Posted on March 12th, 2010


This is a story of two similar individuals starting by the name Sarath. One was a retired army officer and the the other one was a retired chief justice. Both were heros once a upon a times when they were living like lords of the jungle. They were both greedy for power and wealth. They both misused their power while they were on duty. Army guy was using the deserters in his Army to do his dirty work while the other used to have underworld king pins to do his dirty works.

These double O’Zero’s was living a double life pretending that they have not done any sins but very good clean citizens of Mother Lanka but unfortunately for them and fortunate for Mother Lanka their bad and dirty habits were exposed recently for our citizens to know more about these two SS Double. If any individual he or she who were in these high positions not obedient and sincere to the Government or to the country should be not allowed to carry on their duties in these positions at all. Their positions can bring harm to the country and to the Government if they are not loyal.

 Every Government who comes to power should appoint loyal and most educated citizens of Mother Lanka to these high positions irrespective of color,party or religion to safeguard our sovereignty and freedom. Those who were appointed should not only be loyal to the Government and the country but should work for the betterment of their country of birth without trying to betray the country and it’s citizens.

These double have many things in common to name few both were womanizers,both were having connections to underworld thugs, both were betraying the country while on duty, one was having para military forces to kill and harass anyone who opposed him,the other one appointed un qualified guys as judges to punish his opponents. So the two SS enjoyed their lives in style while they were in these high positions which both were not qualified as I believe.
By luck these two guys got those positions. When any government give any position to any individual they should check their past, must not give these high positions because they are related or a friend to the political masters. Merit and education should be checked first of an individual because you chose him to serve the country not you personally.

 Country should be first to any citizen of a country than your ownself or your friend. Now the President  has just started to govern the new term in office and do things according to his Mahinda Chintanaya to give all our citizens a better life. To continue his good work after the coming elections he should appoint a good educated experienced team of Ministers,Junior Ministers,Corporate Chairmen’s,Directors etc without giving to any corrupt, useless, un-greatful, unpatriotic, un-educated party or non party individuals who aren’t very popular with the citizens. This is not a time to appoint friends and relatives, this is a time to appoint people with high respect and education to keep our new born freedom, Peace in the whole country and to take our economy to the highest level to be par with the rest of the world.

Our Armed Forces should be separated from politics. They are there to safeguard our beloved homeland with respect and dignity. The forces should be always loyal to the Commander-in-chief and to the Government and they should not take sides. We learned a lesson by appointing traitors to high positions and hereafter we should not allow to repeat the same at anytime in our beloved Motherland. Thanks to our vigilant, affective, and efficient Defense Secretary and his loyal troops we were managed to save our country from those SS DOUBLE ‘O ZEROS and their soldiers of death.
These two double slinging mud and telling lies about the first family but they should be thankful that they were in that position because of them specially the first one the Army Sarath.People of our land should understand that these two double has brought disunity to our own country among forces as well as civillians and brought shame by giving false statements to the world media of their white masters.We all have a good respect for the Armed Forces and they were called war heros for eliminating the most ruthless, organized, well equiped terrorist group in the world. Being a commander in one Force this low class,ungreatful Sarath divulged country’s secret to the world for money and power promised by his International white crooks like him and they still harass our democratically elected Government led by our great President Hon.MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA. These two traitors are really,really two bad guys according to my knowledge and they should be not allowed to destroy our new freedom and our forward march. Before they do more harm to our beloved country they should be tried in our justice system for their corruptions,betrayal to the country and giving false statements of our country to the world media and others.

We can remember one of the Double O Zero told once he will go to any world forum and open his dirty mouth against our beloved War heros and give evidence of War crimes but now we know who has commited not only war crimes but murder as well by using his soldiers of death on poor civillians.The day of judgment is not far away for this ungreatful traitor of Mother Lanka.When that day dawns I will be the first one to celebrate as a citizen of my beloved country along with the majority of our countrymen. I cannot understand why some of our own stupids still supporting these traitors after all these happenings? They were caught red handed with millions of Dollars given by their white Masters and their whole family has robed the campaign money and put it in their personal accounts,and his son in law still hiding somewhere or escaped from the country. So see this guy once a hero to many now a piece of garbage for being a traitor to our Motherland.
First Sarath should face his fate for his crimes and the second Sarath too should be tried for his past wrong doings and face the music for the rest of their lives. The Government should appoint a commission to investigate these two SS DOUBLE O’ZEROS for the crimes they commited during their tenture in office and punished them for abusing such great positions in our society. This is the time to get rid of corruptions my dear President.That’s the need of our citizens more than anything else if we want to have a just society in our Motherland. IF WE ALL GET TOGETHER AND ELIMINATE CORRUPTIONS,MONEY LAUNDERING,DRUGS,TERRORISM,UNDERWORLD,AIDS Etc then that’s the country we can be proud of as citizens of SRI LANKA.

 There’s no place for people like SS DOUBLE ‘O ZEROS in our society anymore and we should not allow such people to come and sit in such high positions hereafter. Now our citizens are more educated in politics and know more about country’s affairs well so the politicians cannot fool them anymore by telling children stories. The Opposition fools are still showing bread and Malu Pans to some of our stupids who still believe them and compare 2001 prices to 2010 prices.

We are having a bankcrupt opposition with no new ideas.They want only power and wealth for them to live luxury lives with their kith and kins nothing else. They try to divide our nation,bring shame to our nation and buy our nation with ill gotten money from their International financiers. So my dear citizens be alert at all times and give any information to the Government if someone or group trying to sabotage our forward march for the 21st century. Let’s keep our hopes and dreams for a better Lanka in the future under the leadership of our great leader Mahinda Rajapaksa. R.I.P for traitors like SS DOUBLE ‘O ZEROS.
The story ends with no tears for traitors and calloborators of the wicked International community. Let Monkey Moon and his divided nations organization of corrupt officials learn a lesson from our beloved country SRI LANKA.

May Lord Buddh protects our land and it’s peoples.

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    A good article. We like to read patriotic and realist accounts like this. We would encourage you to write more. People are aware of the world politics and impact of globalisation to our country. Unlike in the past the politicians need to work hard to win elections. No more ballot box frauds. The two traitors of our time must be punished so that they are no threat to our forward journey.

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