Posted on June 6th, 2010


To All concern,

This is not for rocket scientist to research or understand.    Simple answer is that the assistance from both Bambalapitiya, Wellawatta, Dehiwala, Mount lavinia, and many other  police stations fully involved in this racket. There are many other police stations around the country. Sorry to say but if you go to the night club in Duplication road not far from Vajira Road, Bambalapitiya, you can see the white van parked some days on the of corner waiting for their pray. Every taxi driver knows who they are. This is not a secret and the taxi driver will talk to you about what happens if they feel you are safe talking about it. I speak to these taxi drivers almost daily.   They all know it’s useless complaining to the Police Station in Bambalapitiya.  Go figure !! 
They might investigate on me for telling this story but not the police stations.

Biggest problem we face in our country is that most of the police constables are corrupt and also they have the backing of some politicians. When a police constable or a thug is arrested, ask the arresting officer about how many calls they receive from politicians asking them to release these guys.  Until all the Police stations are cleaned up, we will face kidnappings and extortion’s in rampage.  There are politicians to safeguard these thugs.  Sorry but this is the truth.!!  Sri Lanka will be even a better place to live after our Police Department is completely cleaned up. You think the new IGP can do the clean up?  No,  because they too climbed to this rank starting from the bottom.  Have you ever heard any one saying  ” wow, our Police Department is the best in the world” ?  No, but I have heard many times people saying,  ‘Carry some money always,  may be you can get out of  the ticket if you offer some money’…   Now, that little money is not enough.  They need big money with the help of the  white van!

Solution :  Increase  police officers salary by Rs. 5000- 10,000
                Pay the police officers 15-20%  of every valuable catch.
                if an officer is caught on any illegal act, impose double the punishment than a civilian. 
                If a politician makes a call to release the culprits, punish the politician with mandatory 2-6 months in jail.



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  1. Raj Says:

    I have to disagree with your statement ‘Biggest problem we face in our country is that most of the police constables are corrupt…’ My father was a policemen and he never took any money and always maintained his principles. Tarring everybody with the same brush is wrong. Besides, corruption will not happen if there are no corruptors. My friend always gives 500 rupees and get away with minor offences. If he did not offer the bribe, and instead admit his fault and pay up the fine, it would be a lot more civilised. He also sometimes moan about ‘corruption, corruption.. that is what is wrong’. He even didn’t vote MR, because he and 37% of thers were made to beleive MR is corrupt. This seems to be the BIGGEST problem for you. GET REAL I WOULD LIKE T0 SAY.

  2. Siri Says:

    Get real KV. You are making an accusation without any proof. It is very easy to make accusations, but to prove them is different. Do you know a specific case. Have you ever made a complaint to the Police. Who told you all these stories. You sound like a disgruntled UNPer. or a little like Ranil crying for the moon. Why is the van always white? Do they not have any other colors for painting vans. There may have been a few isolated cases of currupt police or military personnel tryiing to kidnap people for a ransom, but some got caught and wherever specific complaints were made action was taken by the authorities. If people like you who think they know everything go to the proper authorities and complain, then they can talk after that. In Angulana, Moratuwa there was an incident and the people protested openly. Action was taken. I believe that this can happen in other places too if the people protest. However people will openly protest only if there is a genuine cause for it, not general accusations being thrown around by people like you. What you are doing is unfair by the officers who do their duty properly.

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