What a dirty politics in Sri Lanka ?
Posted on November 15th, 2009

Vipula Gunawardena

After defeating the LTTE, we thought that Sri Lanka will be heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, it was only for 6 months. Last weeks incident, resignation of General Sarath Fonseka, no doubtly, shocked not only all Sri Lankan patriots, but also te whole world.

 Undoubtely, Mahinda Adminitration is far better than the Ranil Adminidtration, in many aspects, mainly LTTE issue.

Unfortunately, General Sarath Fonseka has resigned under frustration. He has given 16 reasons i his resignation letter. His resigned in a very professional and respectable manner. The real drama began on the same day evening at Kelaniya Temple.

We have seen the video and several photographs of the thuggary of some Sinhalese led by the Thug, Mervyn Silva. Some media call him as Dr Mervyn Silva. Todate, I was unable to find out the name of the University which gave a Ph.D to thus thug. Undoubtly, President Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) should have known the thuggary work of Mervyn Silva.

Is this the way the Sri Lanka Government responded the resignation of General Sarath Fonseka, who played a one of the leading key role in defeating LTTE? Is this the “Dharmister Society”?

I can not understand people like Minister Champika ranawaka, Dinesh Gunawadena, Ven Athiraliye Rathnasara and Ven ellawela Medhananda silent. Is this the “Dharmister Samajaya” ? Why other patriots and patriotic organisations are silent.

From the above Kerlaniya temple incident, we all learn one thing. Even this MR administration will not recognise the services of the professionals. The Thugs are more important than those such as Major General Kobbekaduwa, Vijaya Wimalarans, Soldier Hasalaka Kularathana and many more thousands of, mainly Sinhala buddihst rural youths. Ehat a dirty politics in Sri Lanka.

General Sarath Fonseka should not enter this dirty politics. Under any circumstances, he should not join the UNP, Rauf Hakkem, Mano Ganesan, Mangala Samaraweera porty.

General Fonseka has done more than enough to Sri Lanka. He should be away from the politics in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka politics is not suited for gentlemens and professionls. It is good for Thugs, businessmen and others.

Good lesson for soldiers who sacrifised to save Sri Lanka. You are just a NUMBER.

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