Udugampola who did a raid in a safe house and arrested a few of the Army Intellegence personnel, stating that they were planning a plot to kill Ranil Wickramasinghe in the night he became the Prime Minister. Later we knew how all those well trained assets of the nation were killed by the LTTE operatives. History repeasts. MR got cought in this present plot too and acted in haste. That was clearly indicated when the stream of events commnecing from the preparations for the 60th anniversary of the Army are analysed . The traitors of the nation plus the LTTE again have advanced in their fight to re-group and regain control. A big number of “Wandhi Battayas” have already built a fence surrounding MR and have prevented real facts coming to him. This nation has seen the consequences of this type of administration in Mr. Premadasa’s tenure of office as HE President. It is time MR reflect on hitorical facts and take corrective steps immediately, as otherwise we will lose another chance to rebuid our mother country.

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