Toronto News Report About Possible Tamil Tiger Bombings In The Future Put Into Perspective.
Posted on February 26th, 2010

In Hindsight By Sunny

Feb.25th 2010

It has been reported that Canadian security officials are concerned that last year’s defeat of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels could trigger attacks like the 1985 Air India bombings.
While this sounds like a touch of paranoia on the part of those who suggest it, if there is a  even semblance of true anticipation of such a turn of events by investigative reports perhaps the Canadian law enforcement agencies should get cracking with preventive action against it post haste!
When The International Crisis Group study quotes unnamed Canadian law enforcement officials as  saying that supporters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam might resort to terrorism, an immediate message needs to be picked up by the Canadian Authorities and measures taken to rectify what might turn out to be disastrous and nipped in the bud or else face the consequences of neglect of a national security issue.
It seems like a heavy price to pay for past administrations who blatantly admitted many undesirables claiming refugee status from Sri Lanka during the Tamil Tiger insurgency of the past four decades some of whom escaped the dragnet of Sri Lankan security and filtered into Canada with relative ease and minimal or no screening  nor a need to  establish their bona fides beyond the distorted horror stories about majority Sinhalese attrocities against the minority Tamils, swallowed hook line and sinker by both past Liberal as well as Conservative Administrations.This was the basis for the origins of the Tamil Diaspora in Canada which consequently grew in numbers, stature and bravado in how they set up a huge base of dissidents calling themselves Tamils In Quest Of A Homeland In Sri Lanka  and  carried out their violent campaigns against  the Sri Lankan administrations of the day using the Tamil Tigers as their driving force and funding them to the hilt.
The Tamil Tigers were eventually put down in their entirety and wiped out thanks to the present Administration of Mahinda Rajapaksha and if their counterparts and perhaps those who championed them were left up a creek without a paddle and are once again trying to re surface in Canada ~ RCMP, CSIS et al, where are you? You have promises to keep and miles to go before you sleep!
It must surely anger many discerning Canadians that individuals such as these, some of whom were indiscriminately granted refugee status in Canada are today contemplating  bomb attacks in Toronto and other major cities in Toronto as per the reports under review and it is the bounden duty of the Canadian Law Enforcement Authorities to search, round up and punish them in their entirety in whatever form they exist towards proving that the reports are an affront to Canadian Law enforcement efficiency and that no terrorist outfit or any of their supportives will ever get a foothold in Canada!
While the whole scenario seems to stem from unmitigated paranoia related to  reports which suggest that “While there are no signals yet that the rump LTTE is planning a terrorist act, it only takes a handful of committed cadre in the diaspora bent on violence to have a deadly impact,” and speculative though they are, there just might exist the felt need to go after such a presumption as the expatriate Tamil community in big Canadian cities particularly Toronto seems to have a fair sized foundation and recorded database of Tamil criminal activity mostly relating to the dogma of Tamil Tiger terrorism and a dangerous perspective as a threat to National Security  which could well raise its ugly head if ignored.

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