Posted on December 13th, 2009

Ranjit Wickremeratne

He is not Barak Obama or Dimitri Medvedev.He is just a retired Army Commander with high hopes and dreams. He is a dreamer for power and wealth like any other greedy human being. Instaed of serving the country after the great victory against the Tamil Tigers unitedly with the same team which won the war,he chose the wrong path by joining the traitors and losers in our political drama.

Anybody has the right to come to politics or contest any elections in a democratic society but this guy after getting so much accolades from the President, the government and the people of Sri Lanka for his valuable service to the nation suddenly, unfortunately, and sadly changed his colours and join the traitors of Mother Lanka.

By doing this he become a laughing stock of the nation and the world. Nobody expect this kind of thing to happen so suddenly in our society, after all we were still celebrating our victory after thirty long years of misery. This was not an easy victory for anyone.

Thousand of sons and daughters,mothers and Fathers sacrificed their lives to this dirty war.Many of our political icons have died because of this war from suicide bombs. We had Presidents , Prime Ministers who couldnt overcome this terrorism for long time. Instead of paying gratitude to the man who make him a four star General and the man who helped and give orders to finish the most ruthless barbarian Prabakaran this retired General Sarath Fonseka shamelesly stood up against the most popular, most brave President of all time in our homeland.

 Shame on you Commander? Think how you came to the position you are now? Tell me a good reason for being like this unless you too greedy for power and wealth like your new found friends. You brought shame to our country by taking this stupid decision of yours. 

Why you are crying like a child to give this and that asking for more and more? Like they said you are not fit to be the commander of Salvation Army my dear Sarath? You are disgrace to the whole Armed Forces. See what you have done instead of uniting the country at this hour of truth you are trying to divide our nation.

Didnt you think for a moment what these Tamil killers will think of the Sinhala race? How can as a society we live unitedly? Are you an agent for the white masters in the west? How much money they have paid you for this ungreatful act of yours? We know that you are a greedy man and a useless man but selling our country to the white man is a crime and you should be punished.

I sincerly hope that the President of my beloved country Mahinda Rajapaksa will take a brave decision like he end the war to bring the traitors of Mothelanka to justice for being traitors to our Motherland.

If we as a nation needs to prosper and live peacefully we should not allow any citizen to talk or do any mischief against our country. We have to be strict on all fronts. If the people are behind you  Sir, Hon Mahinda Rajapksa you dont need to worry or be afraid to punish any traitor to the country whether he is powerful or hiding behind white masters cloak.

When the Presidential elections are over this amateur in politics retired Army Commader should be brought to justice for corruption while he was on duty for the last couple of years.Our masses needs to know the truth about this ungreatful, unfaithful shameless person.

 Telling our peoples to drink alchol, asking contributions from even Prabakarn’s parents, promising to raise the salaries of public servants by ten thousand, demolishing presidential rule etc are his election promises so by these kind of promises and slogans we can understand what kind of a man he is. We know the slogans of Ranil and his stooges for long time and this guys slogans wont be anything new because he too the same as them.

This will be their fifteenth lose in elections and it will be the last for them.Our peoples will bury them in mass grave for being traitors to our Motherland. I feel pity for this poor guy Sarath Fonseka who dreamt a distant dream to become our President. Just take a long vacation my dear retired General ( Thanks President for making you a general ) in a remote village or in a town with your newly found friends and enjoy taliking lies and lies till you get tired. Dont try to divide our Motherland with the help of our taritors in the country or from the west but pray for a united Lanka if you are a true patriot under the true leader of all time President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

 Long live experince

Thumbs down to Amateurs.

 Ranjit Wickremeratne

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