Bandit Queen Chandrika Joins Bandit King Chandralal
Posted on December 21st, 2009

Kumar Moses

Gardihewa Sarath Chandralal Fonseka is joined by Chandrika Kumaratunga in their latest attempt to loot the country. Chandrika claimed that she would not join murderers and thieves but she has joined the same people she called murderers and thieves. This has raised eyebrows of the concerned public. Contrary to the popular belief Sri Lankans have short memories, they in fact have good memories. They remember how Chandrika called the UNP government where Ranil was the Prime Minister, corrupt and murderous. She blamed Ranil for hundreds of murders that took place in a place called “ƒ”¹…”Batalanda’. She even went to the extent of appointing a Presidential Commission of Inquiry! The Commission’s report pointed the guilty finger at Ranil and the matter went to courts. Although court didn’t find enough evidence to find Ranil guilty, Chandrika kept calling him the murderer of Batalanda.

 Chandrika gave a vivid description of how Ranil and his Cabinet of Ministers robbed billions of rupees worth public assets. She was very skillful in describing in excruciating detail these acts of corruption.

 Chandrika also appointed a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the murder of her husband “”…” Vijaya Kumaranatunga. Pardon my spelling but that’s how his name was spelt when he was living. JVP was found to be behind the murder. Now she sits not only with the UNP led by Ranil and the JVP led by Somawansa but also claims she cannot join murderers and thieves.

 How can people believe her when she contradicts herself?

 People twice did the same mistake of allowing power to her and her henchmen and paid a very heavy price for it. Her best friend who promoted her to win power believing her anti-corruption mutterings, called her the Queen of Thieves “”…” Bandit Queen by the time she ended her presidency. Now the Bandit Queen has found the Bandit King, Chandralal (Fonseka) to fool the people again and rob whatever little they have. 

 What makes their corruption so big? The answer lies in their need to earn money through unscrupulous means. Both of them intend to live in rich western countries. While Chandrika and her kids live in the UK, Chandralal and his children live in the US. They have no known profession, vocation, employment or any other job in the UK or US. However, they have to pay for their living expenses in sterling pounds and US dollars, buy houses/cars, pay for medical insurance, pay for airfares, etc. Unlike rupee expenses, sterling pound and US dollar denominated expenses are much higher in rupee terms. Exchange rates of sterling pounds and US dollars are around 250 rupees and 120 rupees respectively. To meet this colossal expenses and reserves for a stress free retirement, they have to make corrupt deals 120 to 250 times larger than their local counterparts. This explains why Chandrika and Chandralal are the king and queen of corruption. 

 Fonseka has dozens of corruption allegations against him. There are evidence backed fool-proof cases of corruption as well as crimes against civilians, against him. The then post and telecommunications Minister Mangala Samaraweera gave Fonseka a satellite phone to call Colombo for emergencies. However, Fonseka never made a local call from this phone. Instead he called USA! The bill amounted to over 2.5 million rupees and Fonseka didn’t pay a cent. While criminal misappropriation of a facility paid by taxpayers is one crime, he committed a worse crime later. The amount of 2.5 million rupees was outstanding for years. Then in 2005 Fonseka was made the Army Commander. He then used the money in the army welfare fund to pay off his personal telephone bill. That money was to be used to build houses for disabled soldiers. Fonseka robbed the future of at least 10 disabled soldiers’ future in the meanest possible way. Now that is a thief.

 Trincomalee district JVP MP Jayantha Wijesekara has told that most unarmed JVP sympathizers of the district were killed in 1987-89 era as Sarath Fonseka was the commander of the Army Sinha regiment camp in Trincomalee. Fonseka who is now crying for LTTE terrorist deaths didn’t care about laws of war when he killed in cold blood thousands of unarmed civilians. That makes him a murderer too.

 Chandrika joined Chandralal as Bandit Queen would join her Bandit King.


4 Responses to “Bandit Queen Chandrika Joins Bandit King Chandralal”

  1. Nihal Fernando Says:

    She is now talking as if she had a clean sheet during her tenure as the President of Sri Lanka. Donating money to the cancer hospital was a good deed. Maybe it was her personal money with which she tried to cleanse her sins for making money by other means. When she was the President she wanted to offer the east and north to VP to rule. She has done enough damage to Sri Lanka. Your time is running out and you should prepare yourself for your next journey without creating turmoils and conflicts in this country. You have all the right to join Pawnseka or Ponceseka who has become a political pimp and betrayed the country, because you two are of the same feathers and can flock, flick or fly together.

  2. DEVONECO Says:

    Garbage attracts flies and maggots.

  3. pinnaduwahewage Says:

    When SF was working as a Army leader he was offered the crown by lot of parties to use him. Now western powers used him to make war crime against GOSL and Sri Lankan Forces. Now western powers don’t need SF anymore. The damage is already done. Ranil is going to use him to stay in power in UNP. JVP is going to use him get some more votes so that they can tell that people still with JVP. After the election Sarth will be onlly used garbage. His future is ruined by these parties and his greediness.

  4. Sri Rohana Says:

    Bandit queen is famous for involved in $ millions of corrupt rackets as said by her colleague once that she is having several houses in London, Paris and Sues (Egypt). Before she comes to politics she was almost a beggar in London and worked for Pathma’s army it’s well known to most.
    She personally involved corrupt scandals such as Air Lanka /Emirates deal, Thawakkal, Telecom (with Awamangala), Insurance Corporation scandal (with Harry), Distilleries cooperation (with Harry), Water’s edge scandal (with Ronnie P) where she was charged by supreme court of SL, arms deals and most of the treasury rackets. These are not all but few examples to remind SF.
    Mr. SF You must be known how many billions of $ she earned in corrupted rackets.
    Now this corrupted Bandit is in SF’s team? Mr Fonseka since this notorious corrupted woman is in your team then how can you talk of corruptions?

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