Posted on November 15th, 2009

Wasantha Bandara Ranagala – Australia

Let’s take a close look at the now forgotten transformation that Sri Lanka underwent during the last four years. Who was Mahinda R before 2005? Just another copy book politician in the same old corrupt mould albeit he had not amassed a huge wealth. This may not be only due to the fact that his father and the uncle were not corrupt but also that he had been kept on check by the bandit queen during her entire reign where he was entrusted with no plum ministries. Of course we still remember the puffy demonstrations he organised in the form of Jana Gosha, Pada Yathra and Human Rights dramas from a safe distance.

 On the contrary, we never heard any battle cry against terrorists from MR during his entire political career. We never saw him when Rajiv invaded Sri Lanka with his infamous Parippu drop. Where was he when the whole caboodle of peaceniks, IC, India et al were on the verge of bisecting this land under different pretexts such as PTOMs, ISGA. He maintained deafening silence.

 Let’s now turn to the undisputed war hero Gotabhaya. The decorations he claimed speaks abundantly for the Rana Soora, Rana Wickrama, Poornabhoomi, Vishista Seva etc.. etc.. that makes any critic thunderstruck. Nevertheless, the flip side of that story is that at the conclusion of the mandatory period of service he not only disappeared from the scene unscathed but also secured a cosy life in the most prosperous land on earth, US, and ingrained his future as a full pledge citizen. As for the decorated officer with umpteen number of medals he earned, just kick a wayside bush and you have dozens of them to be collected in bucket loads.

 While the terrorist menace was on the verge of engulfing the entire history of our nation both these bothers were on a journey unto themselves.

 In the year 2005, when the queen was making every effort to extend her tenure, illegitimately, the controversial Chief Justice Sarath N had the temerity to put a full stop to her evil designs that finally sent her home packing with the last hoard of the loot, for good. How MR won the match against the Don Juan reincarnate, from his own words is now in the history books. Thanks to the extremists/chauvinists, JVP and JHU, who thundered the stage on MR’s promise that he would fight the war to a finish, won him the close encounter. The last straw he clung on to made him the hero and winner took it all.

 While the battle against the ruthless terrorists was raging at the cost of the sons of backward villagers enlisted as cannon fodder, the robbery continued unabated at the corporate and state sectors in connivance with the corrupt officialdom and politicians. Country witnessed the daylight heist of the treasury in billions in the form of Oil hedging, and Mihin Air. The rogues who were identified and convicted by the judiciary reappeared in plum positions as if everything is hunky-dory. When would we loosen the belts that were kept on tightening until the war was over, is the question that the man in the street thinking about. That day will never dawn.

 Victory over terrorists has become a prostitute today. Because there are numerous claims for the fatherhood. Gen. Fonseka reminded those illegitimate fathers that the young boys numbering over twenty five thousand nor their kith and kin would ever claim that prestige. So the vultures enjoy a field day. This is what we must put a stop to if this nation is to reclaim the glory that our forefathers in the by gone era regained after the annihilation of the invaders. Built beautiful citadels, huge reservoirs and a civilisation that we are proud to talk about even today.

 However, the nation is apprehensively waiting to witness the silent war hero, Gen Fonseka calling off the deafening silence he maintained to date so that the inevitable disaster that would decapitate the victory we achieved at the sacrifice of those innocent young men General himself attributed to, would create another day for him to fight for justice.

 Dear General, don’t forget that the hyenas and vultures are patiently waiting at the border for you to open the gate and that is the beginning of the end. So let the Rajapaksa Sahodara Samagama enjoy the merry-go-round for a few more circles. If we had the gumption to win the war against the so called invincible terrorists

backed by the almighty west, the day that the country will regain its former glory would not be too far.


  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    I recommend you to read D.B.S. Jeyaraj’s article in full. Then you will come to know how he wanted all victories to himself and himself alone. Power hungry foolish man had to insult and condemn his own superiors and wanted media publicity all to himself to boast the victories as if he achieved them all by himself. He has already let down all the forces and the people who supported him including senior Naval and Air force personnel who made achievements and victories. With his intolerable temper and selfish authorative attitude it is obvious he is unsuitable for any responsible position to help people in Sri Lanka. To talk about him eradicating corruption is a joke. He was full of it, Perhaps, Russian intelligence saved us for another day?
    Please all patriots, think hard when you make unnecessary statements supporting him and glorifying this man.

  2. cassandra Says:

    So, it seems we’ve got both good news and bad, the good news being that Mahinda
    Rajapakse is set to have a serious challenger at the next Presidential poll; the bad news, alas, is that the prospective challenger is Sarath Fonseka. What an unenviable position for the voter to be in!

    If there is one thing about which there is universal agreement it is the validity of Lord Acton’s famous observation that ‘all power tends to corrupt’. And this has been amply demonstrated by the Rajapakse administration – as it has under previous dispensations. Amidst all the credit due to it for the successful prosecution of the war against the LTTE, there is also a substantial and justified body of disquiet with lesser attractive aspects of the Rajapakse administration and no doubt the country would like to see a change for the better. But it seems Sarath Fonseka is clearly not the man to deliver that. The victory he helped bring about seems to be exceeded by an even bigger ego. How ungracious is it of him, in his letter of resignation, to only give grudging (and scant) credit to the President for his role in the defeat of the LTTE and make no or little mention of the efforts of the Navy and the Air Force. What a shame but Sarath Fonseka, for all the greatness of the victory he helped bring about, seems mean spirited and egocentric.

    As a previous respondent has noted, DBS Jeyaraj’s article seems to give a somewhat unflattering insight into the nature of the former head of the Army. And already, he has made some statements that must make people feel uncomfortable. His reported statement suggesting that the minorities in the country had lesser rights than the Sinhala Buddhist majority was most unfortunate. So also (even if it was true) his statement that the politicians in Tamil Nadu were a set of jokers. Especially at a crucial stage of the war against the LTTE, it was not designed to make things easier for the government.

    There is no doubt that the country holds Sarath Fonseks in high regard for what he helped achieve. But he must also realise that what he did was what he was commissioned to do. He did it well and his efforts have been duly recognised. No successful soldier can go on to claim, as of right, a greater reward than was his due. So, why should Sarath Fonseka imagine the country owes him some great position merely because of being a successful Army leader? Men can get heady with success. But intelligent men know to take their successes with humility and sobriety and not get carried away with inflated opinions of themselves.

    I’d like to think Sarath Fonseka is not unintelligent.

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