LTTE Powers the Fonseka Campaign
Posted on December 9th, 2009

Dilrook Kannangara

Tiger financier Rajaratnam paid US$ 3,000,000 to the Fonseka campaign giant Ravi Karunanayake, MP. The Fonseka camp said this money is to be used to buy shares in Union Bank of Sri Lanka. However, nothing of that sort happened and it is illegal to invest foreign funds without approval from the Central Bank. Simply, this money is for the Fonseka campaign! That is not all. LTTE is channelling millions of dollars to the private coffers of the Fonseka camp to run the election campaign of Fonseka through its reliable agents like Mano, Jayalath, Ranil, Mangala and Hakeem some of whom have live agreements with the LTTE. Recently in France an interesting legal battle took place over terror financing. The suspects were charged with financing LTTE, a terrorist organisation. They argued in their defence that GOSL had an agreement with the LTTE at that time and therefore financing the LTTE was legal. Although this argument was rejected by the French courts, it proves something else “”…” LTTE still believes in its MoUs and agreements made with its partners in 2002!

General Fonseka is knowingly part to many of these LTTE acts carried out by LTTE paid pawns. It is noteworthy to mention Ranil’s UNP, Mano’s WPF and Hakeem’s SLMC still have active, not cancelled memoranda of understanding with the LTTE. These agreements were signed parallel to the notorious CFA (agreement) in 2002. Although the government, as a party to the CFA, cancelled the CFA, UNP-LTTE, WPF-LTTE and Hakeem-LTTE MoUs still stand as none of the parties to these agreements cancelled them.

 By joining them, General Fonseka is contributing his knowledge, skills, labour, money and the power of networks/contacts for the LTTE cause now championed by the remaining signatories. General Fonseka does not become a traitor merely by joining the UNP. But he becomes a traitor by tolerating, allowing and abetting UNP leaders’ continued LTTE worship. Apart from popular LTTE stooges, a less talked about LTTE military trainee is Sarath Manamendra who is also in the UNA coalition. He was arrested in 2008 with explosives in his possession. This is the true nature of the Fonseka alliance. They use General Fonseka as a shield to safely engage in pro-LTTE activities. And Fonseka is no hostage!

 The threat to Sri Lanka’s survival is not over and hence the war isn’t over yet. Tamil Elamists still pose a grave threat to Sri Lanka and armed forces are still busy neutralising this threat. Generals have come and gone; some brilliant, some think they are brilliant. But the war to protect the nation must continue. In this context General (retd) Sarath Fonseka doing the reverse of Karuna Amman, is against national security interests. Even now the LTTE is engaged in the following terror adventures.

1. international sea piracy

2. illegal transportation of weapons

3. human smuggling

4. establishing links with other terrorist groups

5. financing a government change in Sri Lanka so that anti-nationals can do favours to the LTTE

6. engaged in a campaign of malice and discredit against Sri Lanka abroad

7. actively involved in seeking ways and means of re-establishing bases

8. using political means to achieve terrorist ends

9. disrupting Sri Lanka’s strategic partnerships

10. silencing defence experts, journalists and analysts

11. creeping corruption in to the defence establishment

 International sea piracy, illegal transportation of weapons, human smuggling

Fonseka camp is already doing its best to save these LTTE activities after the US$ 3 million initial payment. Sri Lanka succeeded in rightfully confiscating three (3) LTTE ships that were used to carryout these acts. Who is crying? Is it the LTTE? No, but its paid agents in the Fonseka camp! Recently Mangala and Joseph Michael, two giants of the Fonseka camp made such a big hue and cry over Sri Lanka confiscating LTTE assets. Any businessman would understand, if he cannot do what he is paid for, his principal would stop further payments. Now the Fonseka camp is busy disrupting the government confiscating LTTE assets.

 Confiscating ships engaged in illegal acts is not something new. It has happened right throughout history. The Sri Lanka Navy transporter MV Invincible was one such confiscated ship.

 Establishing links with other terrorist groups and financing a government change in Sri Lanka

LTTE is desperately trying to establish links with other terror groups, especially with groups destabilizing India. It was reported recently that two LTTE leaders recently met Naxals (a terror group in India) and LTTE is forging new links with other splinter groups like the Maoist guerrillas of India. It is not a secret that Fonseka camp is anti-Indian and pro-Blake. Its support is essential for the reborn, infant LTTE to grow and establish. A pro-Indian government in Sri Lanka will never allow the LTTE, with links to anti-Indian terror groups, to survive. This is the main reason why the LTTE supports the Fonseka camp.

 Engaged in a campaign of malice and discredit against Sri Lanka abroad

Pro-LTTE groups lobby garment importers in the US and EU not to buy Sri Lankan made stuff. Urging Tamils to boycott the national carrier “”…” Srilankan “”…” is another attempt. Blocking vital foreign currency is the aim of this vicious campaign. Ranil’s contribution to this campaign is enormous. He and his pro-LTTE henchmen made several trips to Europe urging European governments to stop the GSP Plus scheme. They also tried to stop the $2.6 billion IMF loan.

They make up the Fonseka camp!

 LTTE runs a second campaign of discrediting against Sri Lanka. This is the “ƒ”¹…”war crimes’ campaign. Although it is obvious there were no war crimes committed by the government forces, LTTE uses this not to charge Sri Lankans with war crimes, but to blackmail officers and get their support. Fonseka, very keen on keeping his lottery-won green card made a trip to the USA recently. But he had to cut short his trip when he avoided an “ƒ”¹…”interview’ with officers of the Homeland Security. Who instigated, agitated and begged the US authorities to investigate possible war crimes? The LTTE. Fonseka now wants to live in the USA at the same time want to avoid war crimes hassles too. This perfectly suits the LTTE and its agents in Sri Lanka. LTTE’s blackmailing has worked!

 Actively involved in seeking ways and means of re-establishing bases, using political means to achieve terrorist ends

Already the Fonseka camp has agreed to go beyond the 13th Amendment to satisfy Elamists. According to them the 13th Amendment is 20 years old, Elamists wants more and more every passing year and they should be given more. It was clear from the last LG elections in Vavuniya, Elamists are still active and seek political avenues to get at terrorist/separatist goals. This is what the Fonseka camp now promises.

 A race between the two presidential hopefuls to give more and more of Sri Lanka to Elamists is highly dangerous. Creating such a competition is what the LTTE wants.

 Disrupting Sri Lanka’s strategic partnerships

A US pawn is very active in politics trying to disrupt Sri Lanka’s war winning strategic partnerships. If this US pawn succeeds, it sets the ground for another LTTE uprising. Cognizant of this fact, the LTTE transnational government supports him. The successful war winning partnership was built by the present government which is very complex. Not only weapons but also diplomatic support was obtained from partners to eliminate the LTTE threat. In the past there was no such management. Past leaders fell into either one camp or the other. If the US pawn manages to fool the voters and re-establish a pro-Blake colony here with the green card as their carrot and stick, it will reverse all military and diplomatic victories. US have proven that it is not dependable in the long run.

 In defeating the US pawn, Sri Lanka also defeats their neo-colonial agenda and forces them to come on equal, respecting terms which they are prepared to do.

 Silencing defence experts, journalists and analysts

While some self appointed defence experts lacked required knowledge and expertise to comment on defence, some others are qualified and patriotic. When multiple blunders were committed by one man at the Jaffna battlefront, it was the task of patriotic defence analysts to point that out. However, when they pointed out this obvious debacle, they came under attack. They were attacked and silenced by the same person who was responsible for the debacles.

 Now most of these journalists have gone silent which helps the faulty military man escape with his faults that costed over 1,000 lives. Their silence helps boost the image of the Fonseka camp.

 Creeping corruption in to the defence establishment

Corruption at the defence establishment was one main reason war couldn’t be won for 23 years. However, the Fonseka camp has powerful and rich arms dealers financing it. This has two dangers. One is they have benefited in the past and the other is they plan to benefit in future too. Danuna Tillakaratna was often mentioned in arms deals and he is obviously a man with means. It is also surprising how a government servant of 40 years can suddenly pay Rs 1,000,000 a month in rent. Creeping corruption back to the defence establishment while the LTTE is busy trying to regroup signals a precarious development.

 LTTE has made it very clear it has no permanent friends or permanent enemies. Anyone supporting its present phase of survival will be adored by the LTTE. LTTE kittens are busy searching for a mother and little they care a potential mother comes from another camp. If she can nurse the next level of tigers, LTTE is willing to finance them and completely stop hassling them. People should decide if they want a group of LTTE agents with a patriotic scarecrow (“pambaya”) or the war winning team to rule them for another six years.

2 Responses to “LTTE Powers the Fonseka Campaign”

  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    So many stories now a days, now that the Presidential election is on ! readers must learn to remove fact from fiction.
    It is very interesting to note that Dilrook as stated, under the heading “Silencing the Defence Experts …” : Quote :They were attacked and silenced by the same person who was responsible for the debacles, Unquote. This is a unique approach to
    deceiving the Public of Sri Lanka ! Lankans should watch out for this type of modus operandi.

  2. Samson Says:

    I agree with Dilrook. LTTE did send money for the UNP that has gone into the election campaign of Sarath Fonseka.

    I’m also intrigued by Mangala’s sudden concern of LTTE assets.

    We are not only electing a president but a team. Looks to be Sarath Fonseka is the patriotic Pambaya (as Dilrook says) of the same group of traitors. What’s the point? It is the same group only the Pambaya is different.

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