White Flags, Crushing LTTE Terrorists, Love Gone Sour, Officer but No Gentleman! Hope for 2010:
Posted on December 26th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

White Flag waving Terrorists – Dead Terrorists Do Not Kill!
History has proven that the LTTE Terrorists were adept at turning White Flag into a Flag with a Growling Angry Tiger Head, many a time. With their backs against a point of no return, even if the LTTE Terrorists waved a White Flag, the SLDF should have proceeded with their offensive.

When the SLDF was only a few meters away from liberating Sri Lanka from the Terrorist Scum, there was only one way to go. No PoWs!

Would the American Military lower their weapons if Osama bin Laden appeared from a dark cave, waving a White Flag,  with a band of Al Qaeda Terrorists, in the midst of a raging battle, knowing the mentality of the Terrorist historical tactics?

Crushing the LTTE Terrorists – A combined military effort with Good Leadership of C-in-C.
After thirty bloody years of suffering of the Sinhala majority, supported by some of the Western powers, led by Norway and with tacit support of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and financial support generated by the International Tamil Diaspora, the Sinhala Army, Navy, Air Force wiped the LTTE clean off the face of Sri Lankan soil.

Good or Bad, The Buck, in this case, as in every other effort, STOPS at the feet of the Commander-in-Chief.. The success in this effort was due to the political skill and leadership quality of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, advised by Lt. Col. (retd) Gothabaya Rajapaksa.

The mindset of any other Secretary of Defense, without a military background, and not being trusted, would have been questionable.  Once again history shows that no other previous government under UNP or SLFP was unable to eradicate the Terrorism, due to Lack of Leadership.  Jayawardane, Bandaranaike, Premadasa, Wickremesinghe, ALL FAILED!

Love Gone Sour
The entire story should have had a happy ending along with the happy ending of Terrorism. However, when Greed surpasses Patriotism, and the money making machine of  the son-in-law of General (retd) Sarath Fonseka grinds to a halt, nerves begin to itch. Money Talks & Bullshit Walks!

The main question being, “Did the President and the Defence Secretary were aware of this off-shore milking station printing dollars by the million?”

Did Jealousy enter Greed over Patriotism?

Officer but No Gentlemen!
Its regarded that every military Officer is a Gentleman.  Every Military Officer has an obligation to Serve his troops with utmost dedicated care and responsibility, at every stage in this career and even upon his departure or retirement.

When the General (retd) Fonseka began to complain about his tragic status, my personal and immediate reaction was “empathy” towards Fonseka, for he performed well to achieve the ultimate victory.

Then came the exposure of “Every bullet fired made US$ 0.02cents per bullet and US$20.00 per shell” made  the son-in-law of General (retd) Fonseka, and the son of another retired military officer, into a multi-millionnaire in a space of three years.  Who are the ultimate beneficiaries of this massive fund?

This is vulgar, insider trading. No wonder the military did not spare any bullets when facing the terrorists and innocent civilians alike.

The stories of alleged Rape of female soldiers by a superior Military Officer, and fathering two children out of wedlock, during his marraige, is the behaviour more of a Mormon than being a Buddhist.

Can this man be trusted to counter corruption? Or will he re-invent another word for corruption?

Are the women whom he might meet during State visits or other jaunts, safe from his sexual goose-stepping adventures?

Is General (retd) Fonseka another President Bill Clinton and President Ferdinand Marcos, all rolled into one?

Years 2010 and Beyond.
Whatever rumours and stories circulating about the Rajapaksa family clan, the Rajapaksa Trio has delivered the goods! Saved the country from a thirty year war which ravaged Sri Lanka.

President Rajapaksa stood Tall in front of the major Western domination and bullying, as a poor developing Third World country. Strategically gathered the support of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Libya and many others.

Sri Lankans owe some gratitude to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei (Sinhala) Lavrov, who served his Rookie Diplomatic service in Colombo where he learned to speak Sinhala. That mutual love between Sri Lankan and the Russian, paid off.

For once the Sri Lankan government has a Foreign Secretary Rohita Bogollagama, who looks good, commands good English, and stature demanded of a serious Diplomat Representing the country.

All this is due to the good balanced judgment of a Leader, a Stateman, President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Dynastic ambitions have prevailed in many a country, around the world, and Sri Lanka is no exception. The Senanayake, Bandaranaike, Jayawardane-Wickremesingha, Premadasa (Sajith marking time), now Rajapaksa. So what?

Let us Hope & Pray to Our God whom We Believe in, that Sri lanka continues to elect an HONEST Leader who will Deliver the next Gift to this beautiful, smiling Island.

A Happy, Glorious Economic Growth & Prosperity to the People of Sri Lanka in 2010 & Beyond!

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2 Responses to “White Flags, Crushing LTTE Terrorists, Love Gone Sour, Officer but No Gentleman! Hope for 2010:”

  1. Jan Chandra Says:

    Thank you ever so much, Prof. Mclean for this well informed and researched analysis. It appears SF’s demeanor is not what we want in a leader. I hope Sri Lankans would not be misled at the forthcoming elections, by the misinformation that is so well articulated by this guy and the opposition leader.

  2. jackaroo Says:

    Sarath Fonseka misled by the leader of the UNP also miscalculated the outcome of the presidential election as well.
    The hardcore UNPers who never wanted to vote other than Ranil,is now disappointed and leaning towards Mahinda Rajapaksa than Sarath Fonseka who nurturing revenge and hatred could turned in to a military state.

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