Fonseka’s trial soon, Norway supported Fonseka to oust Govt. – Gotabaya
Posted on February 11th, 2010

By Noor Nizam. Peace Activist and Freelance Journalist, Canada February 11th., 2010.

The comments made by Secretary of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa that to the media that “He have proof of the Norwegian government paying journalists to write against the government”, is 100% true. When Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the Norwegians and the US have vested interests and used to support the Tamil Tigers in various ways, this is also 100% true. They also supported Fonseka to try oust the government is also 100% true.

 I support Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa fully on his statements. As a PATRIOTIC Sri Lankan who has been in the forefront of defending the integrity and sovereignty of our motherland since I domiciled in Canada against the LTTE front operators and Organizations, Canadian politicians and INGO’s (not all the Canadian nation) that were hell bent to blame a sovereign government and frame false charges against a democratically elected government in order to create political destabilize, promote the violence further and undermine the economy of a nation that was moving forward with it’s indigenous way of finding a solution to our problems, it is time up that the world has to know what the TRUTH is.

Dear readers “”…” what about this news that was published in the VEXNEWS ƒÆ’‚¢”‚¹”‚¦ January 27, 2010. Read this news to know more please.

“Highly regarded federal Liberal deputy director James McGrath is in a hotel in Colombo Sri Lanka surrounded by heavily armed troops. Liberal insiders have told VEXNEWS they are worried for his safety.”

James McGrath formerly worked for London’s mayor Boris Johnson and is seen as being an astute and aggressive campaign strategist who played a major role in General (retired) Sarath Fonseka’s campaign. He was also instrumental in bringing together the TNA and put through the 10 point MOU which made a difference in the Tamil votes swinging to the UNF. It is still a secret as to how he vanished from the hotel and left the country without being questioned about his nefarious activities in supporting General (retired) Sarath Fonseka in his activities to over throw a democratically re-elected president.

There is also evidence coming out how a Scandinavian and a North American Diplomat together had tried to persuade the ambassador of a powerful security council member country which has been very supportive of Sri Lanka in the war against terrorism to meet with General (retired) Sarath Fonseka, just before the presidential elections in order to set the stage for diplomatic dialogue if needed. I challenge any of the embassies of these two regions to deny my statement.

 There is also the question “”…” who are the others from Scandinavia, Europe and Australia who were present with General (retired) Sarath Fonseka on the night of the 26th.,/27th., January 2010. There is more to all these and I take full responsibility to this statement which I kindly request to publish this article so that actual news is made available to the international readers and the world press, and also to journalists who are paid to write the “UNTRUTH”. Let the world be told the actual truth and nothing but the truth about the conspiracies against the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka by a group of western conspirators.

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  1. gdesilva Says:

    Would US, Norway and other western democratic nations do this sort of thing? – NEVER, and they have never being involved in these types of activities!! They are the guardians of peace, democracy and human rights…how could one even think that such great nations can do this sort of thing?!!

    The TRUTH is they have been doing this all the time and it is only now that poor countries are waking up to the truth. For Gotabaya to make a such a statement to the press one would assume that he has proof beyond reasonable doubt and the Govt. should make it public so that other developing nations can learn a lesson from all this.

    It is the responsibility of Sri Lanka to publish all its findings on how INGOs, AI, HRW etc were (and are) being used to further West’s political interests in developing countries.


    Sir, Gotabaya Rajapakse, please publish the evidence, so that every country will be aware of the rogue nations. We look forward to your help.

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