Posted on March 24th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne 

 Your election manifesto says that if you or your party comes to power you will release Sarath Fonseka immediately from prison. So that’s what you think and dreaming isnt it? Did you know why that traitor is there in the first place? Are you dumb not to understand what he did to our Motherland by giving false statements to the world regarding our war heros? Didnt he tell the world that our defence secretary and his own Army colleagues killed L.T.T.E.terrorists in cold blood when they came to surrender with white flags? First of all tell me Mr.Dumber were you born in Sri Lanka to a Sinhalese mother or to a Portugese mother because if you were born in my country Sri Lanka you will not support people like that because they were harming our country by telling lies for few dollars.

Releasing Sarath the traitor is important for you than doing something good for the country of your birth isnt it Ranil the dumber. You are the dumbest,ugliest,shameless guy we have ever seen in our political history for a long time. Why you want to support a traitor Mr.Ranil? How much you were paid by your so called International community friends in the west for you to support that traitor? Why you cannot understand the damage he has done to our Motherland? Dont you know that Monkey Moon and that Indian witch Pillai and the International vultures in the Human rights watch,UN and others waiting to swallow our homeland as soon as they get an opportunity? We all know that your end is near in Sri Lanka politics unless you hold on to it like a leach.

People like you,Sarath Fonseka,Sarath N.Silva the two womanizers in the highest grade and all your dumb friends like Avamangala,Mano,Somahansa,Hakeem etc will have to find a place to live not in my homeland though you guys were born here because you dont love my Motherland but planning day and night with your white masters in the west to make a coup to topple the Government of our great hero Mahinda Rajapaksa.
You and your newly found friends in JVP, Avamangala,Mano and the LTTE diaspora will not have a place anymore in my homeland because you or them dont love our country instead you bring harm always by giving false information about the Government and its peoples. You never act like a responsible opposition leader to the country.I think you have a grudge or jealous with our President, you treat him very badly, Opposition leader shouldnt treat his own President like that.There should be some respect each other when people are in those high positions. You are an irresponsible person always do the opposite try to sabotage the forward march of the peoples and telling lies and spreading false rumors to your own countrymen.Tell us a good thing you have done in the past to our country and to the people of Sri Lanka? When you were the Prime Minister you allowed Prabakaran and his goons to take our country inch by inch.

You allowed to take them heavy weapons through Colombo without checking to their hideouts in Wanni. You provide transport to the terrorists.You photographed with Velupillai Prabakaran and enjoyed their friendship accepting gifts and other benefits. You signed a peace treaty with them to give half of our land.You allow them to collect taxes,have police stations etc.You are a disgrace to my homeland Mr.Dumber.I get mad when I think of the past about my Motherland.We lived in fear and no future. If not for our beloved President and his war heros we wouldnt have got this freedom we got today. We have to worship those heros for ever Mr.Ranil. All you friends were sympathisers of L.T.T.E. terrorists and always talk on behalf of them and entertain those traitors in public and in private. Dont think that we have forgotten all that Mr.Joker.Only the stupids follow you where ever you go not the people who loves their Motherland.
You did so many idiotic things when you were in power with your team mate that Horogolla beauty queen. So many of our war heros were killed during your tenture in office in cold blood. Did you appoint any commision to find out the truth at that time You miserable? Now what is the commision you are going to appoint and when you are going to do that Mr.Dumber? You will never get a chance to sit on that most powerful chair in your life time because you are not suitable to be the President of my homeland Sri Lanka in my view at all. Nowadays you are going around my country and promising so many things thinking and dreaming that you will get the power to your hand.You tell something in south and another thing in north and you and your friends trying to fool our people for the 18th time and the end will be lost by innings for you. 

You shameless guy telling us Sinhalese to beg for forgiveness from the Tamils for all the pain we Sinhalese inflicted on them what about the pain the Tamils inflicted on us Sinhalese by killing in thousands in cold blood? We all are sons and daughters of my Motherland whether Sinhalese Tamil or Muslims. We can say sorry to each other any time because we are all children of Motherlanka but we will never beg or say sorry to any bloody Tamil who was responsible or given support to L.T.T.E terrorists inside and outside the country who massacred innocent Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Malays and Burghers who were all Sri Lankans. 

When L.T.T.E terrorists were terrorizing the whole country with their bloody suicide bombing,claymor bombs,road side bombs,assisinations etc and killing our leaders and innocents in cold blood didnt you felt any pain? As a Sinhalese didnt you feel pity for your own race? When those murderers killed our children,Buddhist priests,fathers,mothers in Colombo, Aranthalawa, Medawachchiya, Kandy and in so many places what you did and what action you took? Did you brought those responsible terrorists to face the justice? From the day one you were supporting terrorists and talk about them in world forums. You never did anything to us Sinhalese except trying to picture the Sinhala race as villans to the outside world.

 Now you have company in Sarath Fonseka,Sarath Silva,Avamangala,Mano,Hakeem,Somahansa and other JVP garbage to tarnish the good image of my Motherland Sri Lanka. From where did Sarath Fonseka got all that dollars Mr.Dumber? Did he get from Prabakaran before he died or his friends in the west gave him? You should know because you two were together in that hotel the election night planning a coup against the Government and the President. Former chief justice too was on your side now so it will be easy for you to take some advise on how to slip through delicate situations and you be careful he is an ace womanizer and a thug who harassed so many good innocent people in his own department and outside. All the bad guys and the rejected politicians by the public are your friends and colleagues now so when you lose this time please go and live in the west with all the comfort like our former President Chandrika Bandaranayake. If you had children you would have given them in marriage to a white person like the former President because you guys dont like Our Sinhala sons or daughters that much we know. 
After doing so much damage to our country now you are getting ready to remove all the military bases from the north and scrap high security zones I think your time has come to go to Angoda mental hospital. You always talk and promise things which are not very well taken by the majority of our society. How much sacrifices we gave to have this freedom we have today instead of supporting the President to move forward you are going to divide our country again by promising things which you cannot deliver because you will be the biggest loser in this coming elections. Did you know that the whole country suffered for almost thirty long years because of the bloody war? How many innocent lives were sacrificed to free our land and how many years took to eliminate the most ruthless killers in our history? You should be ashmed as a Sinhalese for not supporting  the man who liberated our Motherland as a responsible opposition leader.

Did you ever thought that Prabakaran will go to hell so soon? I dont think anyone in my Motherland would have thought that war will end and the terrorists will be eliminated because the support those terrorists got from traitors like you and outsiders who bankroll them to divide my Motherland. All of you parasites never thought that a village boy with a sarong and banian can do miracles. He promised he will end the war and he did it without any help from outside except God, our own Sinhala worriors and the ever greatful Sri Lankan public young and old. How many Fathers,Mothers,Sons and Daughters cried for the last thirty years when they lost their loved ones and we should salute our President for sending his son to the battle field to fight terror to free our Motherland.

Do you have any children even an adopted child to do something like that in the future even if a situation arise again Mr.Ranil Wickremesinghe? You are a puppet on a string not worth to become a garbage collector in the Colombo Municipalty. I am really mad at you for creating unneccessary problems to my homeland without supporting the President and helping to build our beloved country. Your days are numbered Mr.Dumber and your friend Sarath will be in jail for sometime for treason to my Motherland so dont cry for him and your other friends too should be careful because traitors will be punished unmercyfully if found guilty by our justice system run by good citizens not like Sarath Silva the thug and the womanizer in the past.
If by any chance you get the opposition leader post again try to help the President to build a prosperous nation and a decent nation with loving peoples who loves their Motherland as well as all humans irrespective of color,Race or Religion. We all should be united to face our enemies inside and outside. If we all live as one family and faced all the problems together then the International vultures cannot harm our beautiful Motherland so Mr.Ranil just be a good citizen atleast in your old days and cooperate with the President to take our nation to the 21st century. If you dont be a good citizen I can say only this R.I.P for ever.
Ranjit Wickremeratne


  1. Samson Says:

    It’s all a big joke for Ranil. He comes up with innovative ways to lose. He is a good loser for a winner to have.

  2. Siri Says:

    Ranil, you are a traitor to your motherland. You should also be in prison like Gonseka. You betrayed the deep penetration unit of the Sri lankan army to the LTTE in Athurugiriya and got them all killed. You sold out to Prabakaran. You should consider yourself lucky to have escaped imprisonment, but it is better for the country that you are allowed to roam around free and get more voters for the President and his progrssive party. Every time you open your mouth the UNP loses votes. You are a god send for the ruling party.
    Talking about white flag waving Terrorists, in New york the police fired 52 bullets at an unarmed man as they said they thought the man had a weapon. The Police got away with it. Recently the Police shot another man with 21 bullets because he fired at a Police officer. An unarmed bridegroom to be was shot and killed by the police because they thought he was a danger to them. In England the Police shot and killed an unarmed Brazillian electrician as they thought mistakenly that he was Terrorist. All these people got away unpunished. The LTTE are a more dangerous bunch and even a surrendering LTTE cadre blew himself while pretending to surrender. Even if they had white flags in the night in one hand who could trust them not to have a gun in the other hand. If the Sri Lankan forces shot these Terrorists as an act of self defence who can blame them. In the US army they say do not try to die for your country, but make the enemy die for his cause. What moral right does the US and UK have to talk about war crimes when they are the World’s biggest War criminals. How can Idiots like Ranil and Gonseka talk about siding with these war criminals. What do they know about Human rights. When a man joins a Terrorist organization, he loses his right to live as he has sworn to kill innocent human beings. Killing Terrorists is not a war crime or any kind of crime. It is a sevice to mankind.

  3. sarathk Says:

    Sri Lankan voters, Please remember that we need to get rid of the IDIOT ranil wicramasinghe from the Sri Lanakn political arena. We never had that kind of foolish politician in Sri Lanakan political history. The worst politician of Sri Lankan history was j r jayawardana who was ranil’s uncle. Every Sri Lankan patriots please make sure”ranil Poda” in the upcoming election.

  4. priyanikari Says:

    I really apprecpiate taking your valuable time in writing articles in to the web. This is the only way we could send this message to these idiots to stand up to defend the country from western vulters Well done ranjith ,keep up the good work.

  5. S de Silva Says:

    Can someone enlighten the LankaWeb readership whether Ranil had the authority in the form of a majority vote in the then Sri Lankan Parliament to sign the CF agreement between the terrorist Prabhakaran and Ranil, using the Swede Solheim as the intermediary. If not, there is nothing more required to prove that Ranil is a TRAITOR!

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