Posted on April 7th, 2010

ranjit wickremeratne

How much we suffered mentally for the past thirty years due to terrorism? How much valuable lives were lost during that bloody period? How much money we lost and how many of our citizens left our country? So now what we need is to come together as one family and to build our beloved nation. Why we want to get divided into parties and colors why not follow the man who liberated our soil from terrorist monsters of L.T.T.E.  War is over,Prabakaran is dead and gone, L.T.T.E. eliminated,Traitors were put behind bars for treason, whole country enjoy the freedom and peace so now the time to go on building our country and our economy with new Schools,Hospitals,Roads,Factories,Airports,Harbours etc. We need to think of our children,they are innocent they dont know about parties,colors or politicians,they want to go to school, dress well, eat well and to become good citizens to serve the country they were born therefore we need to keep aside petty differences and get together to build a prosperous lanka for tomorrow for the sake of our children.
 President said first is my country and second and third too is my country so if we love our Motherland we should help our President and his Government to carry on their development work around the country from Dondra to Point Pedro irrespective of race,color or religion. All communities must understand that we must support the current Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa not because he is the President but because he is the one who create this atmosphere we now enjoy in our country by getting rid of terrorism completely from our soil. He sholuld have won the Nobel peace price rather than Obama who hasnt done anything yet to prove that he is a peace maker. Enemies of our land never thought that Lion of Hambantota is capable to eliminate a powerful terror leader like Prabakaran and his well organized terrorist outfit for good. They never thought he will be killed like a rat in a canal or a lagoon. That’s what happend in May 2009  the country was liberated and our lion flag was flying over the whole Sri Lanka from North to South and East to West. Tell me who was not happy on that unforgetable historic day except our own traitors and the international enemies?  Our opposition prostitues work very hard day and night to sabotage our forward march with the help of their International partners.They complain about the Government, About the war, Handling of the war etc by visiting foreign countries of their choice and telling lies against the Government and the President. They never dreamed that their friend and colleague Prabakaran and his top rank golabalayas will go to hell so soon. All the enemies within and outside lost their big pay packets due to the elimination of Prabakaran their savoiur. Our own Sinhala traitors should be ashamed to take money and other gifts from a Tamil terrorist who killed in thousands of our innocent children,Mothers,Fathers and loved ones for so long. These traitors who have left the country and take refuge in other western countries should be banished from our Motherland for ever for treason. When our greatful citizens give their valuable vote to the President to have a strong Government tomorrow 8April 2010 we all can dream of a better tomorrow because the President himself has promised a good future to all of us to live in peace and harmony.
Though the President said that he wants to make a just society for everyone to live a decent life without harassment or intimidation his own partymen sometimes fight each other and bring bad name to the President and for the party he represent. I hope and pray that this time the Good will win, the Bad and the ugly will lose and the President can lead a decent well educated, peoples friendly team to implement his Mahinda Chintanaya programme for the betterment of his people. Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Malays and Burghers where ever you are please think wisely and cast your valuable vote without wasting it by giving to parties and individuals who dosent love our Motherland or cannot get any work done to you or to your constitution.I cannot think of any country who has done so much to the people and to the country itself after a bloody war of thirty years. We all should appreciate irrespective of party politics what the President and his Government has done to our Motherland after 2005. Only a blind person cannot see the progress around the country and the work this Govermnet has done. If something good is happenening to our beloved homeland we all should be happy without complaining unfairly. When our war heros were taking back inch by inch our own land the traitors like Ranil,Avamangala and their L.T.T.E. friends tried their best to halt the forward march and to give a lifeline to the most ruthless terrorist Velupillai Prabakaran. Now this same pots & pans gang Ranil,Avamangal,Somahansa,Hakeem,Mano etc promising to free their new found friend Sarath Ponnaseka from jail when they come to power. This joker is dreaming for years now to sit on the Presidential chair but falls everytime and this time will be his 19th fall and it will be on Guiness book of records.
I sincerly asked the Tamils did you get anthing like what you get now under Prabakaran or any other previous Governments? After the war our President didnt waste anytime but appointed his brother Basil Rajapaksa to take care of the North and East immediately and by this time this Government of Mahinda Rajapksa has done so much where no other Government in the past havent done. The so called International community of the western countries who make a hew and cry for not doing much to the Tamil people should come and see for themselves what and what these Tamil population in the North and East got nowadays new Schools, Houses, Banks, Roads, Water, Electricity and many more without any fear like those days under the terror of Velupillai Prabakaran. The Tamils should be greatful and thankful to our President for giving every facilty their terror leader denied for them in the past thirty years. Though the majority of the Tamils didnt give their vote in the Presidential elections I hope this time around they will change their mind and give their vote in thousands to strengthen the Presidents hand to govern the whole country as one nation for the benefit of every citizen from one corner to another in our beloved nation SRI LANKA. Dont waste your vote by giving to traitors like Ranil who will suffer innings defeat this time because of his stupidity and for his support to our enemies within and outside. He is a white man’s pet,they love him for his looks and for his western suit. This man has a class of his own he will never do anything for the poor masses never, his main worry is about his rich and famous friends and how to safeguard their interests nothing else. I hope the good people of my beloved country will reject this man and his pots and pans gang completely and send them all for retirement from our political arena. NO more jokers,No more traitors the country should be govern by people who loves our Motherland and who can take care of the citizens.
Dear Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Malays and Burghers think of tomorrow and your children’s future and cast your valuable vote to the best of best of candidates from the President’s side and pray for a better,prosperous lanka for the citizens of Motherlanka. Dont waste your time and vote for the opposition because they were the friends of L.T.T.E and they signed treaties with L.T.T.E ghosts during the Presidential elections to give half of our homeland and remove bases and release all the L.T.T.E terrorists from prison and futhermore their leader said that he will take our war heros and our fearless defence secretary to the war crimes court in Haigue to answer questions regarding war crimes commited during 30 years of war. So my dear citizens think carefully before you cast your vote ask for yourself who is the better candidate, who can serve better to you and to your constitution, who loves our Motherland and lastly who is the decent person to represent us in the house of democracy the parliament of SRI LANKA. Your vote will be an utter waste if you decide to choose or give your vote to the opposition because they cannot do anything for us or to the country for another many years to come therfore give your vote to the man who promised to make our land light of ASIA and who can face our enemies within and outside fearlessly without bending his back. The lion of Hambantota a village lad who happen to be our beloved President.


  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I welcome your thoughts in positive manner to build the nation and peace!

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