Sarath Fonseka and the school for the blind
Posted on December 31st, 2009

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

A famous black historian in USA mentioned in his autobiography an incident that took place when he was a young boy growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He helped a white old blind woman to cross a street. Half way on the street the blind woman asked the name and then the color (race) of the young helper and when she found it out, on the middle of the road she shouted, “You nigger leave me alone and get lost.” While this was a true story, there is another fabricated story that I saw in an American movie. That story fits in well with framework of the Sarath Fonseka saga!

An old lady ran a school for the whites-only blind children. She lived in an environment full of Klu Klux Klan white racists. So she had only white students. But one day she faced a crisis when a black blind boy was dropped at her door step. She could not send the boy away. Therefore, she selected a politically-correct strategy! She treated him as if he was white and the boy grew up as a white blind boy. He knew nothing else but to hate the blacks just like his other white fellow students.

As a grown up man he became whiter than those born white, and the KKK found in him a very useful KKK speaker. So whenever he was taken out of the blind school he was covered with the KKK white hood and no one could see his face or his color. He became so popular as a KKK agent and there was high demand for him by other whites as a vehicle to recruit more whites to KKK movement. At these promotional-recruitment meeting there was always a demand from the audience to see his face even though KKK rule is to always wear the hood to hide the face.

Things went very well with the KKK plan until one day an over-enthusiastic crowd jumped on to the stage and removed the hood by force to find a big black face. What is the connection between this story and Sarath Fonseka? RanilW, JVP and Mano Ganeshan are like the KKK organizers taking the black blind man covered by the hood. Sarath F is the blind black man who knows he is black but pretend to be a white.

Sarath F is a very unreasonable man with a very unreasonable agenda. Does he and his agents think that the people in Sri Lanka are also blind boys like the white woman’s school for the blind? Yes, Mahinda R made so many mistakes, but he was not a fake. He is the gem with mud which needs cleaning. Wait for the next short essay on Sarath F and Tamil separatism.

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  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Dr. Wijeyawickrema, has given an excellent analogy, KKK with the white dress was a black man. Following scenario might fit in to this analogy. This hypothesis was deduced by, from e-mails floting about and a leaked Indian RAW drain pipe near Biere Lake in Colombo. SF was hired by Robert Blake in 2007 (may be 2006) when he went to get a permenent residency for his son-in-law. This permenent residency for SF by lotto might not be the whole truth. May be Robert Blake gave it to him. Why, one may ask? By 2007 the computer model simulations in State department predicted a victory for the SL Army. So they needed some one to do a regime change. Best way to do it was the way they did in Honduras and the best person is SF since he is now at the pinnacle. Same as the black man with a KKK dress Dr. Wijeyawickrema is describing. Why regime change one may ask? Because HE MR invited Iran and Myrmar to participate in the economic development of Sri Lanka. These are no, no acts. There might be some truth in the Coup d’etat story, I do not know, the naked eye cannot see it. Tamil Nadu Tamils might be doing Hip, Hip Hooray for the SF Saga!

  2. aravinda Says:

    I like your first story, and for me SF is the old blind white woman. He is blinded by his ungreatfulness. He will be left in middle of the road on 26th of January.

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