‘We will surprise the world with our development’- President
Posted on November 16th, 2009

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Sri Lanka will be developed using technology and new knowledge, and the Government has a viable plan. “We will surprise the world with our swift march towards development,” said President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the annual National Convention of the SLFP at the Khettarama Stadium yesterday (15).

He also said the first oil well will bear results in 2010 and Sir Lanka could proudly use its own fuel for consumption.

The President noted as the country united for the defeat of the LTTE, in development too we should work together irrespective of our differences.

There is no development when there is no peace. Likewise there is no peace when there is no development, he said. President Rajapaksa further said that fraud and corruption will be defeated as the Government defeated terrorism.

The President also stressed that he was not a leader who was prepared to surrender to what the international community wanted to plunder but was ready to offer anything to the people of his country to uplift the nation.

The President stressed that the SLFP was a party that had put the nation before itself and added that the membership with their exemplary behaviour also had ushered a new political culture of democracy and cohesiveness sans discrimination of opposing members. “Our party has created a free nation for generations to live without fear”, he stressed.

During the Convention five resolutions were presented for the conventions approval by senior members of the SLFP such as Political Resolution, War Heroes Felicitation Resolution, Economic Resolution, National Reconciliation Resolution and International Affairs Resolution.

2 Responses to “‘We will surprise the world with our development’- President”

  1. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    “Sri Lanka will be developed using technology and new knowledge…” Can someone tell me what really this means? As most of us live in the West, do we believe that they can do anything other than trying to do what West has done many years back? Do future Sinhala children want to be like those living in the west that are paying with interest facing dire consequences arising from primitive measures adopted as state-of-the-art technology/new knowledge that contributed to the wanton destruction of the living environment? Why these gentleman, whether MR, RW, SA (JVP), or SF, cannot join their masters (or relatives) in the West (like us) who have already developed their places to meet their whims and fancies. It is just a matter of asking for visa because they are more intelligent to understand that this lot is their children left behind by them. I prefer to see even their seventh generation is sent with them to stop the impending diaster that comes in the name of development. It is time for Sinhala people to ensure Sinhala land does not become the barely habitable New English colony called New Sri Lanka.

  2. cassandra Says:

    We certainly hope that President Rajapakse will deliver on his promise of great development using technology and new knowledge. But we can be excused if we have serious reservations of whether this will actually happen, for isn’t there a vaguely familiar ring to his undertaking?
    Haven’t we heard this rhetoric before? And did we not have the prospect of Utopia held out to us before?

    I am old enough to remember the ambitious 5 year plans and 10 year plans of the first post independence governments. I recall SWRD’s promise of a new dawn after we had successfully negotiated his famous ‘period of transition’ as also the socialist dreams and all manner of confident assurances we were given by others over the years. I remember also how when the Norton Bridge Hydro Electric scheme was inaugurated in the early 50s, it was hoped when the project was fully operational that we’d have an excess of power, enough in fact to be able to ‘export’ some to India.

    Promises! Promises! Of course, anything is possible in life and we may be agreeably surprised one day when politicians come good on what they hold out. But just now, going on the record, it is hard to feel enthusiastic.

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