Fonseka’s son-in-law, with no fixed job, gifts $4500 hand bags to his wife – Capt. Upul Illangamge
Posted on January 13th, 2010

H. L. D. Mahindapala

The JVP-UNP campaign to project their Common Candidate, Sarath Fonseka, as “Mr. Clean” was dented severely by Capt. Upul Illangamge, close family friend of the Gen. Fonseka for 35 years, who unmasked the hidden face of Fonseka, yesterday at a press conference in Colombo. The overall picture he presented to the media made Fonseka look like a crude, cruel, vindictive, foul-mouthed and corrupt crook.

With documentary evidence from the state of Oklahama where Fonseka’s son-in-law, Danun Tillekeratne, had registered his arms dealing Hicorp Inc., along with its subsidiary British Borneo Corporation, Capt. Illangamge exposed intimate details of Fonseka’s character and crooked deals.

Holding up pictures of the Fonseka family with him in Oaklahama, the US haven of the Fonsekas, Capt. Illangamge confirmed that he was there when Fonseka’s son-in-law, Danun, walked in and not only got details of forthcoming contracts for military hardware but also got the direct help of his father-in-law to put arms deals through the Minster of Defence (MoD). He added that both Fonseka and his wife Anoma twisted the arms of Army officers to push the deals to boost the profits of Hicorp Inc.

Capt. Illangamage challenged “Sarath Aiya” and “Anoma Akka” to prove him wrong adding that he was prepared to meet them anywhere anytime with evidence to back up his statements. To establish his close relations with the Fonsekas he said that he used to ride on the shoulders of “Sarath Aiya” when he was a kid in Amparai. He also said that when Fonseka’s daughter fell out with a relative with whom she was living in Washington he made all arrangements for the daughter and the entire family, including Anoma, to relocate in Oklahoma. When they came to Oklahoma the Fonseka family had nothing to worry. Everything was provided by him “”…” beds, pillows, sheets, TVs etc “”…” and they had only to lie down and sleep. He also mentioned that he gave financial assistance to the Fonseka family when they were in Oklahoma.

Dealing with Fonseka’s character he told the media that he has many faces and the face he shows on the stage is far different from the real man faced by his subordinates and even the family. Itemising some of his hidden characteristics and crooked deals Capt Illangamage said that Fonseka had, known every detail of the arms-dealing operations of his son-in-law in his presence had picked up the phone and threatened Brigadier Meedin to look sharp if he put contracts through anyone else other than his son-in-law’s company, got his wife, Anoma, to introduce his son-in-law to Maj-General Thoradeniya, to impress that his hands were clean though the clear intention was to influence decisions that would favour his son-in-law. Anoma, after introducing had told Thoradeniya: “Aney, a-ya-gay wada tikak thiyenawa. A-yata udawkaranna.” (Aney, he has some little business. Please help.)

No car to pick him up from the airport when he first came to Oklahoma and he would pick him and his family and take them shopping, banking, dining in Edmonton town where they were staying. But later his son-in-law, who had no job and who lived in Manning Flats, would pick his father-in-law, first in BMW, second time in a Humber and third time in a Range Rover. Danun also gifted his wife with hand bags $4,500.

Forced the waiter to eat the roti served at his table because it was misshapen;

hit and treated soldiers brought as cooks and waiters to his house for the slightest lapse and some soldiers assigned to him preferred to run away from the Army rather than serve him purely to avoid his cruelty and beastly treatment. These stories were related to Capt. Illangamage by Rohan Wijesundera a relative of Fonseka.

sent the Maj-Gen. Santha Kottegoda, home on his last day of service in a Toyota Ace Van after stripping all his security because he never forgave his former friend for getting the job of the Army Commander before him. Fonseka even withdrew the cook assigned to Kottegoda and he told Capt. Illangamage: “Mama, oota kanda dunney kaden genapu kama” (I made him eat the food from the shop.);

stopped Admiral Karannagoda, the Navy Commander against whom he developed an “amazing hatred” purely because he was senior to him, from passing through the Army compound “”…” the only open route to MoD “”…” and not allowed his escorts to follow him.

pulled out the security provided to Chandrika Bandaranaike and refused to take her phone calls. Chandrika had to go through Secretary Defence to get her security restored.

frequently addressed even high ranking generals in the most abusive terms borrowed from the sathtu waththa; and, last but not the least, abused his wife and children in the same beastly manner;

Capt. Illangamge said that he was told by Fonseka of the things he had done to the media but he would not state them at the press conference. However, he said he would given the details to Rajitha Senaratne before he heads back to his home in Oklahoma.

Capt. Illangamage’s performance on Adaderana was animated and convincing. Political circles are convinced that Fonseka’s credibility has been damaged irreparably. Capt. Illangamage told the media that he would release more information later, if needed. In the meantime, he said he had handed over the document to the relevant authorities.

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