Australia’s Melbourne Supreme Court let go Tamil Tigers
Posted on April 2nd, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

April Fool’s Day


The Rt. Hon Kevin Rudd

Prime Minister of  Australia

Parliament House  Canberra, Australia.

Dear Kevin Rudd:

I know it is April Fool’s Day, but what’s going on in your country m’son.  It sounds all Funny Ha! Ha!!  Is it really true that you Down-Unders have let go three Tamil Tiger terrorists with a court order by your Justice Paul Coghlan of the Melbourne Supreme Court?    Tell me, I don’t know as I live so far away, is this Justice Coghlan a Tamil or married to a Tamil?  Is it true that these three Tamil Tigers came out of the Courts jumping up and down like kangaroos with glee?

What’s going on Kevin?  Little wonder why your invitation to the remnant Tamil Tigers is now being twittered into Sri Lanka.  It says :

“Lets get into boats/ and Go gathering Australian-nuts in May/ Australian-nuts in May/ Australian-nuts in May/ and Can them in Berrals, Can-berra, Can-berra/ and we can shoot them with Kalashnikovs too/ Quick let’s get into boats and go”.

No wonder why these Tamils call you lot “Australian-nuts” when despite blatant admissions of guilt to let go the three dangerous Tamil Tiger terrorists seems insane.  It looks like your judiciary is getting affected by Global Warming, m’son.  It is a slow creeping cancer and just watch out, as it will not only harm your Australians the effect will be global, as the Tamil Tigers have many venomous boomerang-heads and their sting is deadly.

You have little choice now Kevin, you might as well join the Australian Tamil Tiger chorus led by their band leader Justice Paul Coghlan with the baton in hand:

“Once a jolly Tamil Tiger swagger camped by a bloody billabong/ under the shade of a coconut tree/ and he sang Thunai-lakadi-thanthala-kadi/ as he watched and waited till his billy boiled/ you’ll come a Waltzing Human Bomb body pack with me.”

Good Luck Kevin and I wish your adopted Tamil Tiger Waltzing Human Bombs will not make much of a menace by painting the streets of Melbourne with blood.

Asoka Weerasinghe

6 Responses to “Australia’s Melbourne Supreme Court let go Tamil Tigers”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    A very influential Lady, the wife of the Owner of Bullen Animal Park, in Down Under, once told me, “” Susantha, I come from a Country, where all our Ancestors are Criminals and Convicts, who have been brough by the Boat Load, and dumped in the widerness of Australia, as punishment. “” She was a well educated, and well spoken lady. At that time I did not believe it was true. Now I see the truth. CRIMINALS FAVOUR CRIMINALS.

    Australa is a vast place and there is abundant of land to accomodate Criminals. It will not be surprising to see, Criminals in hordes, taking Boat to get a good deal of Justice and Fairplay. COMING EVENTS ARE CASTING THEIR SHADOWS. Christmas all the year round. Be Happy Australians, be happy. Milliband does not have to worry about Humanitarian problems in Australia, because their justice is very humane.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    What hapened to the criminals involved in the 1983 communal riots in Sri Lanka? Hundreds of Tamils were killed and many homes and businesses of Tamils were robbed. Did the Sri Lankan govenment arrest a criminal involved in tthe riots or killings or murders?

    I hope you justify the crimes against Tamils but you talk about the “JUSTICE” system of Aussies. But those LTTE supporters got “minor” punishments instead of any capital punishments.

    Why are you keeping a “big” silence over the LTTE-UNP honeymoon?

    You better keep your house in order before barking at others.

  3. cassandra Says:

    MSMUdali, I see you are off again with irrelevancies . But I must say this for you – at least, you are consistent with your inane rumblings.

  4. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I am not off again but I am still with the subject of justice system. Riots and murders are irrelevant to you. What a nice theory!

  5. colomba hadaya Says:

    Well said Sir! Perhaps Australian Judges and Politicians can take a page from our efficient Sri Lankan System.
    Why bother with trials and aquitals -Our ‘White ‘Vans and Mortor Cycle Hit Teams can “Take Care’ of Trouble-makers.

  6. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Thank you for the colourful article. Australia was originally a penal colony, whole arid continent was a sort of open prison in modern terms. Nothing has changed much. In other words, whether they live inside the jails or outside the jails, it is a life in jail. In fact, life in jail is better according to some analysts as they spent more money than for those living outside who depend on the government to feed, especially more than 5% of working age adults who are kept as reserve to kick the backs of the working poor.

    We should not be that much worried. They are very good at killing the professional way. In a generation, this tigers will become feeble alley cats. It is good to see the rest going as it may look like we are outsourcing our job to the real professionals who never miss an opportunity to catch fish when the water is muddy. In fact, all of them in each of their colonies would not even hesitate to create a conflict to collect fish to fry.

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