Reuters Journalistsm Civilians and Children killed by the US Military
Posted on April 7th, 2010

Warna Hettiarachchi Toronto, Canada

Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN
Ms. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State “”…” United States of America
Mr. David Miliband, Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs
Mr. Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the UK

 April 6th 2010

 Mr. Moon, Ms. Clinton, Mr. Miliband and Mr. Brown,

 You are all aware of what I am about to discuss here. No need to elaborate “”…” All links to “western media-credible” links about how US Military gunned down innocent journalists, civilians and children from vantage point of a helicopter gunship, in an UNPROVOKED cold-blooded murder-mission.

 Mr. Moon, you NOW HAVE EVIDENCE and PROOF of US military’s brutal war crimes against people of other countries. Unarmed civilians and journalists and children were murdered cold-blooded. Take a look again at the video. What would you feel if any of the victims were your family members?  Where are your Human Rights Commission and War-Crimes Tribunal investigating this incident? Where is Navi Pillai and has she issued a statement about this? None of the victims here are Tamils. Ms. Pillai will not fuss about this.

 Mr. Miliband and Mr. Brown, Where are your filibustering voices on this incident? You are afraid to raise cane against Big Brother America, aren’t you? What a bunch of bullies you two are! Ironically, you had the oral hygiene to raise voice, the whole commonwealth and G8 against Sri Lanka’s defeat of LTTE Terrorists to win London’s Tamil Diaspora  vote bank’s endorsement on ballot paper on May 6th 2010 Election. Sri Lanka may not be a military might like America, but they did crush and finished off a 30-year terrorist war with conventional weapons and military hardware. Not a single bullet nor any bomb went off since Tamil Tigers were decimated and destroyed with the roots in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s highly disciplined soldiers and Special Forces saved and rescued innocent civilians from the forceful grips of the LTTE. Perhaps, you two are still too busy spotting evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. A journalist’s camera as a weapon of mass-destruction, you say?

 Ms. Clinton, what an opportunity for yourself to garner a bit of world citizens’ support!!! Let the world see if you can eat the fodder you force other countries to stuff down their throat. This is a gross Human Rights Violation, a War Crimes scene, unethical practice and show-off of the US Military might on innocent unarmed civilians, violation of freedom of media and expression  (killing Reuters journalists while on assignment to cover the war your country created in a foreign land without any threat to Americans or their property).  It is clear you invaded Iraq for its rich petroleum resources and other mineral deposits. Let us see your cunning smirk fade off to a serious apology to the victims and their families. That’s not all; you will need to find the culprits who manned that helicopter, the sick gunner/s that killed these unarmed civilians including children, unprovoked, and the ground force members who arrived at the scene to assess the situation. You will then need to court martial them independently and penalize them accordingly and fit for crimes against humanity.  You had the ire and audacity to visit Canada last week and demand it stays in Afghanistan indefinitely! Let me remind you here that Canada is not under your spell. Perhaps you ought to learn about international politics from Mr. Bill Clinton. You did not make any good impression in Canada. You have no right to interfere with any other country than your own, the USA. You have neither power nor any rights to “police” other countries beyond the political boundaries of the USA.

 Mr. Moon, you will not be able to bring any panel of experts to Sri Lanka to investigate what happened during the defeat of Tamil Tiger Terrorists in 2009; The people there will not allow your panel to be established without investigating the US and British Military’s War Crimes at Iraq and Afghanistan. The incident with US military in Baghdad happened in 2007; chronologically you will need send a panel of “experts” from non-western countries who are not biased to you, the UN, G8, Commonwealth, IMF, World Bank or any European/American interests to investigate this dastardly crime against humanity, ethics and violation of Rules of Engagement in War.

 This Wikileak exposure is a major blow to the world’s bankrupt politicians from bankrupt economies. Your own actions are biting back at you. Remember, what goes around, comes around.  In Buddhism, this is the Laws of Karma. It is inevitable.

 Warna Hettiarachchi
Toronto, Canada

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  1. Siri Says:

    The US President has given an order to kill an American Citizen in a foreign country as he is an American born Muslim Cleric. He has been deemed a threat to the all Powerful USA. What about a trial and proving the charges against him. This is what comes out of a former Law Professor and now the American President. Is this the justice that America talks about? Has he lost his mind? When Britain accused the Russian Government being involved in the Poisioning death of a Russian National in the UK, the brits made a big stink about it. Now will they even comment on Obama madness? Why are they silent. These western Politicians are all hypocrites and Practice “DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO” They do not belong in the UN security Council or even in the UN.

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