Posted on February 26th, 2010


Dear voters of my homeland, think wisely irrespective of party politics and cast your valuable vote without fail this time as we are facing the most important General elections after defeating the most ruthless terrorists organization in the world L.T.T.E. This is the first time in thirty years we go to the polls as a free nation. Because of L.T.T.E terror North and East population never had the freedom to cast their vote in any elections freely. Now the time has come to do our duty as free citizens of Motherland thanks to our Commadering chief and to our gallant war heros who liberated our land from Dondra to Point Pedro from the evil terrorists L.T.T.E.
In the last Presidential elections some gave their valuable vote to the current President of Sri Lanka and some gave to the opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka and other parties as they think the best. Now everybody saw what happend and who won the battle.The President won it very confortably as he was the man who liberated our Motherland from L.T.T.E. terror after thirty bloody years. People of my homeland showed their gratitude to the President by casting their vote and gave him another chance to govern our country for another six years. Next battle is to find a good allround team for him to take our Motherland to the twenty first century. For him to take some radical changes and to take our country forward he needs to have two third majority therefore my dear voters let’s go to the polls and give him what he is asking for and see how he will keep his promises. We have to trust him as he is the only leader we have at this moment who can and will do miracles to uplift the standard of our peoples. He is a hard working and a religious man with a beautiful family.We know for the last five years how he took our country forward and how he faced worst kind of situations related to our homeland not only the war front but several fronts with a broad smile on his face all the time.
My dear voter you use your vote to select a representative to represent you in the house of democracy that means the Parliament where all the representatives of the country get together and deliberate the country’s issues so we have to select the best who can do something for all the people irrespective of race,colour or religion. So forget the party politics for the time being and select the best out of all who represent your electorate. We need not send thugs,criminals or corrupt people to the parliament to talk issues on behalf of us. We need representatives who actually do some honest work who can bring prosperity to our electorate. We need to have jobs,housing,factories and a clean governace therfore our representative should be an inteligent,educated,decent person who can take care of the people. We had great politicians in the past like Bandaranayaka,Dudly Senanayaka,W.Dahanayake,Philip,Gunawardena,Dr.N.M.Perea,Lalith Athulathmudali,Gamini Dissanayaka and many more but lately we dont see such greats representing us in the parliament but still we have few who loves the Motherland and do something honestly our President is one of them.
When you vote dont just go blindly and cast your vote.You have to vote for a purpose,think of your future and your children’s future,listen to what they offer to you or promise your electorate whether you are satisfied with what he offer to you as a voter.Every vote is valuable to them so you too is valuable player in this game.We cannot send traitors who did immense damage to our country with the calloboration of our enemies to be our representatives at all.   
You have to see the reality of the situation in the country.There are enemies of the country all around us waiting to destroy our freedom and peace. The western evil empires are watching our elections and pouring millions of dollars to their agents in our country to grab your vote for money.Dont be misled or greedy for those green bucks at any time,if you vote for those traitors that’s means you too is a traitor to our Motherland. They dont have any useful subjdect to talk or give any new ideas to the masses except throwing mud at the President and his family.You saw in front of your eyes what the opposition candidate promised during the Presidential elections and what he did on the election night with all his Achcharu friends. They were like a bunch of prostitutes paid by the white masters of theirs.You saw how much dollars and rupees taken out from their bank lockers recently given or send by the conspirators in the west.So think wisely my dear voters why we go back to the dark era again with wars and instability in our country.Now is the time to march forward with the President who has given us light to our Motherland.Our paradise island will be a bright shiny light for all Asia in the future under the guidence of our great hero His excellency MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA.
Select the right person and reject the bad guy if you need a peaceful lanka for you and for your children.Go around the country and see for yourself the progress we have achieved during the Presidents tenture after 2005. There are so many good things you can learn by going to see those places of importance.See the beauty of our country which was denied by L.T.T.E terror for the last thirty years.Instead of throwing away your valuable vote use it it for a better tomorrow.The Opposition parties though they promise things which they or nobody can give like 10,000 rupees for every public servant and one piece of land each person in the country they cannot give anything except misery to our peoples.From 1977 to 2005 we saw how they govern the country. They were a bunch of coward and traitors who always listen to their white masters in the west.They always go to them for advise and money and did things according to their wishes.They couldnt end the war for the last thirty years  because if they stop the war they will lose their monthly payment in dollars by L.T.T.E. and other world organizations which were supporting the L.T.T.E. Those countries who supported the war and the L.T.T.E. was not doing any good for our country except they wanted to divide our paradise island in to pieces and rob our rich resources from our land.This very moment too they are planning their evil acts against our country therfore we should be on alert and help our President to overcome all those difficulties, if not our Sinhala & Tamil traitors like Ranil,Avamangal,Somahansa,Mano,Hakeem and the clowns will try by hook or crook to take over the country with the help of all those evil countries like Norway,America,England,Australia and some other western countries in the europe.Thre are so many friendly countries who supports our President and our country in good times and in bad times.They always stood by us and supports our sovereignty and freedom.They help us to build our nation with money and deed and stood by our nation in world forums like UN,Human rights watch etc. The enemies of our land like of Blakes,Pillay’s,Milibans,Kruchner’s,karunanidhis.Solhimes,Sarath Fonsekas and many more local and foreign agents are waiting anxiously with their eyes open to see our President party lose this elections.They dont want us to live in peace and they dont like a President who wears Sarong and shirt and a native from a village. They want somebody with tie and coat to stand in front same as them and say “YES,NO” the puppets of their choice.
So my dear voter think of all those and vote wisely to have a peaceful lanka with a powerful parliament and a powerful Presidency to fight terror and all the evils who are waiting impatiently to destroy our beautiful Motherland. Our friends inside and outside are there to help us in everyway they can to bring prosperity to our homeland.China,Russia,Iran,India,Pakistan,Malaysia,Vietnam and so many friendly countries will help us to build our homeland for a better tomorrow.
Let’s get together and give our valuable vote to the President and to his party to win this elections with a overwhelming majority. Two thirds majority will help him to do many changes in the constitution which we need at this hour and for a better governace. We all can expect something good for the country I am sure under the leadership of the current President Mahinda Rajapaksa without any doubt. So my dear voters be ready to reject all the traitors of our Motherland on April 8th and give a new mandate to our new team to govern for another six years with the blessings of Lord Buddha.
We need a peaceful and righteousness society and a country, not a country with war. We need our leaders to be peoples leaders not to be rich and famous and forget the innocent voter till next elections. We want progress in every village and town and in cities from Point pedro to Dondra as we are all children of Motherlanka.Think of your country of birth first,second and third and help President to save our Motherland from all evils on earth. I hope and pray that Maha Sanga and other laeders of all faiths irrespective of party,colour or race will help our Goverment and the President to make our country a just society for the benefit of all citizens.Let’s live like a big one family in this small beautiful paradise island of SRI LANKA.          

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