Sri Lanka and the IDP’s
Posted on December 2nd, 2009


The insistence of the UN that the IDP’s in Sri Lanka should be assisted is a tautology. Everybody knows that it needs to be done. It is also obvious to all and sundry that this involves money-and a lot of it. In fact, a lot of money is needed for this as well as for the development of all those areas that descended to ruin, thanks to the evil machinations of the terrorists.
The Sri Lankan economy suffered so many near fatal body blows during this time; she was coerced into spending so much on the war effort, money she could have used to ensure a better life for all; money that went into the pockets of Western and Eastern arms manufacturers and procurers while the poor people-the Sinhalese, the Tamils and the Muslims-millions of them, soffered untold misery. To return to the all important question: who pays for it.
First, those countries like Norway, Canada, Australia, and last but not least in guilt, Britain, should make some huge contributions in the name of morality, justice and every known human value, for it is their refusal to accept the terrorists for what they were that caused so much anguish and physical suffering, loss of life, damage of livelihood, habitat, the list is endless. And the gory boys (No that’s not a misspelling of glory by any means) of terrorism basked in the sunshine of Western patronage, darlings thriving under a philosophy of complete contempt for the basic tenets of international justice, and total disregard for the principles of sovereignity of an independent democratic nation. Yes, these nations owe a lot to the Sri Lankan nation for their misjudgments and misguided actions.
There is one more justifiable source of funding for the rehabilitation of the poor people who were writhing under the jackboot of terrorism: the billions that were amassed by the tyrant, billions that would never have seen the light of day had not the tyrant been destroyed; billions surreptitiously hidden away under the supervision of KP. The government needs to seriously stake a claim to these ill-gotten gains, and all responsible governments and other organizations should give their fullest coooperation to make this money available for the welfare of those Sri Lankans-Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese, all of whom deserve something better than they have had to endure these past thirty or so Macbeth/Hitler/PolPot, all combined, years under the greatest, blood thirstiest terrorist of them all.

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