Posted on December 17th, 2009

Ranjit Wickremeratne

We have thirty eight days to decide our future and the nations future. As some twenty odd politicians join the fray to be elected as our next President of Sri Lanka we must act as responsible citizens to select the best individual who can bring prosperity and peace to our nation. Nineteen of the candidates will lose their deposits before the days over on 26 January for sure. Out of the two leading candidates you need to chose the winner and the loser. In simple hero and the traitor. I am sure the best will win and we all can clebrate in style same way as we celebrated the victory after the war on terror. We select a President this time not for war with anybody. We are very peaceful people.We dont put our nose in to other countries like the so called International community. We simply asked them to mind their own business and allow our leaders to run our beautiful country. We should not answer to Obama,Clinton,Kushner or Miliban. Our citizens should answer to our leader Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa and in return he has to answer to us if he wants to continue governing our country for many more years to come. I hope and pray every citizen from Dondra to Point pedro Sinhalese Tamils,Muslims,Malays,Bughers and if there is any other who wants to live as humans and brothers with us should cast their valuable vote as a free person for the first time in thirty years after the bloody war with LTTE to elect a strong President who can stand up staright in front of the world powers and give us hope and peace, prosperity and freedom.
 Today we celebrate the start of the new era after the nominations. From tomorrow instead of ruining our peace and unity as a citizen of my homeland I kindly request all the politicians to talk about burning issues of the people as responsible leaders without slinging mud at each other and be a laughing stock of the world.
Our enemies are watching this month upto the elections.They are waiting to catch something to knock us down. Our brave Sinhala nation should keep eyes open for any move by the conspirators who is trying their best to bring shame to our leaders and to the nation. BEWARE OF THE TRAITORS AND CONSPIRATORS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. We have to chose between good and the bad its very simple as we can see from our own eyes what is happening in our country at the moment. Nowhere in the world the terrorists were given VIP treatment like our country. In Ranil’s time the terrorists were given helicopters piloted by our brave soldiers to move around. They were allowed to leave our country through our Air Ports like VIP’s. Now after the war they were allowed to sit for exams.They were given houses,lands, good education etc and the government now builing roads schools,hospitals,electricity in the terrorists held areas before. This is our land with one big lion flag fluttering high all over the country where nobody can bring it down again as long as we have a leader like Mahinda Rajapksa. So my dear citizens do not waste time to think for a second and do not have any doubts about this man just blindly cast your vote to him for giving us FREEDOM after thirty long years of WAR.
This time we give the mandate to him to make our economy good and to eradicate corruption,Aids,Underworld,Terrorism etc. so I hope he will do it after the general elections next year with a new team under his leadership. If he wins strongly then nothing Miliban,Clinton,or Kruchner or anyboday can do as long as the citizens of Motherlanka is behind our President.
 Peace and harmony and progress to our citizens under the leadership of Mahinda Rajapksa is the best gift we can have for the new year 2010. Lets join together as one nation Sinhalese Tamils Muslims,Malays,Bughers and Veddahs to make our land a paradise island in the Indian ocean. Only leader in our history to send his own son to the frontlines.What’s more you need if you love your children.For the sake of the country and the future generation think wisely and vote.Dont allow your vote to waste by casting to traitors of our homeland.
May Lord Buddha brighten our nation for the coming new year 2010

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