When The Enemies of The State Collude With A Rogue General In A Vain Bid For Power! Does The Nation Of Sri Lanka Have To Tolerate Such An Affront?
Posted on January 9th, 2010

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Jan.7th 2010

The Greatest Danger of A Sarath Fonseka Leadership even in hypothetical interpretation has been exposed in his wheeling and dealing with pro LTTE Forces as well as defunct members of the terror group themselves! The Nation of Sri Lanka needs to be made aware that the biggest threat to the Lankan people at present is, despite its unforeseeable and unlikely eventuality of a Fonseka win at the polls comes from the attempt by fmr. Gen. Sarath Fonseka to join forces with the enemies of the Nation in his attempt to seize power and all forces loyal to the President need to rally round him and make redundant with every means possible the ambitions of Ret. Gen.Saratha Fonseka!

What kind of man is this now aspiring to become the Nation’s Leader and what principles does man have if he stoops low enough to consort with and pander to the representatives of the disbanded and crushed Tamil Tigers who he often brags were defeated solely by him (which of course is another story )towards realities and how desperate might be the need for the Opposition motivated agitators hell bent to ursurp the Rajapaksha regime if there is open talk that pro LTTE factions will throw weight behind General who crushed them.So in what light does this portray his new found allies other than in Machiavellian guise which includes himself?

Sarath Fonseka is fast becoming a desperate as well as a conniving individual whose transparencies show with every move he makes in his bid to win the Presidency and in the overall scheme of things for the future of the Sinhala Nation and all true blue Sinhalese who love their country, a danger and a threat towards the Nations’s well being, posterity and very existence as a Sovereign Nation if permitted any leeway towards his ambitions.

It seems exceedingly duplicitous on the part of Fonseka to now want to consort with the very enemies he helped put down where according to a recent media quote ” seven months after Sri Lanka’s long and bitter civil war was brought to an end by a withering Government assault, the political coalition that supported the Tamil Tigers has thrown its support behind the former army chief who crushed them in an ironic twist to the presidential election campaign being fought on the island, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which announced yesterday that it was supporting General Sarath Fonseka in his bid to defeat President Mahinda Rajapaksa” end quote albeit the real grim irony being that Fonseka beleives perhaps in cross eyed vision that a Sinhalese such as himself could cast aside all integrities and stoop so low without being noticed by his fellow countrymen whose aspirations for the future as well as the overall vote presntly hangs in favour of Sri Lanka’s pragmatic and astute President so what does this make of him but a traitor without principles toying with the likelihood of hellfire and brimstone descending upon him for colluding with the enemies of the State!

He presents himself as someone who needs to be dealt with as a criminal threatening the very existence of Sovereign Sri Lanka as more and more about the man’s true nature comes to light including arms procurement in collusion with a son domiciled overseas towards his own personal gain and perhaps the surreptitious swelling of his personal bank account, leading a fancy lifestyle and cavorting around in the lap of luxury while feigning austerity and simplicity when his subordinate solders were being butchered by the LTTE at the war front, soldiers whose families were being subjected to unbearable hardships and much much more suggesting that he is no paragon of virtue when it comes to his true personality but a two faced blackguard fortunate enough to find favour in the eyes of an all trusting President!

There is rhetoric which needs to be quashed in the eyes of the world which emanates from sources deemable as enemies of the State and also needs to be made public Nationally! Recently at a press conference in the capital, Colombo, the leader of the Tamil National Alliance(TNA) parliamentary group, Rajavarothayam Sambanthan, a known LTTE activist, die hard oppressor of Sinhala dogma and a harbinger of anti Sinhala sentiment as well as a flag bearer of attempted Tamil Chauvinism intolerable in the Nation with its great Sinhala fervour has said that his group had decided to support Mr Fonseka’s candidacy to prevent another victory by Mr Rajapaksa, whose “poor record on human rights and law and order ” which made it vital that he be beaten.Now who in the name of the devil is Sambanthan to make such bold and unclarifiable statements while revealing his yellow underbbelly laced in the transparencies pointing towards his meaningless rhetoric to this effect when the human rights violations in all probabilities could be linked to Fonseka himself who in his hatred of the LTTE after the assassination attempt on him is known to have thrown all caution to the winds whilst also misusing the power bestowed upon him by an unsuspecting President Rajapaksha and is alleged to have targetted Tamils per se rather than the LTTE only and perhaps the biggest culprit with respect to human rights violations with the Army under his command! Sambanthan for his effort needs a muzzle around his mindset and cross examined legally under the statutes of Sri Lanka Law towards clarifying what exactly he was attempting to acheive by slandering the highest office in the land and perhaps tried for treason!

A dead giveaway towards the trend of though permeating from the Fonseka ~TNA alliance which now seems to be established beyond the semblance of a doubt is significantly portrayed by the slogan which Sambandan and his band of anti National panhandlers are now making public that the majority of Tamils( a miniscule minority to be exact!) are of the view that the only meaningful way in which the desire of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to seek a mandate for a further term may be thwarted is by voting for joint opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka,”and perhaps a regrettable slogan the man might rue should he have any ambitions of continuing as a politician in Sri Lanka once the Rajapaksha Administration has overwhelmingly deposed Sarath Fonseka’s ambitions which seems a forgone conclusion despite the lies and innuendos bbeing propagated towards discrediting him!

It seems quite easy to indulge in rhetoric to the tune that “Extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances have been common, and the worst affected are Tamil people. Corruption is rampant, and consequently the rule of law and good governance has reached the nadir.” which seems more appropriately applicable to certain UNP regimes of the past and the very core of the current political backing which falsely portrays Fonseka as a deserving leader of Sri Lanka whereas the more discerning people in the Nation as well as the vast following of the Rajapaksha entourage comprising of the ordinary man on the street ( by no means miniscule )know the reality of how compassionate and patriotic he is and how unlikely it would be that someone of his stature would ever resort to human rights violations and perhaps more comparable with how a certain National leader now behind the Fonseka Presidential bid once ignored the pleas and death cries of young Sri Lankans being ruthlessly murdered in a death camp like surroundings at a a place called Batalanda!

It has been very well put forward by the same source quoted earlier that “For all its apparent irony, the TNA’s decision to support the controversial General in the election on 26 January was not entirely unexpected where

analysts say that many voters who may instinctively not wish to back the former army chief are likely to do so as a protest vote against the incumbent” and given all considerations the simplest explanation towards all the turbulences pointing to a concerted effort by the enemies of the President and consequently the enemies of the State by way of interpretation towards unseating him which to all intents and purposes seems a wasted effort using all apathetic and insignificant means.

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  1. aravinda Says:

    SARATH HAS NO PRINCIPLES. Addressing a Sinhala audience, he would utter that ” Sri Lanka is only for Sinhalese people”. In a LTTE audience he would utter that ” I will free all 10,000 LTTE detainees”. The known God is better than the unknown devil.

  2. Chintha Says:

    Veteran political analyst Dayan Jayatilake has emphasized that the sole desire of Tamil National Alliance is to rout President Rajapaksa at the elections with the aim of resurrecting the LTTE. This is the reason they are supporting the Opposition candidate. Joining in the Round table discussion telecast over Prime TV, he said

    The TNA has not yet said a word of criticism against the tigers. They know that during the war it was virtually a proxy for the LTTE. He said he had yet to hear the TNA say that any solution to the Tamil question in Sri Lanka has to be within Sri Lanka as one country.

    The LTTE has been defeated on the soil of this island. But he said that they saw in Geneva 200,000 people demonstrating under the LTTE banner, Others demonstrated in Toronto. So the global tiger network is very much intact. And they want to win politically what they had lost militarily.

    The respected newspaper “The Independent London” ran a story by a British journalist and its title was “Tigers throw weight behind General who crushed them”. This is not what the Government of Sri Lanka or a Sinhala Organisation or Douglas Devananda said. It has been stated by the Inddependent UK newspaper. Dr. Jayatilleke added that the tigers want President Rajapaksa defeated and the only way to do it was for the Opposition candidate to win.

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