Post Election Reflections And Some Important Realities!
Posted on April 10th, 2010

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial April 10th 2010

Yes its happening again!! The Mahinda Rajapaksha led UPFA are winning the General Election resoundingly and mowing down all opposition and easily confirming that the UPFA with its leadership is indeed regarded by a majority of voters as the one they see fit to guide the Nation towards all the aspirations and hopes they have previously pinned on him and his team and this time around perhaps with a more powerful mandate!

Once more as is the tradition in this Resplendent Isle of ours the firecrackers are exploding, the temple bells are pealing as though in joyful jubilation and the cries of Jayaweva! resonate from many corners of the Nation to usher in another term for the noblest son of Sri Lanka today.

 One who deserves much recognition towards the title based on his patriotic strengths alone apart from his valiant and noble efforts to uphold Sri Lanka as a beacon in many aspects of her proud sovereignity, protecting it from marauding terrorists while standing up to all his critics and foreign interference where he has given it his all without compromise  and once again confounded many of his critics ever ready to denigrate his image and vision towards their own ungainly agendas or myopic perceptions.

 True to form the results of Sri Lanka’s first parliamentary elections in the aftermath of the annihilation of the Tamil Tiger terrorists have swept the UPFA into power. It is a significant victory which is not yet finalised in its entirety towards seat count although its magnitude could be far greater than the projected eventuality and  even deliver greater powers to the President much to the chagrin of some who fear and oppose this on the grounds of an impending autocracy which might be deemed a fallacy based upon the wisdom and pragmatism of the President.

 It is a concept perhaps even containing many beneficial effects for a Nation in need of a strong leadership, a  trusted team of prudent legislators  and a downsized cabinet over a period of time and beyond the feeble perceptions of his opposite camp afraid of a dynasty as they see it which may well prove to be the best thing that happened to Sri Lanka where the nomenclature may be imposing but the long term effects of a consolidating nature.

 This said on the basis of non betrayal of the Nation to her enemies nor the compromising of her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity which many leaders of past opposition repute have come very close to accomplishing whether inadvertently or not and far removed from the objectives of the Rajapaksha Vision for Sri Lanka which now seems etched in stone.

 After all and in retrospect, what has the opposition done over the past many decades beyond providing obstacles towards the Nation’s development,blundering their way from one Administrative Faux Pas to another to put it mildly and in the name of free enterprise permitted avenues for wasteful and dangerous NGO’s to infiltrate the country on various pretexts but often with hidden agendas and bargaining with deadly enemies to near Nation destruction.

 They now seem a beaten lot whose chances of bouncing back into administrative power unlikely to surface for a very long time with a paltry tally of electoral seats attesting to their national unpopularity bearing testimony to this conclusion!

The same needs to be said of the Marxists and the rest of the bandwagon which rallied round the deposed Military leader Sarath Fonseka whose transparencies towards being a very self centred and dangerous individual on various tangible grounds are now emerging and  have found themselves in a political dilema which may take a long time towards repairing and depicted by the scoreboard of single or double digit tallies and no more than a complete routing!

 This is a followup to the resounding victory of the January 26th. Presidential Election where there seemed little doubt from the inception about the outcome of Thursday’s general election which statistics indicate is by far the best performance by a political party or coalition in a general election since 1977 and attested to by many media reports to the effect.

 The President who campaigned for a two third majority with the objective of changing the National Constitution must now be pondering upon its real possibility as it  may well be within the UPFA’s grasp. Particularly if the phenomenon of party cross overs, as was the case after the previous election, once again transpires to supplement the shortage of won electorates and something the opposition parties would rue towards apprehensions of their own dismal futures if this were to be the case and the ruling party would obviously relish with gusto!

 And to the many pundits already attempting to direct the victorious Rajapaksha Admiinistration about the Tamil issue may it be said that a leader of Mahinda Rajapaksha’s perception, compassion and pragmatism must surely be aware what the Nation’s currently imperative needs are including resolving the grievances of the Tamil Community which to a greater part was brought upon themselves through misguided leaderships from within their own camp and a lust for secession towards which they supported a terrorist insurgency and paid a severe price inasmuch as the rest of Sri Lanka’s general populace.

 The question of devolution of power and a sharing of privileges by all Sri Lankans which by no means is a recent issue, greatly hampered and curtailed by the devious ploys of the Tamils themselves if one were to be realistic, is one which existed perhaps to an extent incongruously tilting towards the minority going back to colonial times in a Nation with a vast Sinhala majority and something which needs very delicate handling towards a stable equilibrium in order to appease all concerned and evidently the root cause of many an ethnic conflict which must never ever surface!

 It is indeed a challenge for the New Administration and one needing prioritisation to pluralise the privileges and opportunities towards equality between all Sri Lankans with no better leader to implement it than the present President and someone very equitable to the task where administrative power has already been devolved between different ethnicities  within the present administration in case those calling for it have been oblivious to the reality through their own impaired visions!


3 Responses to “Post Election Reflections And Some Important Realities!”

  1. Ariya Says:

    There are ways in getting rid of NGOs and INGOs. Its called harassment, and it should be done quite subtly.

    We have to get rid of all these NGOs anyway, and also tell directly shut up to people like Jehan Perera, Pakiasothy, Sunanda D, etc. Enough is enough; the LTTE and Prabakaran is finished, so we don’t need these bulshit wallahs!
    They can leave the country by themselves or should be asked to leave… There is NO place for such traitorsin Sri Lanka!

  2. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Ariya, precisely correct you are. All those INGO’s, NGO’s and other unpatriotic entities should either put up or shut and get out of Sri Lanka. No more flocking around if they are not the birds of our feathers.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I appreciate the article with so many facts and the missions to achieve PEACE/ Nation Building. I hope Prez Mahinda has the will and courage to do so. This is not a SIMPLE article but it tells the readers to giveup many fallacies created by the PAST politicians.

    I agree with Ariya and Nihal. NGOs or INGOs are not helpers but SPIES of foreign countries. They must be removed from Sri lanka at any cost.

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