Posted on January 27th, 2010

Malin Abeyatunge

Tears of joy came into my eyes when I heard that Mahinda Rajapaksa has won with convincing majority for a second term. I guess the joy and the emotions would have been the same with voters who loved the country.  We congratulate Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa for his unique victory and winning the second term as President of Sri Lanka. We salute the Sri Lankan voters who took the right decision in electing him for a second term. THESE ARE THE VERY VOTERS WHO ELECTED HIM IN 2005  AND GAVE HIM THE MANADATE TO DEFEAT THE  LTTE WHICH HE  ACCOMPLISHED WITH HIS RIGHT, CORRECT AND BOLD LEADERSHIP. The people in Sri Lanka  do not live in fear any more and grateful to him forever.

 There is euphoric feeling of his victory among the majority Sri Lankans and the Sri Lankan expatriates except the Tamil Diaspora comprise of the LTTE activists, apologists and sympathizers. As usual, the opposition will come out with various excuses like , election has been rigged, voters were intimidated , no free and fair poll, abuse of State electronic media  etc. The International  and the other independent Monitors  who were monitoring the election and the Election Commissioner will answer those claims or the blames.

 Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa now has got the mandate for a second term, he should commence work from day one to complete the unfinished tasks and the promises to steer Sri Lanka for a better tomorrow. No time or money should be wasted of celebrating the victory by giving ammunitions to the opposition at the next General Election. He should do away with more than life size Bill Boards, cut outs as he does not need to promote himself any further as the old adage goes “ Good wines need no advertisement”. If UPFA with the leadership of President Rajapaksa could address some urgent issues as stated below,  he should be able to muster a good majority at the General Election; 

  • The common allegations made by the opposition who made the main election theme “Weeding out corruption & nepotism”  should be addressed immediately and take necessary steps;
  • Unless he could muster two third majority in the Parliament, he cannot abolish the Executive President and for that he has time until the next general election.;
  • Do away with offering ministerial portfolios to every Tom Dick and Harry who crosses  over. It has to be accepted even with reluctance that it was a  very bad precedent created by Rajapaksa Administration;
  • It’s the rural folks who voted for him and not the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim Kultur Colombians. Concentrate on the rural economy and the rural population and look after their needs more than the Kultur Colombian population.;.
  • See that every villager in the country gets  pipe borne water, best of health and educational facilities (Electricity is not that urgent for the rural community) as in Colombo and its suburbs. There are very poor villages with none of the above basic facilities. People in these villages  have to walk miles to get drinking water;
  • Reduce the number of cabinet ministers to a minimum (as it is, ministerial portfolios are overlapping ) which is a big cost to the Government at the expense of Tax payers. India with a population of 1.1 billion has only 33 cabinet ministers;
  • Now that the LTTE threat is almost diminished, he doesn’t need to provide contingents of securities for the MPS, Ministers and non-cabinet Ministers. It is learnt that Govt has provided Sarath Fonseka  with a  contingent of 600 army personnel when he was  the Army Commander. What a waste of human resources to protect one individual. These soldiers can be better used for the development work he has started;
  • Get rid of the political thugs, kewatteyas, bribe takers and, comis kakkas etc who are around him tarnishing his  good image;
  • What the ordinary Tamil people want is not 13 or 17 amendment but improved living standard with access to gainful employment , assistance to farmers fisher folks in the North and East to carry out their farming and agricultural activities, fishing, tools to market their products, schools to educate their children and health facilities etc,. If these are fulfilled , there won’t be any reason for them to think ethnically but as Sri Lankans and the 13 th amendment will become obsolete..
  •  Never repeat the  mistake like allowing the commanders of the forces to  purchase war equipments in the future as the way it was allowed to SF. This will make room to abuse;
  •  We are aware that the Government is doing it’s best to look after the families of those  valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives in freeing the country from the LTTE terrorists and the disabled ones. But yet still there are grievances due to  bureaucracy that need to be addressed and the President should personally look into this. This should be made a priority in his agenda for the next three months;
  • Sarath Fonseka betrayed the forces and the whole country and he should be stripped off his all medals and feathers  and withdraw all perks and securities already  granted to him;
  • Last but not least, he should recognize  who is a friend and who is a foe. There were many MPS who had the best of everything as ministers, appointed MPs etc under President Rajapaksa but crossed over to the opposition at the last moment to work against him. These very same people will come back to him begging for help but President should reject them outright without any hesitation.
  • Appoint a commission to the Hicorp scandal;
  • Appoint a commission to investigate into the attempt on SF’s life by   the woman suicide  bomber. She is alleged to have been in and out of the Army HQ , hence this has to be investigated;
  • Appoint a commission to investigate into killing of Major General Parami Kulatunga;

Malin Abeyatunge


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