Canadian Tamil Congress and its Mockery Political Policies
Posted on November 21st, 2009


We were witness the birth of Organization called “Canadian Concern about Sri Lanka” (CCSL) recently with the motive to secure the Tamils in IDP camps in northern Sri Lanka have free movement and their re settlement. This organization is accommodating some Trade Union members in Toronto area, some Church groups, some Tamil Rehabilitation Fronts, some members from Amnesty International, some eminent Individuals and the main organizer Canadian Tamil Congress. Canadian Tamil Congress was represented by its spoke person Mr David Poobalapillai and four of his top colleagues. 

This Group is organizing a “Human Chain” protest front of Sri Lankan Consulate in Toronto on 21st November 2009 to show their concern about IDP situation in Sri Lanka. 

As a First resolution brought by Canadian Tamil Congress members that Sri Lankan Government should booked under war criminal act during last lap of war, the trade union members insist that both party (Sri Lankan Government as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elleam) should booked under war criminal act which was whole heartily supported by all members including Congress members Mr.David Poobalapillai and his colleagues.

This is shows how Canadian Tamil Congress is double stand in their policies. If any of other group passes this resolution this same David Poobalapillai and his Canadian Tamil Congress call them as traitor to Tamil community.  

This is the best way to know Canadian Tamils the true colour of Canadian Tamil congress and it’s so called leaders political mockery. Some month back this same David Poobalapillai and his CTC members were carrying LTTE flag all over Toronto and claimed that LTTE was the only sole representative to entire Tamil community and their decision will be the final decision to sort the problem of Tamils. Also he said that LTTE flag is a Tradition of Tamils which has a long history. This statement was taken as a joke by other community to know who invent the Guns and how this guns appear on flag if he claim that flag has history which was running into some centuries. 

Mr. David Poobalapillai and his team mates had promised to CCSL members that they will not carry LTTE flags any more and not stand for LTTE ideology. Now they are concerning “Vatukootai resolution” which was proposed by late Mr.Amithalingam who was call as a traitor by LTTE and same David Poobalapillai and his team. Now they realize this is the only solution to Tamils living in Sri Lanka. What a joke. How easily David forgets his past and changes his colour like chameleon. Its shows David and his team are opportunities and not stand for any principal and policies.  

Do Canadian Tamil Congress members have guts to tell Tamil media that they are willing to take the LTTE to war criminal courts? Do David Poobalapillai and his CTC will accept and support to bring remaining LTTE leaders like Yogi, Balakumar, Thlakar, Daya master and George master to International court? If Canadian Tamil congress is genuine on his policies let them declare their stand clearly to Tamil community and Media. 

If they accept “Vatukootai resolution” the only solution for Tamils in Sri Lanka to live with dignity what is the solution they propose for Tamils living in Central hill Sri Lanka and Tamil specking Muslims? 

Are they forgetting this “Vatukootai resolution” which was the cause for this bloody war for last 3 decades? Tamil community has suffered lots by paying thousand of lives, million of properties, rich culture, youths, academics and intellectuals. What an idiotic suggestion by CTC to bring back this same “separate State” ideology back. 

We want a dignity and equal right as a minority in Sri Lanka but it is not that mean we need a separate state “Ellem”. We all minority (Tamils, Muslims, Bugers and Malay) has to work in one agenda to achieve this task. Surely international community will stand behind us.  

It is sad that Tamils who are living over seas whose children can’t speak Tamil are advocating for this Separate State policy. Please leave the Tamils living in Sri Lanka to choose their choice. This poor people has suffered lot by listening you people in past. When you are happily living with your family here and your kids studying in universities those peoples lots their lives and kids. Taking the LTTE flag and marching through Toronto city and standing front of Sri Lankan consulate for “human chain”  are social events for you but living in IDP and then go and resettle in their own land is untold hardship exercise and it is reality. 

If CCSL wants to help this poor Tamils living in Sri Lanka, ask David Poobalapillai to bring the list of assets of LTTE in Canada which is mainly benefiting some of CTC members and form a trustee to use that money to resettle and uplift this people life. 

Canadian Tamil congress should stop fooling Tamil people in Canada by their action and policies at this point and should reform as a genuine Tamil Guardian forum. 

We Love Our  Mother Sri Lanka.

Transleted in English by Walter Michel  

In Tamil by N M Ponambalam

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