The Monkey & The Two Organ Grinders
Posted on December 13th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

In the early days at most public festivals, carnivals, one inescapable attraction was a Monkey, dressed in a comical costume, tethered to a music box, more like a “Puppet on a String”, entertaining the kids and punters, to the monotonous metallic noise of the Organ Grinder.

After an act or two, the Monkey would take a bow and walk around with an empty biscuit tin collecting coins, thrown into the collection tin by the satisfied audience.

When the collection tin is returned to the Organ Grinder, the Monkey is rewarded with a nut or two, or even a banana, with its “Best Before Date” long expired.

The most entertaining part, is the performance of the Monkey, but not the ghastly noise created by the Organ Grinder. Imagine two Organ Grinders grinding their two Organs simultaneously for the single Monkey to dance! The Monkey is confused, whether its a Waltz or a Tango, does a jig irritating a withering audience, and the Monkey comes back with an empty biscuit tin.

No audience. No coins. No reward to the Monkey. A Loss Loss situation to All!

The “Tiger” Tamer in the next tent gets all!

During the forthcoming Presidential Election, the Sri Lankan electorate is going to witness a similar circus. The two Organ Grinders, in this case the UNP and the JVP will play their own Party Anthems and expect (a more subtle command) General (retd) Sarath Fonseka, the Monkey on a String, to dance to the music.

Knowing the charisma of a General with a 40 year military back-drop, a leader fashioned in giving orders but long-gone with taking orders, will start dancing his own jig, irrespective of the music ground by the two Organ Grinders.

Sri Lanka has had many a good comedian. From the likes of late Eddie Jayamanne, (temporary) caretaker Prime Minister W. Dahanayake after SWRD was assassinated, and a classic clown of today, something of a multiple personalities, Ranil Wickremesinghe.

A good Monkey can be a classic too, in his own way. Double standards for a Monkey is part of the heritage. Announcing that once the Monkey is elected President, all corruption will be brushed under the carpet and let the son-in-law collect the tit-bits, is all part and parcel of Monkey-ing around.

Every bullet discharged by the valiant soldiers against the LTTE, and also killing innocent by-standers, donated US$ 0.02 cents/bullet, and US$ 20.00/shell, to the biscuit tin held by son-in-law. The millions of dollars he collected now return to Sri Lanka to fund the Presidential campaign of General (retd) Sarah Fonseka. This was an excellent calculated act, by a great strategic thinker, thinking way ahead of any other in the Theatre.

And the son-in-law of the retd. General is protected by conspicuous Sri Lankan commandos, within his American compound. Why did not “the brain” think of hiring an American commandos who are fully aware of the culture and the geography of the territory, is any body’s guess. How did son-in-law obtain Work Permits for these soldiers is another question when USA is suffering from an unemployment crisis!

Was there some degree of Bribery & Corruption involved in getting the Work/Residence Permits or did they come in as “Baby Sitters”?

Even a General of the calibre of Colin Powell, having experienced six years in high profile politics as Secretary of State, refrained from entering the Presidential Race in USA. That was the mindset of a good strategic thinker, knowing the basics of “The Peter Principle”.

Even the best military brains have not reached the Top of the Pinnacle in politics. Even the best political thinker such as Sir Winston Churchill surrounded himself with some of the highest intellectuals to beat Adolf Hitler, who also had the best German brains to advice him.

Lets now take a close serious look at the background of General (retd) Sarath Fonseka.

His credibility as “Mr. Clean” does not exist with, after how he used son-in-law as the “Monkey’s Paw” to collect blood money to fund his luxury lifestyle and Presidential ambitions.

If, by some chance, God Forbid, Fonseka gets elected, corruption might even beat late President Ferdinand Marcos regime, and might plump for a Military Dictatorship. And son-in-law might beat Bill Gates to top the World’s Richest in the Forbes List during one single term of Fonseka office.

His personal character has so many allegations of sordid tales of horror against his own female soldiers! Rumours of children outside wedlock? Is he a Buddhist or a polygamist Mormon?

His political advisors are a “bunch of losers” and “has beens” now trying to capitalise on the military success of combined forces under the direction of the Commander-in-Chief, the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Hopefully, Fonseka has some basic intelligence to withdraw before being kicked into a side street in utter disgraceful defeat.

Concurrently, the American judicial machinery is currently conducting investigations into the activity of son-in-law and his cohorts, which might result in American justice being applied to a prospective Green Card applicant.

And other rumours of “Regime Change”! Does Sri Lanka electorate want outside pundits to place their “Trojan Horses” to create a potential Eelam?

Who says, “Sri Lankan politics hath no excitement and Drama?”

Much more entertaining than One or even Two Organ Grinders, grinding their own “organs” to make a Monkey dance!

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