Posted on January 7th, 2010

Malin Abeyatunge

Who brought Sarath Fonseka (SF) as common candidate for presidential race? Each party to UNF i.e UNP, JVP, Mangala, Hakeem and Mano said to be claming for credit.  On 26 the January 2010 when SF faces a humiliating defeat, all these parties will disclaim the SF candidature for Presidency and have a free for all.

However, be that as may, SF  who claims himself as the only war hero to defeat LTTE has since  become a puppet on a string maneuvered and manipulated by the five puppeteers according to their tune and choice. As it is,  SF has also started dancing to his own tune saying that, he will not be a ceremonial President like Late William Gopallawa; that he will increase the salaries of public servants and pensioners (isn’t this tantamount to bribery to get the votes of the public); increase the salaries of the media personnel (how is he going to deal with the private sector of the print and electronic media?)etc,. The audience watching the dance of SF puppet sees that he dances according to his tune whilst the puppeteers JVP, UNP, Mangala, Hakeem and Mano at the same time maneuver him according to their tune and choices making a total mockery making the audience laughed and confused.

As it is JVP appears to be pulling its string on the Puppet Sarath Fonseka more strongly than UNP.  JVP will try to put down  SF’s throat their obsolete Marxist ideology whilst UNP will try to put down the SF’s throat failed capitalist ideology.  No sooner SF will get his throat throttled with this mixed achharu (mixed pickle) even without his knowledge. One can see it’s already happening when going thro his devastating  and contradictory statements when ever he opens his mouth. He has already mentioned that he has not studied the 13 th amendment and simultaneously he has promised  that he will go beyond the 13 th amendment. Are we going to hand over the country to a politically naive novice who has no knowledge of the constitution nor the contentious issues like 13th amendment? By the time we are nearing the final day of election, SF would have dropped many more  bricks against himself and the new alliance UNF.

The choice is quite clear to the Sri Lankan voters. Whether to elect a strong statesman with proven leadership like President Rajapaksa or Sarath Fonseka who is a puppet on a string manipulated by the five puppeteer clowns, UNP, JVP, Mangala, Hakeem and Mano. The choice is yours.


  1. poltilak Says:

    Neither Mahinda nor Fonseka has personal relationship with me. I am just a rational citizen in Sri Lanka.
    Can anybody give me two justifiable reasons to vote for Mr. Fonseka? however, I can give two reasons to vote for Mahinda.
    1. He won the battle with LTTE to the infinite point as he promised in his manifesto in 2005.
    2. He has so far done many development programs to uplift the economy and many things.
    I have further two reasons not to vote for Fonseka.
    1. “Known devil is better than unknown god.” In case Mr fonseka wins he will for sure make it a military government. If he says no more elections, what on earth the people can do? This is possible because he has well fermented military spirit in his blood and flesh inculcated for 40 years. His policy would be with a taste and blend of military autocracy. The people of this country did the same blunder in 1977. Even Mr. Ranil wickramasinghe now says the presidential system of government is undemocratic, the powers of the president is dictatorial etc. however, when Mr JR Jayawardana enjoyed autocratic powers such as holding a referendum instead of an election in 1983, Ranil raised both of his hands.
    2. My second reason not to vote for Fonseka is that I know nothing about him as a political leader. I don’t want to go for a grave political risk for my motherland. Further, the cat is out of the bag that he is in the clutch of corruption with the arm deal with his son in law.
    I appeal to Fonsekians to feed or fertilize me to vote for their Judas.

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