Sarath Fonseka, economics and the betrayal
Posted on December 18th, 2009

Ben Silva

I am referring to the media reports indicating that Mr Fonseka would increase the pay of public servants by Rs 10000. I have respected the retired General like many in the county for taking a key role in liberating Lanka. However without political leadership of MR , he would have achieved nothing. In fact when the political leadership was in the hands of his political associates RW, the country was nearly given to the terrorists on a plate.

 Now I am concerned if Mr Fonseka has even a rudimentary knowledge of economics. With such increase in pay to public servants that he has promised, inflation would be rampant and the economy would go into instability. The self employed and the pensioners may not afford to live. A loaf of bread may go up to Rs 500

 To keep inflation down, any pay increase need to be tied to increase in some form of productivity.

 Mr Fonseka may be a good General. Unfortunately he may not have the experience, policies , knowledge of economics and politics to run a country.

Further, as his political associates are either fools, nation destroyers (Vinasha Peramuna ) or terrorist sympathisers, and he may not get much help from them either.

By associating with right Royal Gonas like RW and traitors he has become a Gona and a traitor himself. Media reports indicate that SF, MR, NGO’s, imperialists, TN all bend over backward to help Tamils and it is sad that there is no one to help the Sinhala Poor, who are dying in thousands due to consumption of water contaminated with toxins.

 SF’s statement to the Sunday times shows that he is a traitor and is unreliable. It is most likely that the meeting with the Sunday paper may have been secretly recorded and SF may be trapped..

Now we two Gonas in the political arena and the JVP (Vinasha Peramuna) attempting to destroy the nation. We have to recollect that RW with his infamous CFA gave the majority of the coast line and a large part of the country to be under the control of the terrorists. Further, JVP is confirming their Vinasha credentials by aligning themselves with the destroyers of the nation., the Western backers of UNP, who supported the CFA.

It is unfortunate that SF joined the mob that betrayed our intelligence officers and caused the death of over 600 Police officers.

 Rather sadly, SF’s associates appear to be a cocktail of Gonas, donkeys, terrorist supporters, nation destroyers that have let down the nation in the past and is most likely to destroy the nation in the future.

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  1. aravinda Says:

    His life is like greek tragedy, Where hero is punished for vanity and ego. We are watching a slow motion car crash. He still can get out of the car. He still can redeem himself and save lot of heart burn for all Sri Lankans. What I can not understand is how he could sit with Mano Ganeshan, Hakeem, Ranil, Ravi K, Mangala S and all those who ridiculed him six months ago. All they want is to become president and fade away, so Ranil can be head of state. Cant this fool see this?

  2. Nihal Fernando Says:

    As Major General Shavendra Silva has mentioned the valiant soldiers who were first simply known as Army Karaya became known as Ranaviruwa in the eyes of the public only under the present government due to the political leadership given by the President. General (retd.) Fonseka has stripped off his uniform and become another ordinary general public figure and just an Army Karaya. His betrayal, denial and contradictions have diminshed himself to a Boru Karaya. Had he valued his own manhood, evaluated his own performances he should not have joined with the traitors like RW, Avamangala who disqualified him saying that he was not even worth to enlist to Salvation Army. It is now worse than that. He has joined the St. John’s Funeral Brigade and is marching towards his downfall blowing the trumphet with discordant notes exactly the way that some foreign conspirators expect. When you blow the trumphet in a funeral procession you can’t blow “He is a jollygood fellow”

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