Trends observed for the 2010 election so far
Posted on November 29th, 2009

Citizen Somapala

Now the people of Sri Lanka gradually beginning to appreciate the fact that  the existing democracy in the Island is adequate people do not need JVP type of democracy which was established twice on heaps of dead bodies in 1971 and 1989. People do not need Batalanda type of democracy (1989) and CFA and they do not need SF type of ruthless democracy demonstrated in 2008/2009 in Vanni. Currently existing democracy is good enough.  Motto is “Let us try and improve the existing democracy”.

SF and Ranil W rapidly loosing minority support at the election while UPFA fast gaining minority support ; votes of Thondaman in the hills, Karuna in the East and some Muslim votes island-wide. In the north, TNA is undecided and talk about a common Tamil candidate. They will not vote for SF who is a dictator.  Muslims also do not want a military dictator who is completely without a party political background.

This creature has only a military background, ruthless, uncompromising, dangerous dictator and an inhuman ( already dead and survived , not a living person) who was even worse than Prabhakaran.  Even the Sinhalese would not vote for a man of this caliber. Army personnel themselves do not like this creature.Political leadership is a totally different thing from the military leadership. What the country needs at this stage is a political leadership which save lives. A political leadership which can rebuild the cordial and friendly relationship we had among Tamils, Muslims and Sinhlaese before LTTE destroyed it during the last thirty five years, Leadership which respect for human beings, leadership which can provide stability and better living standings to the people. People need a violence free society with complete freedom and and they need the country is completely free of all sorts of weapons including military and police brutalities. Let us make people live longer and they are  free of any kind of repression by a military dictatorship. Let us save more and more lives in future and make the living live free and happier.

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