Posted on December 13th, 2009


I have read with great interest the article by Dr Anura Weeraratne, former Chairman of Ceylon Ceramics Corporation and the founder of Noritake Sri Lanka. Dr Weeraratne was a Chairman of very rare qualities, some may have disliked him, but he has inspired and rejuvenated the Ceramics Corporation from its bankruptcy. His contributions were admired by many of us at that time at the Ceylon Steel Corporation. His latest comments on GSF are very valid, perhaps SF is making the single biggest mistake in his life.

But it is now quite clear that this General is not a person that can be trusted. He has developed his own political agenda with Ranil Wickremasinghe whilst in active service. He did obtain all benefits from the government, including repeated requests to Gotabhaya Rajapakse to increase the extent of Kirimandala Mawatha property from 10 p to 15 p, and then 15p to 25 perches, valued almost A$900,000. SF now says that the government is giving all these facilities to keep him quiet, so the government should re-acquire his property now allowing him to use his big mouth against the government.

Another point of great interest is that whether a country like Sri Lanka can afford to provide these perks for ex army officers? Not even countries like USA,UK, AUSTRALIA provide these tax free perks to army officers. SF has been in Army for over 40 years, and really did hard work during 3 years under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapakse.

So for just 3 years of hard work should the government give gifts such as valuable properties. We know very well, these Commissioned Officers not only have their super meals at the Mess, but on Fridays they take home Ham,Bacon,Cheese, Black Label Whisky, imported cigarettes and cigars etc. Their siblings are waiting anxiously on each Friday for the arrival of Santa Clause.

This ex Army Officer now talking of going beyond 13A, promising to abolish Executive Presidency, increase salaries of public servants by Rs 10,000 pm, willing to accept political donations from Prabhakaran’s parents. His way of approaching Tamils is through Prabha’s parents, so that he can save his skin, a comprehensive insurance policy, free of charge.

Already there are serious cracks in the ranks and files of the UNP/UNF, Ranil is beginning to distrust SF. Ranil’s latest plan to have his own Nomination papers as a back-up, in the event the distrust becomes deeper between them, will probably save his position as the Leader for UNP.

Whatever political summersaults by the UNF, the incumbent President is many miles ahead of them, the average Sri Lankan will teach the best lesson for these power hungry politicians.

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