SF Talk: before and now… his credibility??
Posted on January 18th, 2010

Posted by: Prasanna

Before: “I will abolish executive presidency right after January 26th!!!!!”

Now: “I have to keep the presidency and will appoint 5 ministers.” They are Sampanthan, Somawansa, Hakim, Mangala and Ranil.

Before: Sept 23, 2008 National post interview- “Sri Lanka belongs to only Sinhalese people, and minorities should stop unfair demands.” Never denied his stupid comments for the last 1 ½ years.

Now: “National Post reporter Stewart Bell wrongly interpreted what I said in that press interview”

Before: “We have to keep IDP’s for very long period, since LTTE members are in that group. We have to expand army by another 100,000 and keep in a high security zone”

Now:“It’s unfair and cruel that present government keep the IDP’s indefinitely, and after Jan 26th, I will remove high security zone and release all LTTE carders without any pre conditions”

Before: “What JVP and UNP were doing is criticizing and de-moral our brave soldiers. Some unpatriotic people criticizing even me, and tell I am unfit to command even a salvation army”

Now: “I don’t keep anger and take revenges. People who talk at that time are very good friends of mine now, and they are real patriotic.”

Before: During the Tamil Nadu election time: “We are strongly against the north and east de- merger. These Tamil Nadu politicians are real JOKERS and under payroll of LTTE and proxy groups.”

Now: “I have an agreement w/ TNA to merge north and east back, and release all LTTE innocent people from the current State custody”(Remember”¦armed forces sacrifice about 28,000 lives to liberate our country from ruthless LTTE)

Now fellow Sri Lanakans! Think for a moment. How come we trust this guy with dementia and offer the hot seat to steer our beautiful country to hell after January 26th?? Every citizen have to act wisely on 26th and send this guy back to Oklahoma, so he could spend the rest of his time in a mental hospital from the money he raised from unethical arm deals.

We shouldn’t select a leader just based on rumors and hearsays. Corruption happened in the past under every leadership (from Sirima’s period..) and still happening, not only Sri Lanka and also other places. Leaderships in some other countries also corrupt just as our politicians.

So, why people make a big deal especially in the last 3 months about this matter? Then why news papers or electronic media (everybody has access to U-tube) did not complain about the corruption until now or did do any investigative journalism??? Do not listen to rumors and politicians and do what you think best to the country in the future!

Since, international LTTE network is still intact, and try to come in different faces, what we need at this time is continue the strong leadership like MR that who never afraid or kiss butts of foreign forces, and take the country to a place where every citizen could enjoy best economy and the peace with the unity.

Let’s give our president another chance to develop the country, and hopefully meantime opposition parties could find a patriotic candidate for the next presidency in the future!

Jaya Wawa Mr. President!

Before: Eliminated Terrorism after 30 years!!

Now: Unite the country with prospers economy with your 40 yrs political experience!!

2 Responses to “SF Talk: before and now… his credibility??”

  1. aravinda Says:

    SF is what Charles Dickens called an ” Artful Dodger”. In gambling terms it is called “keeping two bobs both ways”.
    SF wants to be all things to all men, he will end up been nothing to nobody.

  2. cassandra Says:

    We have read the report of his interview published in the Sunday Leader of 13 December and what the man had to say later. After that, how can we trust him?

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