Posted on November 24th, 2009


Now the gloves are off, the bitter fight is on. This time there is a new face, popularly known as “GARDIHEWA SARATH CHANDRALAL FONSEKA from Ambalangoda .” But this new face is nothing more than a replica of corrupt UNP and its henchmen. As pointed out by Prof. Hudson and the Asia Tribune the God Father-Son in Law secret combination, the average Sri Lankan are watching this tele-drama, much more than “Sakviththo”.

So, General GARDIHEWA SARATH CHANDRALAL FONSEKA ..” has paid Rs 1m rent per month, ( one year prepaid), this must be a piece of cake for the former Army Commander.! He must be having blood in his money.

So, Ranil is going to be a “caretaker prime minister” with GSF as the executive President. The JVP has accepted Ranil as their leader. GSF has also accepted Ranil as his leader. Waiting on the wings, Chandrika will also support GSF/Ranil, and even ask Vimukthi Kumaranatunge (Bandaranake) as Deputy Prime Minister when Vimukthi contest from the Gampaha District.

So, UNF has already won both Presidential and General Elections, they only have to find the (a) right constitution how to achieve their objectives; (b) right capable team for running the country.

But, there are few more days before the Presidential nominations are closed. There could several candidates against the President. Few great names of greatest Presidential aspirants are: Ranil, Sarath Fonseka, Chandrika’s son Vimukthi, S B Dissanayake, Thondaman Do not write-off Sajith Premadasa, who could alsol be a formidable candidate!

So, Alice was reading a book with her sister and whilst sleeping under an Apple Tree had a beautiful dream , now well known as “Alice in the Wonderland”.

So, in our “Ranil-Sarath in the Dreamland” episode, both of them and Chandrika can read the book containing “Ranil’s new vision” under a Durian Tree and fall asleep and when they get up, to realize that Great Mahinda Rajapakse has already won!

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