Impending danger from Democracy to Military dictatorship!!!
Posted on November 23rd, 2009

by Citizen Mahinda

General SF makes millions of US Dollars from the Soldiers Blood ? Thanks a lot to Asian Tribune for disclosing the details the ordinary people were never thought of or would believe, if there was no evidence.

 All these time most ordinary people were in a dream that SF was a clean patriot. Now that illusion is cracked for ever and any intention to betray the nation at this juncture would be dealt with by public at the next pres. election. We will all go to the field to support MR and tell the people not to be duped by SF and is duped patriotism.

 The money SF and his family gathered will be sprayed against the MR at the election, from whichever party he contest from, but we do not care. We need no military dictator in this country. If Ranil gives him the ticket, that will be the Ranil’s ticket to hell or if JVP gives the same for JVP.

 What is unfolding, resembles the 1971 coup in Chile where president Allende was overthrown and assassinated by CIA lead Chilean military coup.

 All reactionary forces in the internationally and locally, are looking at every possibility of defeating or assassinating MR, to make this their playground and backyard.

 We intelligent people of Sri Lanka are aware what is being done in the background and underground. SF must be dreaming the throne to achieve the power now, after having gathered that massive and dirty money, by hood winking the mass of this country portraying as the patriot who saved the motherland from LTTE blood devils, but we are aware that when the war started he was in a Hospital and when the war was at last phase, he was touring overseas depositing, examining and collecting his bank accounts and commissions, while poor soldiers were giving their lives to save the motherland.

 It was none other than MR and GOTA who played the pivotal role of eliminating the LTTE menace from this land for ever. War was the best money making mine for a many in the past and its no more now, so we must be great full to MR who had the guts to take that decision which no other leader took so far, and the GOTA who well planned and conducted, and then the poor soldiers who gave their lives to end the LTTE menace from this land for ever.

 The very dupes patriot SF is now shouting like a angered dog, but not as a hero, who is trying to claim the entire credit for the winning of war.

 After having tasted the money, what SF needs now is the power to be enthroned for ever and establish his military regime.

 We in Sri Lanka never needs a Military rule, nor we are ready to heed to any orders of SF. He may be thinking of US supported, CIA lead 1971 Chilean type plan here. Because his dream is to be the military dictator until his death and have one foot in Sri Lanka and other foot in Yankee land.

 SF better go to Yankee land now .

 We will do our best to protect MR, regardless of any shortcomings in his conduct which can be corrected democratically, but we do not want Military rule at all.

You better go to Yankee land, then live with that money and Sun-In-Law, extend your business to Iraq and Afghan war and make more money with Hillary-Obama-CIA company.

 Patriotic people of Sri Lanka, rally around MR and protect him and motherland, if not the next era of nation betrayal will begin soon with SF-Ranil-Mano-Hakeem-JVP. North and East Sri Lanka will be EELAM and south will be the backyard of America.

 The known Devil is always better than Unknown Angel!

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  1. DrPadmaWijesekara Says:

    Politics in SL is never boring. At present it’s appaling. I don’t agree with some of you when you say people are washing dirty linen in public or Slinging mud at politicians – but the public has the right to know.( this is not about his private life). The well respected ex Army Commander, his son- in- law and the latter’s father,and the relatives and their friends and so on have been filling up their coffers at the expense of the country. Unbelievable. A poor school in Neluwa had no money to pay their electricity bill and had to close down the computer section and training ( till an outsider offered the money). This man’s son-in-law had been buying night clubs in Las Vegas, Sri Lanka and investing money in USA stock markets etc…. endless stories.
    In SL there’s enough money and resources. But its been been gobbled by the greedy few at the top.
    I am not saying that Mahinda is whiter than white. But he is the only president who had no back hand dealings with the LTTE and strong enough to face the western powers and end this war. If there was any dilly dallying ,the psycopath VP would have taken over the country and pushed the Sinhalese to the Indian ocean. No mercy!
    We need politicians like Kadirgarmar and Gamini Jayasuriya for SL to get out of this hole. Otherwise there will be another Zambia.

  2. cassandra Says:

    I must say I could not help feeling a trifle sorry for Sarath Fonseka and “all his consorts including the opposition alliance” if, as the writer says, they are now “into a real bind as well as a tailspin”. I have tried to imagine how it must be to be caught up simultaneously in these twin tortures – a real bind and a tailspin. I have a lively enough imagination but I seem unable to visualize the condition. All I can say is that I expect it must be painful in the extreme!

    But, never mind. I guess what the writer is trying to say is that some doubts have been raised about the squeaky clean image of Sarath Fonseka that we have been led to believe in and that the questions that are now being asked need to be properly investigated. That of course is only right and proper if as seems likely he is to challenge Mahinda Rajapakse at the next Presidential election.

  3. cassandra Says:

    Please ignore the previous entry. It was posted against this article in error.

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