THE GREAT SELL OUT , WHY HAVE AN ELECTION -Indian hegemony Of Sri Lanka continues
Posted on December 31st, 2009


In 1977 when Sri Lanka appointed JRJ to lead the country SL never imagined that the seeds of destruction of the Sinhala Nation was been planted. Ever since the servile JRJ started  his non productive relationship with the west it gave an excuse for India to destabilise Sri Lanka and interfere in the country to such a degree that politicians in spite of the arrogance with which they treat the Sri Lankans have been converted into a group of disgusting slaves. How else could you explain as to why Ranil W went to India to get support for the candidacy of the General followed by of course the brothers. These corrupt politicians are a disgrace and there names should be written in black for not only sacrificing the interests the sinhala nation but also the country. Should we support the candidacy of the man who fought the war for India. Whilst India is blatantly interfering in the governance of the country the spineless Sri Lankan politicians are on there knees obeying the orders from India . There patronage is such that an idiotic minister even suggested that we build a bridge to India. Arent we having enough trouble with out a bridge. The present politicians are pretending to fight each other whilst keeping the people ignorant of the real issues. The real issues are dictated to by India.


India is gradually getting a economic strangle hold over the Sri Lankan economy. The most startling investment India is having on sri lanka is her investment to control the energy sector. Part of Ceylon petroleum corporation was sold to India by the UNP in its short stay in government ( including the storage tanks in Trinco). The present sri lankan  petroleum corporation has been bankrupted by corruption. The corporation which lost $800million on hedging by a cricketer and further losses by unproductive agreements is gradually been cultivated for another take over.  Was this another coup to undermine the hold of the petroleum corporation by the nation is a question that needs to be asked? The nation will not know as no one in the Ruling classes be it in government or opposition is asking any questions . Why?  To cap it all the Ceylon Electricity Board is signing an agreement with India to lay cables to buy electricity from India . This would be giving the monopoly of the energy sector to India. Added to this of course it was apparent how Indian Ministers came to Sri Lanka and forced the government to sign a agreement for Oil Exploration to an Indian company                                                                                        .

That is only the energy sector. They have been buying up our Industries and even opening Thosai boutiques in Colombo. Vast areas of land have been leased to the Trincomalee district. The economic stranglehold continues. Indian diplomats tour the north and the east as if those areas are a protectorate.


Politically there is a great pretence. Corruption is alleged but no action against it is proposed. The electorate should remember the beeshanaya and dooshanya allegation by Chandrika in 1994. Has one single politician been prosecuted and convicted in the last 15 years. The 13th amendment a thorn on the side of any Sinhalese imposed by India and passed by a illegal parliament elected by a referendum whose MPs were held to ransom by resignation letters. Discussion of it has been banned by the government but the opposition is not questioning it. So why have an election that does not discuss the real issues.

It is much better to have a referendum as to whether we would be a part of Tamil Nadu than have a presidential election which will help India to dictate the governance in Sri Lanka but not have the

Responsibility. In addition of course perpetrate a corrupt political class on ourself.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    There is the geo-political reality of Tamil Nadu as Lanka’s closest neighbor. Tamil Nadu is not an independent State and ruling of India is done in Delhi. Re Energy matters : The International Atomic Energy Authority is in charge of India’s nuclear plants now. Therefore, the nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu is under the IAEA. So there is no need to fear/speculate that Lanka will be joined up with Tamil Nadu. What is Lanka to do when India desires to tie up economically with Lanka ? Geo-political realities demand that we do so. Some ties with India & some other ties with China. Whoever who comes into power in Lanka will face these realities. Lanka will remain a Non-aligned Nation. And, of course, the Colombians will yearn for the western culture
    without being actually ‘ruled by the West’ ! These are the ground realities. Lanka can work through these issues.

  2. Kit Athul Says:

    Your support for India can be understood if you are an Indian or an ethnic Indian living out side of India. If you are a Sinhala or a Burger then I am concerned like the author of this article. First you have to separate two subjects nuclear power genaration and the nuclear weaponry. Belive it or not INDIA HAS NOT SIGNED the nuclear non pollufication policy! So how can you say they showed the Uranium Refing plant in Bhair to the IAEA authorities? This so called yellow cake is produced in Bhair and there is no state government in Behir, why? Why because INDIAN RAW has to control the state. They got the so called Mavo terrorist to kill few state parlimetarians, which made all the state parlimentarians to resign. Today there is no state government, central government rules Bhair. Do you get the message Mr. Diaz? The author of the above article never wrote about nuclear energy? Now that you are defending India’s nuclear power, let me show another subjet that you do not know. India has a devloped a Golf Ball Size Nuclear device (just like the Russian suite case bomb) that has a radius of 25 to 30 miles of distraction only, specially designed to attack Sri Lanka.

    If you like to answer me the following questions: 1. Why did the Indian High Commissioner meet with the SL Navy Commander on December 30th 2009? (Tamilnet.con 30 December 2009) If you want I will provide the answer; Tamal Terrorists got the local to complain about Navy construting mini bases along the Eastern cost. Next they got the Tamil Nadu members to complain to the central government and to stop this mini base development. This is what I got from the grape vine: Ashok Kantha told the New SL Navy commander to stop this building program. Do not buy the two Dovera attack boats fron Isreal. (Remember Naryanan telling SL cannot buy military weapons from China or Pakistan)We (India) can give similar attack boats FREE OF CHARGE!

    2. Jayalalitha openly said “We will create Tamil Eelam using the Indian Army(Times of India 30th April 2009). Advani said the same thing. I can go on and on, but again if you are an Indian then you have to support India.

  3. jana Says:

    onece you allowe one of the most important sectors of your economy to be monopolised by India ,Sri lanka looses its independance. I dont know where mr Diaz comes from but he does not understand what goes into the security of a nation . My grouse with the nations politicians is there sevility and there inability to bring these questions out into the open on the political platform.

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