Tamils Rally-November 22,2009
Posted on November 23rd, 2009

Ira de Silva London, Ontario, Canada

The Letters Editor
Toronto Star,
Toronto, Ontario
Dear Sir:
Regarding this rally by Tamil Canadians, including the usual the sob stories, the fact is that these are the same people who funded the LTTE terrorists from Canada. They are responsible for these people being driven from their homes by the LTTE and used as a human shield. Now they are stating that there is no food or medication just when the UN Deputy Secretary has visited the camps and confirmed that more than half of the displaced have been released, that the conditions in the camps are greatly improved and that the UN is satisfied that rapid progress is being made.
If those taking part in this rally had money to fund LTTE terrorism, why do they not now send that money to their relatives to help them? They know where they are and call them on cell phones. Instead of helping them in Sri Lanka do they expect the Canadian taxpayer to pay for their relatives to come to Canada as economic refugees?
As for Jack Layton and Bob Rae who “expressed skepticism at Saturday’s rally over the promises by Sri Lanka to not only allow the refugees to leave the camps but also to resettle the displaced Tamils”, what do they think the Sri Lankan government has done when the numbers of displaced have been reduced by half in under six months? Does resettlement for these politicians mean resettlement in Toronto? These politicians have been criticising Sri Lanka incessantly in the past few months asking the Sri Lankan government to release the displaced and now that it has been proven that Sri Lanka is doing just that in a responsible manner, vouched for the the UN, Rae is now “questioning”. It merely confirms that these Liberal and NDP politicians have no genuine interest in the welfare of the Tamils in Sri Lanka except to make irresponsible statements and invalid criticisms of Sri Lanka to secure their Tamil vote base in Toronto.   
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva

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  1. Ram2009 Says:

    The Tamil Lie Machine is working at full throttle, even though the terror campaign is over. The same liars who left Sri Lanka in the 70s after completing their free education and then claimed discrimination are at it’s forefront. The younger generation has been utterly brainwashed into believing these lies. His tory is manufactured and fantasies created. Harry Potter, move over.

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