Why Retd. Lieut.Gen.Sarath Fonseka Should Ride Out Graciously Into The Sunset!
Posted on November 21st, 2009

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Nov.19th 2009
 Retd.Lieut General Sarath Fonseka’ if he has any sense of decorum and perhaps even self preservation should side step this coerced push by all the decrepit opposition politicos egging him on particularly the spineless leader of the opposition  Ranil Wickremasinghe who becomes very visible as the cat baiter using the paws of an unsuspecting cat to pull out his roasted Kos Etay ( the proverbial Jak Seed) from the fire while also having the nerve to lay pre conditions before his Presidential Candidature demanding his appointment as executive prime minister  from  someone who has not even been elected to the highest office he is seeking as yet!!
The Retired Lieut.General seems to be overlooking the most important item which many see as his detrimental achilles heel namely his apparent insubordination to his former C.E. O. and Commander of the Armed Forces, his Excellency the President.The retired  Lieut.General consequently has been refered to as a joker in a recent bulletin in the Asian Tribune which will be quoted from time to time here but more fittingly perhaps should be the term a conniving, power hungry dreamer whose projected aspirations in the false and misguided belief that he has any chance at overcoming the National popularity of President Mahinda Rajapaksha  regardless of split votes or the false propaganda which is already spreading anti Rajapaksha sentiment courtesy of the UNF, the JVP and the TNA appear somewhat ludicrous as the pro Rajapaksha sentiment amongst most national voters is huge and insurmountable to say the least and aspirations to dethrone the incumbent President using the ungainly and incongruous means he is utilising towards the effort will surely blow up in Fonseka’s face if not worse ramifications which could follow to his detriment should he continue his aspirations!
While many  discerning are questioning  his letter of resignation addressed to the President, seeking retirement from the Sri Lanka Army, marked confidential with an annexure which was also marked confidential abeit quite amusingly  splashed on the front pages of most local newspapers the question is also being asked whether the General  really understands what he meant by the word “ƒ”¹…”confidential’. suggesting a new look bungler despite his big stints as Lieut General where aspirations to lead the nation of Sri Lanka verily needs no bungling(UNF,JVP,TNA et al please note!)

 It has been pointed out in the Asian Tribune item that the Lieut.Gen. is now full of contradictions and appears jumpy as he has made many Faux Pas’~  some  of which as cases in point  are outlined below which seem to attest to his undecided as well as confused state of mind where the reader is asked to draw his or her own conclusion based on what has been submitted in black and white, hence irrefutable towards the rationale that they are very contradictory!

  He writes~ “The plight of the IDPs ( Internally Displaced Persons)  is also a point of great concern to me. Thousands of valiant soldiers sacrificed their valuable lives to liberate these unfortunate civilians from the brutality and tyranny of the LTTE in order that they could live in an environment of freedom and democracy. Yet, today many of them are continuing to live in appalling conditions due to the lack of proper planning on the part of the government and the IDPs who have friends and relatives elsewhere in the country must be given the choice to live with them until proper demining has been done in their areas.” However, Gen Fonseka and his concern for IDPs have been cited as a joke as it was common knowledge that when President Mahinda Rajapaksa wanted to start the resettlement process much earlier, this very General Fonseka had stalled the move. Does he need reminding today that he had carried the day by claiming that more than 10,000 LTTE cadres were lurking in the midst of the IDPs and by insisting on a thorough screening before resettling them? further quoting the Asian Tribune

 The General  has been politely asked as quoted  ” where are those 10,000 LTTE Cadres you said were hiding behind the displaced people. Don’t you even remotely feel remorse and full responsibility for delaying the resettlement in the process setting off a global diatribe and backlash of opinions based on this single action of yours? Aren’t you if you have any conscience compelled to admit that it was only because of you that the Sri Lankan President, his ministers and officers and all others involved with the resettlement process were forced to delay the process of resettling the displaced families? So would’t it be a fair conclusion that only because of you, Mr General, the IDP camps remained there for long and have invited international focus.And today you the main person in high office who was responsible for delaying the resettlement process, has begun to shed crocodile tears seemingly heartbroken  at IDPs continuing to live in appalling conditions while also advocating that IDPs must be given the choice to live with their friends and relatives? What an appalling load of duplicitous twaddle! garnered towards your run for the Presidency in your attempt to fool the voters of Sri Lanka. Bearing in mind that this sudden change of heart  with concern for the IDPs was non existent until Nov 12, the day The Lieut Gen. wrote his resignation letter it needs to be asked once again where has it come from? Aren’t you deluding yourself that  that the IDPs will be impressed by your sudden outburst of pity and concern and will become your admirers while also entertaining the false notion that the Tamils in the IDP welfare centres will vote for you if you enter the presidential race whereas the reality would be that these people would have the wrath of Hades directed at you for your inveterate duplicity?” end quote.

 Next, using further reference to the Asian Tribune item being quoted here, the icing on the cake towards Fonseka’s wobbly manouvering he probably need reminding that it was not that long ago and as recently as the 23rd of September 2008, he as Sri Lanka’s Army Commander, had given an interview to Stewart Bell of the National Post Newspaper of Canada, and that he had made some disquieting observations “”…” not expected of a General, whose army has members of all ethnic groups in the country.

“I strongly believe”, the General told the interviewer,” that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there are minority communities and we treat them like our people…We being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we have the right to protect this country…We are also a strong nation … They (the minorities) can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things”¦”

He spoke of Sinhala nation and not as Sri Lanka and as a Sri Lankan. He displayed Sinhala ethnocentrisms and chauvinistic mentality in that interview by spewing discrimination towards the minority communities in that country. . He was not prepared to consider, Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils as Sri Lankans and to concede the basic tent that this country belongs to both the majority and minority communities, like in a country, anywhere, always.

Strangely, while depriving the Muslims and Tamils of the joint ownership of the country with the Sinhalese brethrens, General Fonseka therefore rather shamefully berated the efforts of winning hearts and minds of the Tamils.

To cap it all up towards confirming the concept being highlighted here towards Fonseka’s unworthiness as a President of Sri Lanka (even remotely hypothetically) the Retired General wrote in his letter of resignation that “Your Excllency’s government has yet to win the peace in spite of the fact that the Army under my leadership won the war. There is no clear policy to win the hearts and minds of the Tamil people, which will surely ruin the victory, attained paving the way for yet another uprising in the future”. suggesting what to many analysts is the biggest conflict of interest towards his personal ambition also laced in contradiction  and all the more reason this person is undeserving of the Presidency of Sri Lanka envisioned even remotely!

None of these however can take away Sarath Fonseka’ immense capacity as a brave military leader who put his life at risk  and drew from all his resources as a fine Officer and a Gentleman dedicated towards liberating his country from a  dreaded terrorist faction which was above and beyond the call of duty towards eliminating the LTTE on a joint tour de force of all armed forces headed by their CEO!

What is perplexing however is the resilience of his rhetoric towards justifying an undeserving claim of his entitlement to the Sri Lankan Presidency which carries fear in the minds of some that he could well prove to be a military dictator while even confounding his champions at the present who don’t seem to entain this concept being the dim witted lot they truly are.

In reality Lieut Gen. Fonseka should ride out graciously into the sunset of his retirement rather than rekindling a parallel to the turmoils of the past which he helped eliminate and be remembered as a National Hero rather than an aspiring  and  now redundant Pervez Musharraf !

2 Responses to “Why Retd. Lieut.Gen.Sarath Fonseka Should Ride Out Graciously Into The Sunset!”

  1. Samson Says:

    This is called Egomania. He was a good army General but a very bad politician.

    He should not make himself the laughing stock of the nation. By showing off his childishness he is depriving him the honour of victory. He new buddies don’t give a damn about his achievements. They said any ass can fight. For them Fonseka is just any ass which can fight.

    A fatal move at the start of his political career. Fonseka’s political career is over before it started.

  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    There is a lot of other publicly available information to treat him as a Zero. Though we held the view from the early days of the conflict that his contributions to the war was not different to that of the CIC (MR), in other words, pushing front line soldiers to bring victory without giving a damn about those who faced the enemy, or the consequences of leading from behind the troops. In that sense, he should also claim the responsibility for all the deaths and injuries caused to Sinhala children who fought this humanitarian war to bring peace, just like the way he claims the sole ownership for victory. In retrospect, some of his actions long before the open infighting indicate that he was implementing a plan to do exactly what he tried recently to project himself as the man-to-be. He seems to have gone to the extent of deceiving MR by giving false information to MR (an act that fits very well to the response by MR), for example, that VP was captured causing MR to come home and kiss the ground like Pappaya, taking MR on a ride, to confirm later by himself the good news that VP was dead. His stunt that Lanka belongs to Sinhala people could be another ploy to win Sinhala votes, given his later change of heart. However, it is erroneous to reject the claim just because it came from a lousy man. As such I quote a comment to do justice on behalf of Sinhala people, which was made in response to a recent story related to Mano Ganeshan, one of the SF’s new bosses, who claim that Tamils and Muslims are after more than 13th Amendment to the constitution.

    “…We all know that life is a continuing event that runs from one generation to the next, hopefully to the eternity, and that we should leave behind whatever we got for the use of future generation intact. They came yesterday. Today they want a separate country (13 A offers that. So what do they mean by more?). What will they ask for tomorrow? One of them already asked for native Sinhala blood, and got a lot because of the inaction of traitorous politicians who are yet to pay for that heinous crime, of course with the proper reward at the end. Whoever these migrants hiding behind the minority garb, they too have a country of their own, where they were the majority or equals that they left behind. If they are not happy with what they got in Sinhale’ (Lanka), it is time to make up their mind and return home. When I say this, there may be people who say I am a Sinhala racist, Sinhala chauvinist or whatever. To such moronic barbarians, I like to ask the question, “What these pathetic migrants would do to Sinhala people if the roles are reversed and Sinhala people end up in their native lands or become a minority in their own native land, Sinhale’ (Lanka)?” Any way, I find that the derogatory words mentioned above have meaning only when used with the adjective ‘Sinhala’. There is a passion among rootless and pathetic political scum of all hues, while doing lip service to woo Sinhala votes, to appease these monsters for their votes. It is in the hands of Sinhala people to do the justice for themselves by kicking out such political scoundrels. Being a pathetic migrant myself sharing a life akin to this scum, in my case, I am really saddened by the plight of the native people where I live. I hardly understand this kind of despicable criminals who try to be more than equal with the native Sinhala people because I can never think that way, and always feel guilty of grabbing a part of another country and its resources that truly belong to the native people who live under horrible and inhumane conditions. As well, I feel that I am myself a bloody criminal by association with the English who have the world record for global genocide, the very barbarians who did so much damage to Sinhala people by bringing in this scum. Sinhala people should understand that it is not a crime under any circumstances to get rid of those who threaten someone’s future, and that nature allows any act to defend self and your beloved ones. If this scum is not happy with the chance they got to live a better life that they never had in their own country, thanks to their own type of scum, it is time to pack up and send them back home to remind their own fate. If not, it is time to say to hell with this scum and dump in the middle of the Indian Ocean in a leaking boat leaving the rest to the nature. Whatever said and done, I can assure that this scum will have no future. It will be too late and too little when realised. Contrary to every sort of historical garbage, we can prove beyond any doubt using the world leading technology that Sinhala people were the original inhabitants of Lanka, who may also be the only group that survived the transition from the wild beast mode to modern humans, in the whole world.”

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