JVP Engaged in Gutter Politics and Ultra Racism
Posted on April 4th, 2010

Dilrook Kannangara

JVP’s politics is described by the JVP itself as “national-socialist”. Another famous world leader adopted the same “national-socialist” policies in the 1930s in Germany. JVP staged two bloody insurgencies and violence was second nature to the JVP. JR Jayawardena lifted the ban on the JVP in 1977. However, following the 1983 race riots he reimposed the ban on the JVP. Since the Truth Commission didn’t get into study what really happened, nothing more can be said about it. However, faced with a massive defeat, JVP is now engaged in ultra racist politics. JVP’s mouthpiece – “Lankatruth” – carried a totally deformed news item in an attempt to tarnish the good name of the President. Immediately other totally desperate political bankrupts picked it up and published in their news sites. These acts have made the JVP naked for all to see its ultra racist anti-Tamil stance.

The distorted news item can be found here.


According to this news item, the President had shouted at the “Tamil” crowd in Jaffna to either listen to his speech in Sinhala or get lost.

However, what really happened was the exact opposite and relates to an incident that happened in Vavuniya, not Jaffna. A reputed private news media reported the true incident here.


The following is quoted from the Sunday Times article.

“The President reading from a teleprompter was addressing the crowd in Tamil when a section of the Sinhala crowd jeered. “I am also a Sinhalese just like you, but I will speak only in Tamil, and if you cannot understand, then leave the venue,” the President told those who were continuing to jeer and hoot.

Undeterred President Rajapaksa continued in Tamil and said “since you have tried to interrupt me I will continue to speak in Tamil.”

Later the President had summoned Vavuniya district UPFA candidate P. Sumathipala and warned him to restrain his supporters. This was after investigators found that supporters of Mr. Sumathipala were involved in the jeering.”

Twisting the truth for desperate politics by the JVP is appalling. It has now exposed JVP’s “national-socialist” inside which it tries hard to cover-up.

Another racist project of the JVP is to get Buddhist monks to fast unto death calling for Fonseka’s release. This is an immense disgrace to Buddhism and the third dirty attempt to kill Buddhist monks after the JVP succeeded in doing so in 1971 and 1989. Venerable Kotikawaththe Saddhatissa Thero was brutally murdered by the JVP in 1989. Venerable Thambugala Sumanasiri Thero, Venerable Wellantota Pannadissi Thero, Venerable Kitalagama Seelalankara Nayaka Thera, Venerable Pohodderamulle Pemaloka Thera and many more Buddhist leaders were killed by the JVP during the same time.

Escaped criminal Somawansa Amarasinghe landed in the island to exploit political opportunism a few years back. Since then he has ruined his political party dragging it to disaster and violence. There is no real leader for the JVP as Somawansa is a British citizen and cannot contest elections! So much about Marxism. Now the leaderless JVP has found a new leader in Fonseka. Being on the wrong side of the law is valued by the JVP. The legendary JVP leader too spent years behind bars until his untimely release.

How can these vicious politicians be trusted? What not they will do to grab power?

Both mainstream political parties should understand the threat posed by extremist elements of the JVP and support the change of the Constitution to amend the election system that will wipe out the JVP at future elections. JVP gutter politics must be condemned by all those who love democracy. After launching its first bloody insurgency in 1971, people thought JVP gave up violence and entered the democratic mainstream. But in 1989, 18 years later, it again took up arms. Twenty one years later JVP still hasn’t understood what democracy is. Now obese JVP leaders must embrace for a crushing defeat that will change the fortunes of the party forever.

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  1. Siri Says:

    It is time for the JVP to be wiped out. The few Buddhist monks who are on hunger strike can maybe afford to lose a few pounds. It will be even beneficial to their health. However being JVP supporters they will not die or lose any weight. Somebody will smuggle some hamburghers to them in the night. I have not heard of anybody fasting to death yet and actually dying. If they do it is good riddance as we can do better without them. If they are real Buddhist monks and not JVP supporters with shaven heads wearing saffron robes, then they should know about legal procedures and not behave stupidly. If they are real monks , their place is not on the city streets, but in a monastry.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Sri Lankans must remember that JVP, repeat JVP, are mass murderers of the Sinhalese race, and Murderers who killed Buddhist Priests. These fellows now shave their heads, wear a Saffron Robe, and bring disgrace to the Sasana. Why do they have to keep a Till, and expect Old people and the innocent people to drop money into it.? If they are fighting for a principle, why do they have to collect money.? One JVP fellow is watching like a Hawk, an Old misguided Lady dropping money into the Till. Fraudulent trickery at its best. That is for the Evening Boose and Buriyani eh ?

    Buddhist Priests have to respect the Law of the Land. They are not expected to use thuggery at Railway Stations, and shout themselves hoarse, to defy the Law of the Land. The Generals matter is already being adjudicated by the Judicial System prevailing in the Country. The matter is now SUB-JUDICE, and there can be NO paralell Kangaroo Court to subvert Judicial Proceedings. This is exactly, what the sick JVP is doing. The Government must exercise the law available to it, to charge the JVP for contempt of court, by openly attempting to influence the Judiciary and press a verdict in their favour. If this is not Contempt of Court, then, what is it ?

    The Pious Maha Sangha of the Country are not involved in this drama, enacted by the subversive JVP, with shaven heads and saffron robes. The Government must put a stop to this. Pack the Hora Ganaiyas to jail.

    The JVP have always been Anti Buddhist, Anti Sinalese and they are racists. They are now trying to mislead the innocent Tamil people into another death trap. JVP are not going to do anything good to the Tamils. JVP is only trying TO MAKE USE OF THE TAMILS ALONG WITH THEIR BEDFELLOW RANIL. TAMILS, PLEASE BEWARE, DO NOT LET JVP AND RANIL TO USE YOU ALL AS A STEPPING STONE, AND A DOOR MAT. PLEASE DONT FALL FOR IT.

    SOMAHANSA HAS NO STATUS, SO HE FOUND A SCAPEGOAT IN THE GENERAL. He is daily embarrassing the General. It is time that the General tell the JVP, enough is enough. Please do not make me look a fool anymore.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    In 1971 everyone thought the JVP was a Revolutionary movement to liberate the people from the clutches of Radalas, Americans and all the other Capitalists. North Korea was blamed.

    But Now I realise that JVP and LTTE have the same masters in UK/USA. When JVP failed, the LTTE was backed by the same forces. Now both LTTE and JVP vanished with their “ARMED REVOLUTION & LIBERATION”.

    Now the MASTERS of the JVP and LTTE are directly fighting Sri Lanka. From Ban Ki MOOM to Navi Pillai, and Milliband To Blake are barking at Sri lanka’s refusal to be the servant of the WEST! USA or UK never respect DEMOCRACY in other countries specially in NON WHITE, NON-CHRISTIAN countries.

    Catholic Church is always a colloborator of any anti Sri Lanka campaign. Catholic Church showed its nasty teeth in the North by aligning with LTTE.

    When the JVP failed the west tried to control part of Sri lanka through TAMIL LIBERATION to create a Catholic Church controlled EAST TIMOR in Sri Lanka.

    UNP always bent to the demands of the WEST and facilitated the LTTE.

    WEST is not silent, they tried FONSEKA to achieve their goals. That is also failed. The real face of the JVP came out during the Presidential elections. Wearing yellow robes is a political gamble by thugs to get support from Buddhists.

    What is NEXT?

    Co-Operation and Diplomacy with our neighbours are the only options to save our nation from the WESTERN WOLVES.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Just one more thing. A friend of mine called me from UK, and told me that this JVP Somahansa is a British Citizen, and wanted to know for how long his entry Visa is valid. He also suggested that a British Citizen has no right to come and interfere in Sri Lankan affairs, to the point of creating chaos. He also asked me whether he is there in Sri Lanka with the blessings of the Government. I have no answers. Can some kind soul please enlighten us on this subject ? Much appreciated.

  5. colomba hadaya Says:

    How soon we forget! In early 2006,when Foreign Aid Agencies were to meet in Killinochi,with the acquiscence of
    the Sri Lanka Government, thereby tactily accepting a De Facto LTTE Tamil State;it was the JVP who protested
    and put an end to that nonsense.

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