Do Losers Always End-up As Winners?
Posted on April 30th, 2010

Prof. Hudson McLean

Historically and especially after the WW11, the perpetrators who started the WW11, the Germans and the Japanese, the Losers, who caused the great annihilation of millions of innocent humans, eventually ended-up as Winners.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the recipients of the Hydrogen Bomb, Made in USA, which stopped the cruel Japanese in their tracks, have come bouncing back as the second largest economy after USA.

The Allies, comprising of Europeans, also led by the USA, supported by the Commonwealth and Russian troops brought Adolf Hitler to his knees, then Allies  went on to build the divided Germany with a Marshall Plan. Now Germany is the strongest economy in Europe.

Drawing a parallel, Sri Lanka, after the 30 year brutal terrorism created by LTTE, has now started the reconstruction of the North and the East of Sri Lanka. Whilst the Pundits round the world are watching the Sri Lankan government efforts taking on this massive task, both humanitarian and reconstruction, are critical of every positive move made by the government. The bottom line most Tamil-friendly Nations wish is, that the Tamils are given a “leg-up”!

Let Tamil Nadu take those who are not satisfied! Thank You Very Much!

It is pertinent to put in place that, this disaster was the creation of one man, none other than Velupillai Prabhakaran, with the help of the Tamil Diaspora and the Indian Government, which the Sri Lankan government has bear the brunt, the cost of rebuilding. And President Rajapaksa is doing just that!

Today, some Tamil jerk is complaining that the house of the terrorist Prabhakaran was destroyed by the military, which the military denies. The remnants of Prabhakaran, one of the most vicious terrorists of this generation, should be wiped off the face of this earth.

The bunker where Hitler hid was destroyed by the Allied troops. Similarly any thing associated with Osama bin Laden should be wiped clean.  These vermin do not belong to any recognition in history. Like toilet waste, they should be flushed into oblivion.

Currently the remnants of the LTTE Diaspora are funding some development in the North and the East, for the benefit of the Tamils.  Indian government has offered various kinds of assistance, which the Sri Lanka should monitor very carefully.
With all the attention on rehabilitation and resettlement of the Tamils, definitely the Tamils will Win on the post-war development.

The Sinhalese population in the South suffered equally and thousands of innocent Sinhalese  in the North were brutally annihilated. And no Nation did sympathise with the Sinhala victims.  In this terrorist war, which was brought to an end by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, it was the country and all the citizens who were saved, not just the Sinhalese.

Sri Lanka belongs to all the races, creeds, ethnic groups who are citizens on the Island. Therefore, the Cabinet  Ministry under Basil Rajapaksa should encourage Sinhala residents from the South and the West, to migrate to the developing North and East.

Otherwise, it is a matter of time that the Tamils in the North and the East, with their new-found economic development, will create a different kind of war against the South. Do not allow another mouse to become a Monster!

The population distribution must be uniform throughout the Island, irrespective of the “LTTE”  historical claims. The North and the East must hold the same equation of the population division, irrespective of any complains from the Global Pundits.

Today and since before the Independence, Tamils were the dominant traders and merchants in the South, thanks to the Colinial “Divide & Rule” philosophy. Tamils have always practised a very carefully controlled policy of employment. In a Tamil owned enterprise, the Sinhalese are treated as second class.

Even in countries such as the UK, Canada, Norway, Australia, the “vote-hunting” politicians have generally clamour to “curry-favour”  with the Tamil Diaspora. No one speaks aloud of the Sinhalese votes. Another Win for the Tamils!

With the possible change of the Constitution, hopefully the French Model of Proportional Representation will be replaced by the old British / Indian Model.

And let the Winners be magnanimous in their victory and be generous towards the Losers but never let the Losers take the upper hand and step on the faces of the Victor!

May All Workers Unite and Celebrate the May Day!

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    Professor you have done it again very well written article!!! Absolutely correct in saying we must not progress it so that the loser steps on the face of victor, spits and then perhaps says “you are not worth the cutting-edge of my blade”. We must encourage all Sri Lankans to go North and East for various businesses and work to settle down, so that Tamils would not feel another separate state. This time given without a war!!!

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