Jamie Metzl & Sharmila Silva: Sri Lanka’s false Dawn
Posted on June 5th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe King Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

6  June 2010


OPEN LETTER to Jamie Metzl, Exec Vice-President of Asia Society & Sharmila Silva( pseudonym is a leading Sri Lanka public figure) on  their article Sri Lanka’s false dawn of June 3, 2010.

I was fascinated how you two articulated your piffle about Sri Lanka as if you two knew it all.

Let me try to figure out whether the substance in the article would really tag you as two excellent international “ƒ”¹…”Probing’ journalists or really nail you two to the wall as frauds.

“”¦it is increasingly clear that the battlefield victory will prove pyrrhic unless the legitimate grievances of Sri Lanka’s minority communities are recognized and addressed“, you two said. I noticed that you purposely ignored that the majority Sinhalese as if they do not have “ƒ”¹…”legitimate grievances’ and expect to be recognized and addressed also. “It’s all Tamil”¦Tamil”¦Tamil”¦what  about us Sinhalese“, they would bemoan.  Fair enough, so let me try to recognize the Tamil “ƒ”¹…”legitimate grievances’ you two think should be addressed or all hell may break loose again.

Ummm”¦this is not going to be easy Jamie and Sharmila.  Let me think now”¦@#*^**.  Ummmm”¦I think I got it.  Is one of the “ƒ”¹…”legitimate grievance’ by the minority Tamils is about  “ƒ”¹…”Education’ and telling the world that the majority Sinhalese are suppressing them from getting a good education as good as what the Sinhalese are exposed to.?  Right Jamie and Sharmila?

Let me figure this one out and you two better follow my thread.

Schools in the northern Jaffna Educational District were well supported and qualitatively superior in comparison with the situation elsewhere in the island. Even in 1981, two years prior to the July ’83 riots,  the Jaffna Educational District had 555 Government Schools for a Tamil student population of 207, 524, whereas the capital Colombo with a multi-ethnic population had only 251 such schools for 231, 690 students.  In 1981, The Sri Lankan Tamils enjoyed a literacy rate of 88.3% compared to 86.5% for the majority Sinhalese population.

The privileged position of the Jaffna Educational District schools was glaringly evident from school facilities and amenities such as approved science laboratories.  They were available in 41% of Jaffna schools compared to an all island average of 19.6%

So Jamie and Sharmila, Education should not be a cause for the Tamils to grieve nor does the Government have to address a non-existent problem.  So now that we have eliminated that possible  “ƒ”¹…”legitimate grievance’  as non-existent let me probe into another possible issue that may fall into your Tamil minority “legitimate grievance”.

Ummm”¦”¦.this is going to be tough Jamie and Sharmila!   Ummmmm”¦..@*#**&, I think I have it.  Follow my thread Jamie and Sharmila.

Could the “ƒ”¹…”legitimate grievance’ that you thought should be addressed is the University faculty places for Tamil students?  Do you think that they ought to have more places?  Well, let’s figure this one out and get that out of the way.

The Sri Lanka Universities Commission Report of 1959 (p.303) stated: “The proportion of Tamil students receiving University education compared to their population is 1:320.  (Their population by then was 12.6%).  This is as good as the educational facilities provided in the United Kingdom. But the proportion of the Sinhalese receiving University education in comparison with the population is 1:3212.  This is being second class with an immense disadvantage.”

Wow! Jamie and Sharmila, this is shocking isn’t it?  Should the majority Sinhalese have a “ƒ”¹…”legitimate grievance’ here rather than the Tamils griping and you supporting their gripes?

Well”¦you better be careful in case I call you a couple of fraudulent wannabee journalists.

“Ethnic discrimination” in University admissions which is a common complaint by the Tamils which I reckon you two categorize as a “legitimate grievance” could be based on the following logic.  In 1969 Sri Lankan Tamils (minus the Indian Tamils) constituted 12.6% of the island’s population and occupied 40.8% of the places in the universities.  Tamils certainly did not complain then about any unfair imbalance in the university population, nor did any of the other communities protest being discriminated against, despite the startling figures.

H-e-l-l-o! Are you awake Jamie and Sharmila?  Are you following my thread?

By 1974, with the rural high schools being upgraded with more facilities for students to compete for University places, the proportion of Tamil university students had dropped to more in line with their proportion of their total island population -16.3% of university places for the 12.6% of the population.  It was this readjustment to a more just balance that was termed “discrimination” by the Tamil politicians which was seized  by the Tamil extremists as justification for maiming, “ƒ”¹…”necklacing’ massacring thousands of men, women, children and infants, including many Tamils who opposed their violent methods.  I suppose with your twisted thinking, I suppose this is what you meant by, “”¦.unless the legitimate grievances of Sri Lanka’s minority communities are recognized and addressed.”  That’s bloody nonsense, isn’t it, Jamie and Sharmila?

Now that we got that possible “legitimate grievance’  figured out let me try to find out what else could it be that you are talking about.  It is getting more and more difficult Jamie and Sharmila, but it is also getting closer to my calling you a couple of “ƒ”¹…”Tamil separatist cause supporting frauds’

“Ummmm”¦”¦.%#*@@@%&***, I think I got it!  Could it be that the Tamils feel that they are starved from getting the top jobs in the public sector in Sri Lanka thus making it a “legitimate grievance” which you two believe should be addressed by the government or else all hell will break loose again with bullets flying willy-nilly.  Right, Jamie and Sharmila?

Try to follow my thread as I am probing how true this belly-aching by the Tamils is all about.                                                              By 1981, two years prior to the July 1983 riots the Sri Lankan Tamils formed 12.6% of the population and the Sinhalese were the majority with 74% of the population. 

Now let’s see how well the Tamils did when it came to employment.  Whether it is a sorry story or whether it is a lie that will make me puke and make you two hold the bucket for me for supporting the vile populist notion of “ƒ”¹…”legitimate grievances’ of the Tamil minority that should be addressed by the government. 

By then  in the state sector alone Tamils constituted 34.9% of the engineers, 35.1% of doctors, 30.2%  medical technicians, 33.1% of accountants and 28.9% surveyors,  The percentages were not any more different in the Corporate Sector either. Holy Moses! I say.  All this Tamil employment for a population of 12.6%!  Ha!  What are they and you two belly aching about? I am honestly not trying to prove that you two are fraudulent journalists, but it certainly looks that way, doesn’t it Jamie and Sharmila?

Not only that Jamie and Sharmila, the island’s police was headed by a true blue member of the Jaffna Tamil tribe.  The Inspector General of Police was Rudra Rajasingham, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was S.Sharvananda from the same true blue Tamil tribe from Jaffna, and the Attorney General too was a Jaffna Tamil, Siva Pasupathy.

And by then most of the diplomatic postings were occupied by Tamils including the Head of the Mission in London, England.  Well”¦well”¦.well”¦.what do you know?

With all this goings on among the “ƒ”¹…”privileged minority’ group, I am about to puke about the “legitimate grievances“ of the Tamils that you are trying to promote”¦quick”¦quick”¦ pick up the bucket, Jamie and Sharmila. 

Now that we have put this “Employment“ out of the way establishing that the Tamils were a “ƒ”¹…”privileged minority”  and the 74% Sinhalese were a “wronged majority” in Sri Lanka, and they are more or less painting you two as paid Tamil Eelamist spokespersons.  Let me try one more probe to see how true you two are about the “legitimate grievances” of the Tamils that should be addressed by the government or else all hell will break loose and bullets will  start flying willy-nilly again.

Ummm”¦”¦.@$###&**!, I think  this should be it to say that you two were right about the “legitimate grievances” of the Tamils.   

Could it be that the Tamils are not allowed to integrate with the peoples of the South unable to own real-estate and holed in the Jaffna peninsula indefinitely?

H-e-l-l-o”¦Jamie and Sharmila, are you two still awake!  Follow my thread, please.

 It so happens that the 12.6% of the total population of Sri Lanka are Tamils and the majority of them have turned out to be a ridiculous bunch of cry babies who legitimately could own a square-inch of land in any nook and corner of the island”¦but certainly not the majority 74% Sinhalese who are excluded in owning a single square-inch of land in the Jaffna peninsula because of the Thesvalamai Law.  That is a hellava-how-do-you-do, isn’t it?  Go, figure that one out.

Moreover, 75% of the prime real-estate in Wellawatta, a suburb of the capital Colombo is owned by Tamils.  Discrimination you call it.  My foot, I don’ see it that way at all”¦Jamie and Sharmila!  I just don’t get it.

Tell me the truth”¦on second thoughts, you don’t have to tell me the truth, at least tell the readers of the Khaleej Times (UAE) and the Japan Times ONLINE  the truth, whether you two are on a mission, on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) pay roll, to promote their cause of “legitimate grievances”, when there seem to be none.  Spit it out Jamie and Sharmila.

No wonder Sharmila is supposed to be a pseudonym of a leading Sri Lankan public figure, in case the Sri Lankans will ask her/he “¦ “Mirror”¦mirror on the wall, who is the liar of them all.”          Who are you, anyway?

So let’s cut out this crap now that I have exposed you two as frauds trying to promote your/their thesis of “legitimate grievances” of the minority Tamils when there seems to be none  What a crock of codswallop Jamie F. Metzl and Sharmila Silva!


Asoka  Weerasinghe

2 Responses to “Jamie Metzl & Sharmila Silva: Sri Lanka’s false Dawn”


    Asoka, I love your article. “Legitimate grievances”, yes we would investigate and address as soon as we can. But we need a list of grievances from Tamil Diaspora and from TAN or the other political party of Tamils. Until then we do not know what the issues are apart from of course go on developing North and East. Sinhalese must also have the benefit of development in north and east; Sinhalese must be able to go freely and work in north and east and buy land to build homes for Sinhalese families.

    Once a Tamil friend of mine, when asked if they were really discriminated he said when he traveled by train he heard the Sinhalese calling him a Tamil. Well, well, well what do we call them, other than Tamil?

    Very recently another Tamil friend told me that they do not get discriminated anymore. I do not know if they were ever got discriminated???

    My analysis and conclusion about Tamils is that they have a sort of a complex about living together with Sinhalese, it may be the fear and they perhaps feel that Sinhalese are not a pure race to mingle with. Some of them are racists others have developed a communal bias against Sinhalese. It may be the ‘Thesavalamai’. Asoka, can we try voodoo!!!

  2. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Asoka for dealing with ONE of the mythical Tamil pillars of ‘discrimination’ – the OTHER pillar is the bogus historical claim of a so called Traditional Homeland in the North & East of Sri Lanka. These two pillars are the basis of Tamil demand for a separate stste. Note well: the Tamil definition of a traditional Homeland is not the birthplace of the Tamil ethnicity of Tamil Nadu (Dravidastan) in India as conventionally recognised for example by the UN but the North & East of Sri Lanka!! So contributions are required on an ongoing basis from knowledgeable readers of Lankaweb to internationally rubbish these so called ‘grievances’ – S de Silva – London

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