Sarath Fonseka’s moaning and bellyaching
Posted on January 29th, 2010

LankaWeb Editorial

It seems high time the Sarath Fonseka led bandwagon’s  moaning and bellyaching which also incorporates those of the UNF, TNA and JVP etc. quit their theatrics like sore losers about the illegitimacies  of the Presidential elections as their pleas seem meaningless in the aftermath of a well conducted election which has been accepted and given Carte Blanche as legit and fair by the likes of the UN, The USA, the EU and a host of other sources, the only ones that matter in the scheme of things as the lack of decorum by the losers who aren’t gracious enough to accept defeat and congratulate the President  and acknowledge his leadership has become a painful aberration in post election Sri Lanka and a hindrance to anticipated future progress and the Government’s march towards re-development and the many restitutions Sri Lanka is presently in need of as opposed to  unsubstantiable, baseless speculations and doomsday predictions through anti Government sentiment!
There have been hints albeit circumspect, leaning on plausibility that dark deeds were planned against the President and his team also during the course of the ongoing Presidential Election which probably needs to be investigated and perhaps a precursor to why the animosities towards President by the loosing  common candidate prevails and should not be swept under the carpet if the path to posterity and prosperity needs clearing of all obstacles where any danger posed towards progress by someone who continues to brag about an unknown military backing even in imagined anticipation needs to be taken into account!
However, as the also rans continue to cry foul in a meaningless and altogether hollow sounding repartee, they are simply making an annoyance of themselves while also draging the hapless Commissioner of Elections  into a quagmire of speculative daydreaming about the pros and cons of what was legitimate and what was not in the election where the commissioner too seems to be blundering his way through unqualified utterances depecting pro-opposition cronyism ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous !It seems pretty obvious on whose side the man really has been vis a vis the Presidential election and the victory which seems a bitter pill for him to swallow if one observes his post election body language!
In one of the many international bulletins issued after the elections  which emphasizes the legitimacies and global acceptances of the somewhat imposing  polls win by President Rajapaksha it may be quoted that “The EU welcomes that the Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka, the first election of this kind for many years, took place in an overall peaceful environment. The large turn out demonstrates the wish of the Sri Lankan people to participate fully in the democratic process.
The EU congratulates President Mahinda Rajapaksa on his re-election and stands ready to work with him and his Government in support of his objective of bringing sustainable peace to all people in Sri Lanka and actively engaging in an inclusive process of national reconciliation.
The EU reiterates its concern that a significant number of incidents occurred during the election campaign. It trusts that the irregularities reported by election observers and the election commission will be duly investigated and that the safety and security of all candidates and campaign workers will be ensured by the authorities.
The EU looks forward to continuing and reinforcing its cooperation with Sri Lanka, with a view to consolidating the relationship on the basis of shared values and common interests.” end quote and  better endorsement of the legitimacy and  global acceptance of the result which must logically and rationally dissuade the disgruntled losers who need to pay attention to the folly of their finger pointing seems etched in stone!
Furthermore it potentially even nullifies the innuendoes, concoctions and fabrications of their entire collective election campaign laced in anti Presidential rhetoric directed against the incumbent President as the EU in the past has not been altogether Sri Lanka friendly to which one might also add the favourable dispensations of the other endorsees of the Presidential win who at some stage or the other had very negative things to say about Sri Lanka but have come out strong in their congratulatory messages, so it’s about time the bleaters quit their yapping and either threw  in their support behind the President ( a hard ask of course!) or got the hell out of Sri Lanka’s political spectrum as they, to all intents and purposes somewhat ludicrously represent a bunch of failed politicans some of whom can be likened to village idiots!
It is time the Nation focusses on the major tasks ahead towards overhauling a fractured economy and infrastructure of a terrorist ravaged environment where the needs of many impoverished and displaced Sri Lankans have to be met and replenished with genuine effort towards the cause as Nation building begins with the supplementaion of the needs of the population which cannot be accomplished if a bunch of yokel type dissentors calling themselves politicians continue to attempt dragging down what many see as a yeoman effort by the President and his team who have genuinely set in place the groundwork for a magnificient future for Sri Lanka as a nation with little or no ethnic divisions and place for the free and comfortable existence of all her people ~ in fact the Resplendent Isle as Sri Lanka was once known as.
In this respect it might also be added that a Sarath Fonseka run for the leadership in the forthcoming General Election albeit his prerogative would be a foolhardy one and a total waste of time as contrary to his personal sentiments that he needs to appease those who voted for him it stll remains factually as well as statistically apparent that it was indeed a minority percentage of votes he accrued relatively speaking and the end result of a run at the general election for him could in all probabilities prove to be no better and once again land him the title of also ran!

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