2010 Presidential Election –Elect President Mahinda to prevent the re-emergence of Tamil Racism and their aspiration to dismember our Motherland!
Posted on January 18th, 2010


For all practical purposes there are only two contenders for this presidential election “”…” the incumbent President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Presidential hopeful Gen Sarath Fonseka. Both are Sri Lankan heroes for having defeated the curse of terrorism which stalked our motherland for the last 30 years.

President Rajapakse is accredited for having managed the war and the economy despite a global financial crisis. He has been ably assisted by his brothers Gotabhaya and Basil in managing the situation under dire circumstances. On the war front the three service commanders Sarath Fonseka, Asoka Karannagoda and Romesh Gunathilaka together with the Civil Defence Forces, The Police Force and the Intelligent Services and all the Rana Viruwos did their utmost to finally put an end to the terrorist juggernaut, the LTTE.

Much more than all these contenders for accolades, it is the nation itself that stand heroic for accommodating and withstanding all the rigours of war for the last 30 years. It is they – be they Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Burgher “”…” be they Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or Islamic who stood and fought for a united Sri Lanka despite their ethnic and religious differences who are truly heroic. It is they who said we can stand as one nation and that they are for a land without borders and differences. Time has come once again and unfortunately within 6 months of defeating the terrorist forces to stand shoulder to shoulder at this election to defeat the re-emergence of the Tamil Racism.

At the election there are two main themes to contend with “”…” one rampant corruption and nepotism associated with the Mahinda Administration and the other also corruption and the re-emergence of the divisive forces “”…” Tamil Racism and all that it stands for associated with a future Fonseka Presidency. The voters must decide which of these is going to affect them more adversely and in which order they should be handled. It is true that we are between a rock and hard place, truly a Scylla and Charybdis situation! The nation has to decide which path is less disastrous. It is a natural choice to select the less hazardous road.

The external forces “”…” the Western Powers, the Christian Church and the regional bully India are forever fermenting trouble. Their constant presence and their doings are well documented and discussed in these forums so there is hardly any need to further elaboration or to deny their malefic presence. We simply have to acknowledge their existence and that they don’t mean well for Sri Lanka, or to the rest of South Asia. The break up of the Great Team that accomplished the great victory over terrorism is the work of these forces. The blame for mismanaging this situation at the end of the war should go to President Rajapakse in the first place and then to the Presidential contender “”…” Sarath Fonseka in the second place for having fallen to the pit. They all misunderstood their historical achievement and their place in history. Self aggrandisement “”…” “Maha Raja” vs ” I did it all” for the exclusion of all others have finally brought our motherland to this sorry state “”…” the re-emergence of Ealamist Dream. Had they stood together they would have been truly heroic. Greed, lack of magnanimity and bloated egos have put paid to our dream to be One Land. And again the spectre of Separatism is in the radar! Mano Ganesh, Rauf Hakeem and Sambandans are busy again and soon they will have the Tamil Diaspora bank rolling another insurgency.

It is unfortunate that the General has been made to jump the ship. This is clearly a case of gross mismanagement of the team that accomplished the great victory. President Rajapakse must take the blame for this as it is now clear that much has happened with Indian nudging! The case of the General should have been handled with finesse and delicacy to keep the victorious team intact for that was paramount for the maintenance of law and order in the newly cleared areas and to prevent the re-emergence of the cancer of terrorism. Clearly there was no need to hurt the General’s grandiose ego. The General should have been allowed time and space to mellow his temper and mature into a proper political leader for he has great potential to serve the nation. He is a great resource to have lost and now to make matters worse he has turned into an adversary. The above mentioned forces and their local counterparts have carefully massaged his bloated and injured ego and now he is clearly driven by pure hatred and a thirst for revenge. The UNP and the JVP knowing that on their own that they don’t have a chance of a snow ball in hell, have decided to use the General as their cat’s paw – a brilliant move to hide their shame for not being able to stand on their own!

In the first place we must ask the question whether we are to undo all what has been accomplished by our Ranaviruwos; whether we are to re-live all the gory of loss of life and limb, claymore and suicide bombings, destruction of our wealth and resources. Are we ready to go back another 30 years and re-live the misery of Tamil racist terrorism financed by the Tamil Diaspora directly and by the Western Powers and the Christian Church indirectly?

The allegations of corruption and nepotism have been the bane of Sri Lanka and in fact of all third world countries. This is really not an issue as whoever wins, corruption and nepotism will only change hands! This will not end until there is a meeting of the minds between the “giver” and the “taker” to end corruption and there is no light at the end of this tunnel as long as greed drives our desires. We simply do not have sufficient teeth in our legislature or the political will to stop the rot, catch the culprits and incarcerate them. The current politics is about having “ƒ”¹…”somebody known’ in the correct place to get the “ƒ”¹…”job’ done. As for nepotism we have had Senanayakes, Bandaranaikes, Jayawardene dynasties ruling the land and now in turn Rajapakses seems to be holding the batten! The nation has no qualms with this as long as those engaged are eminently qualified and capable just like “”…” Gotabhaya and Basil!

With a Fonseka Presidency the nation will have to contend with likes of Ranil Wickramasinghe, Ravi Jayawardene, Jayalath Jayawardana and Rosie Senanayake (with a Christian Agenda for the division of the country), with Mangala Samaraweera (the traitor of Sudu Nelum fame), JVP ( foreign agents and losers with a pseudo Marxist agenda) and coterie of LTTE remnants in the form of the TNA (forever dreaming to swim in a sea of Sinhala Blood and make shoes out of Sinhala skins! ) . This is clearly a recipe for undoing all what has been accomplished and ended at Mookalan Duwa (Mulaitivu) in the Nanthi Kadal lagoon. This is clearly a recipe for the re-emergence of the Ealamist Dream “”…” a separate homeland for Tamils the world over in the North and Eastern Provinces , eventually a Christian homeland in the Western and North- Western Provinces and finally the total dismemberment of Sri Lanka into ethnic and religious enclaves and death knell to the Sinhala Buddhists. The fate of the Sinhala Buddhists will be that of the Red Indians in America or to site a case forgotten to all but closer to home “”…” the fate of the Up-country Sinhalese who lost land to the Indian Tamils and now living in reservations! Christian evangelists vultures are waiting in the wings to do a repeat performance of what they are already doing in the East Indian Hill tracts “”…” fermenting Christian Insurgencies!

It is said that with all the horse trading going, the North and East Tamil vote is going to be the decisive factor. The patriotic forces in Sri Lanka can put an end to this ever present malefic factor. Those who stood with the President Rajapakse at the time of the war during the last four years, must stand with him once again if at all for a final time “”…” be they SLFP, UNP or JVP. At present we all owe him a debt of gratitude for leading the nation to a great victory over terrorism as well as for standing up to the Western and Christian forces.

Therefore it is imperative that all the patriotic forces irrespective of party colours, once again join hands at the elections on Jan 26th to give a resounding victory to President Mahinda Rajapakse for another 6 year term. It is important that all patriots vote. Every patriot vote lost is a vote for Ealam and dismemberment of Sri Lanka!

He still has a chance to be remembered as the father who defeated terrorism and gave us freedom. Let us all give him that chance this time at the Presidential Election on the 26th of January 2010. When elected he must take on first hand the issues of corruption and nepotism. Sri Lanka is a matured nation with great human resources. On his second term he will need a good professional team to lead the nation. Let us see that there is recognition for the educated professionals and an end to the likes of Asantha de Mels and Mervyn de Silvas and others of their kin.

A vote for the General has the potential to put back the country another 30 years! Back to bombs and more bombs and more of Ranil Wickramasinghes and Somawansa Amarasinghes !!

Vote massively to elect President Rajapakse for a second term and select the less perilous route!

May the Triple Gems Bless our Motherland!


18 Jan 2010

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