CEPA – Brace for the Second Parippu Invasion!
Posted on June 6th, 2010

Janaka Yagirala

Over the past few days articles were published on Lankaweb regarding the grim prospects of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). It is indeed not a time to be silent. First of all, the President MR and the current regime won an astounding victory in the January 27 Presidential and April 8 Parliamentary Poll respectively. It was the patriotic masses who voted this President MR and this government into power. Signing the CEPA would inevitably become the major political blunder that would erode the steadily rising Sri Lankan economy as well as the mandate of the people.

 Its no secret that India had always been the regional bully. No country knows this better than India’s landlocked northern neighbor Nepal. First came the Citizenship Act of 1952 which allowed Indians to quite easily become Nepali citizens. Next came the memorandum of 1954 which allowed India to put up security posts along the Sino-Nepali border. In 1965 India becomes the only legal provider of weapons to Nepal. In 1969, India is forced to grudgingly withdraw all military personal from Nepal. In August, 1978 came the treaties of trade and transit between India and Nepal which was more favorable to Nepal. Once it expired in 1988, India forced a common treaty for trade and transit which Nepal refused. This was followed by the famous blockade. Nepal, being a landlocked country was deprived of most necessities was strangled into capitulation in April, 1990.

 Operation Poomalai (aka the Parippu Invasion), the defunct Provincial Councils and rest of the detrimental 13th Amendment are all living testament to Indian intervention in our nation. Thanks to India we can call ourselves a laughing stock with a “Governor” for each province of which none are even comparable in area to a typical province or state with a regional governor in Russia, China, North America or Australia.

 Sincere thanks to Dilrook Kannangara, Ramanie de Zoysa, Samantha Kumarasinghe and Ben Silva for giving the economic facts which I need not repeat. Under the Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ILFTA), we had to say goodbye to a number of things proudly “Made in Sri Lanka” from florescent lamps to confectioneries. Next it was hello to substandard junk such as cotton buds made from bleached hospital waste, pathogen infected saline and pencils that dent rather than write on paper.

 There are times when governments of the people blinded by distorted facts take wrong decisions. Just weeks after our astounding victory against terrorism, the then government hinted its willingness to fully implement the 13th Amendment. Had it not been for the strong opposition from the people, everything that our brave soldiers died for would have been in vain.

 It is the strength and voice of the people who can put the government back on the right track and make sure that CEPA goes into oblivion. Now is not the time for the patriotic masses to remain silent. Those who do remain silent better brace for the Second Parippu Invasion!

4 Responses to “CEPA – Brace for the Second Parippu Invasion!”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Only way the politicians can be pressurized to take note of the adverse side of CEPA and similar arrangement with India is by getting the people and other organized bodies to protest. This is what Tamil Nadu politicians and South Indian people do about Sri Lanka. The President must listen to his people in making decisions that affect the whole nation. We recently had the example of IIFA boycotts.

    Sri Lankans are a proud nation and they must be not be vilified by subjecting to more “Parippu Drops”.


    Indians are cunning bastards of the block and they would bully us when ever possible. Our President must be very careful in dealing with these shit eaters!! We do have people who can see things coming to get us. So please listen to our Gurus.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    India is a Bully? hahahaha..How? President is not agree for anything bad.

    The RACIST tone of this article will never help SL. PARIPPU is part and parcel of Sri Lankan life for centuries. India is the top supplier of FOOD items to Pakistan! Even the Indian WHEAT/RICE is cheaper than the American one. Racism never feed the people!

    These anti-Indian morons better think about the “FREE TRADE” of UNP criminal regime under JR! Foreign imports then destroyed all the local agri-Industries. Even Israeli ‘Mossad” came to Sri Lanka to advise on Paddy Farming!

    We have 99.9% of our cultural and life styles common with India. so, dont bark like fools!

  4. mjaya Says:


    Racist????? OMG!
    Were you born after the famous Parippu drop?

    If not, either you are a blind naive gullible person (willing to say hooray to anything done by the UPFA gov, whether it is good or bad) or been in a coma for the last 20 years. JRJ was a fool to open up our economy without any control, Chandrika was a fool to sign ILFTA to give away the rest.

    India has a very bad and cowardly track record.
    * Bullying Nepal and Bangladesh
    * Up to the very end India tried to defend the LTTE (due to pressure from pro-LTTE parties in Tamil Nadu)
    * India intervened militarily in the Maldives but when Indian Airlines plane was hijacked “negotiated” and set terrorists free
    * India has always feared China after the Indo-China war and wants to gain leverage in SL against the close ties between SL and China

    The MR and UPFA gov has done a lot of good things so far (foremost eliminating terrorism), but no one is perfect. Any gov can take wrong decisions that may have grave consequences to all. True, the UNP has hardly done anything good after the great DS Senanayaka but you seem to be a little bigoted yourself to think and imply that criticism of the UPFA automatically means being a UNP supporter.

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