Professors Philip Alston Francis A. Boyle exposed
Posted on June 6th, 2010

Ben Silva

Attention of Mr Moon,
Secretary General, UN

Professors  Philip Alston  Francis A. Boyle exposed 

United Nations special envoy, Prof. Philip Alston, on seeing a video clip, with some one dressed in GOSL uniforms shooting, a number of men, with background sound containing unintelligible Sinhala sounding noise, immediately jumped to the conclusion that the killing was carried out by GOSL forces. Only a biased fool or an idiot can come to these conclusions as any one could have dressed in GOSL uniforms and carried out the killing. Fortunately senior officials of UN realised that Alston is wrong in making that link between GOSL forces and the killings in the video clip. It has been shown  by genuine experts on video technology that the video clip is doctored  and the video footage is a fake, ref: video footage fake: Media expert Siri Hewa picks up holes in UN Rapporteur’s findings, By K. T. Rajasingham, Colombo, 04 June ( . Idiots such as Alston should not be working for UN as, they will bring UN into disrepute.

 The lack of judgement by Alston  and Boyle, clearly indicate that they are simply idiots, who should not be taken seriously. Their knowledge and competency may be similar to that of Prof. Meadows, who has been  exposed. Both Alston and Boyle  are dangerous fools as they are  being used by racist Tamils for their propaganda warfare.

Boyle  says  “Independent Eelam will be a bulwark for India“ ref: Tamilnet 6-6-10,   His statement above confirms that,  he is stupid, as any division of India will cause instability and a blood bath in the region. It also confirms my previous suspicion that he is an imperialist agent bringing in instability to the region. Indians ought to be very cautious of this dangerous, racist fool.

 Francis Boyle is functioning as the mouth piece of racist Tamils requesting  “ƒ”¹…”accountability for Sri Lanka’s “massacre of about 50,000 Tamils”. This is not the first time, Prof. Boyle, who appears to be clueless about the terrorism in Sri Lanka, has functioned as the mouth piece of  racist Tamils. Boyle  has completely allowed himself to be fooled by racist Tamils. Racist Tamils, led by Prabakaran wanted to create a mono ethnic, Tamil empire, where he could be the emperor.  Clearly Prabakaran wanted to emulate Chola empire builders as evidenced by the LTTE flag, being similar to the Chola flag, links with TAMIL Nadu racists such as Seeman.  LTTE also used similar chanting methods to that used by Cholas to brainwash Tamils to become extreme racists. Ethnic cleansing of non Tamils (Sinhalese and Muslims ) from LTTE controlled areas, killing of innocent defenceless Sinhala women and Children, (Dollar and Kent farm ref: , similar to what Hitler did to Jews are further evidence of Prabakaran’s intensions and racist mind. This old fool Boyle, many would say  a Mega fool to indicate the scale of his stupidity, failed to recognise the similarity of the racist killer Prabakaran and Hitler. Prabakaran  has killed two leaders of democratic countries, many politicians including ministers and Mayors (both Tamil and Sinhalese), many academics, many law enforcement officials and many civilians. The racist mentality of Prabakaran and Hitler are almost identical, and anyone with even a tiny bit of thinking or analytical skills would have noticed it.

 The heads of both Alston and  Boyle  must be examined for malfunctioning areas in the brain. Probably a MRI scan of their  brains may be useful. Hereafter, it would be fair to refer to Alston and  Boyle as  idiots and a fools as  they  have  shown poor judgment.

 Boyle has ignored the video evidence of Tamils escaping the bullets  and bombs of LTTE and running towards the security forces of GOSL, to escape from LTTE, which was shown live to an international audience. Further video evidence has shown that Tamils were treated with kindness and care by our security forces.

Why doesn’t this wanker ask for accountability from USA and UK, when coalition forces invaded the  sovereign state  Iraq, where the massacre of civilians by an illegal, immoral war in Iraq, on  the false pretext of WMD has exceeded 100 thousand.  Does he know  not know that  100 thousand is bigger than 50 thousand.  Something fishy here: Either this man Boyle is a complete nutter  and an idiot or he is a supporter of imperialists and do not want to say anything against imperialists.

There is more than enough evidence to ask for investigation of violations of Human rights by Western countries (see references). Yet   Boyle  has been silent. Boyle  is cherry picking  situations to suit his agenda to support racist Tamils. He does appear to attempt to manipulate opinion to suit his agenda. Boyle has been a key player in  the LTTE  propaganda machine, and has been malicious and very vicious against Sri Lanka.

 I hope Mr Moon would note. If people want to act on  the foolish  comments by Boyle, then they do so at their own peril.  It is fair to question the sanity of those that take this fool Bolyle  seriously. At best Boyle is a comedian that does not produce laughs. Boyle may have learnt case laws by rote, unfortunately he is either affected by Alzheimer’s disease or has lost his thinking skills. Tamilnet, used by  Ms  Navi Pillay, a Tamil, and Ms Arbour, as a source of information, regularly quote Boyle.  Alston and Boyle ought to watch the clip at     to calm them down, to reduce his rage against Sri Lanka.

 Sri Lanka has acted in self defence to protect its sovereignty, in contrast USA  invaded Iraq, a foreign country, many say to take control of Iraqi oil assets. Anyone with a sense of fairness would ask for the more serious crime of invasion of a foreign country with far more serious civilian deaths to be investigated  first before Sri Lanka is investigated. However Boyle the fool has no such common sense, other than show to show that he is clever by asking for an investigation against Sri Lanka. His clear lack of judgement has only shown that he is a wanker,  that should not be taken seriously.

It appears that Boyle and others such as AI, HRW,ICG and the Tamil lobby in UN have a warped mind to hound Sri Lanka, for liberating Sri Lanka from Tamil racist terrorism. Alston, the loony in  a pack of dogs and a  racist bitch in UN  should be muzzled by Mr Moon, to prevent harm to Sri Lanka. As for AI, HRW, ICG, they are hyenas, howling to the tune played by imperialists, to beg for their dinner. The dogs, the racist bitch and the hyenas have all ignored the human rights violations given in the references and have ignored that imperialist countries of the West have been foremost in violations of human rights of the human race, since the dawn of history. Their track record, which shows barbarism to fellow humans, includes ethnic cleansing of  native American Indians, Slavery, Nuclear bombing of Japan, raping the resources  and robbing the people of Africa, America,  Middle East, Asia, Australia, fire bombing of Dresden, incidents at My lai, Abu Gharaib, Guantanamo bay etc   and more recently killing millions in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is time UN expressed world opinion rather than parroting imperialists.

 The preachers of human rights to Sri Lanka, can learn a few things on human rights from Sri Lankans.

 Sri Lanka carried out a humanitarian rescue operation, with a policy of zero civilian casualty. The actual figures of civilian casualties are negligible, in comparison to civilian casualties in Iraq or Afghanistan. However, Boyle has a hidden agenda, to manipulate opinion and   has completely ignored the following:

Terrorism has caused a human rights crisis, that has affected all Sri Lankans:

1. Terrorism producing orphans, disabled persons, blind persons, and causing fear, mental illnesses and stress.
2. Ethnic cleansing, depriving livelihood and homes of innocent people
3. Loss of life of law enforcement officers and security forces
4. Loss of life, innocence and childhood of children due to child soldiering
5. Fund raising in the West that cause Terrorism and destruction in Sri Lanka .
6. Loss of Right to life of valuable Sinhala and Tamil National leaders.

List of atrocities of LTTE are given below.

“¢ Killed the Indian PM
“¢ Killed the Sri Lankan President
“¢ Killed at least two Tamil Mayors
“¢ Killed over 20 Tamil Politicians
“¢ Killed Mr Loganathan, a Tamil official in the Government Peace secretariat
“¢ Killed scores of innocent Tamil law abiding civilians by shooting them and hanging them on lamp posts
“¢ Killed the Oxford educated Tamil Sri Lankan Foreign Minister
“¢ Killed the Tamil Chief Whip of the Ruling Party
“¢ Made several attempts to kill the Tamil Minister Douglas Devananda and other democratic Tamil Politicians
“¢ Killed scores of high ranking Tamil, Government officials
“¢ Killed Tamil Principal of Jaffna College
“¢ Killed scores of Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala Law enforcement Officials
“¢ Killed babies of Sinhala peasants by smashing heir heads
“¢ Innocent peasant civilians hacked to death
“¢ Carried out ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims
“¢ Produced orphans, blind persons, disabled persons as a result of terrorist bombing activity
“¢ Killed Sinhala pregnant women by removing their guts
“¢ Brain washed and trained orphans and disabled persons to become killers and suicide bombers
“¢ Developed suicide bomb technology
“¢ Developed and used suicide naval craft
“¢ Engaged in deception, bribery, human trafficking
“¢ Engaged in arms trafficking
“¢ Engaged in passport and credit card fraud.
“¢ Ruining of the economy of SrI Lanka
“¢ Ruining of normal life for a generation of Sri Lankans. The most affected are the poorest of Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims
“¢ Use civilians as a human shield
“¢ LTTE leader is wanted by Interpol for murder, organised crime and terrorism.
“¢ assassination of several political leaders.

More LTTE atrocities given  in

 It is a pity that Sri Lanka does not have a formal structure to deal with propaganda warfare of LTTE, with contributions from Boyle, ICG, HRW, AI and the UN Tamil lobby such as Navi Pillay and “ƒ”¹…”Pottu’ Coomarawamy (Both Tamils). HRW, AI and ICG want to generate emotions and sensationalism for funds generation and marketing and Boyle simply fuel their greed for funds.

In conclusion, I would say that both Alston and  Boyle  are  either  nutters or  idiots who have  allowed  themselves  to be manipulated by racist Tamils  and is used as their mouth piece. We should arrest the pogrom of Sri Lanka by racist Tamils and their sympathisers. It is also time that Sri Lanka had a proper structure to counter LTTE propaganda. It is time that Sri Lanka assembled  a team to deal with false propaganda in a professional manner to expose the dogs, the bitch and the Hyenas that are hounding Sri Lanka, rather than depend on unpaid volunteers.









8. Human rights hijacked by “liears, d””…”d liears and experts”-Part II

H. L. D. Mahindapala


5 Responses to “Professors Philip Alston Francis A. Boyle exposed”


    We must start a GOSAL sponsored anti-LTTE machine soon before it is too late.


    We must start a GOSL sponsored anti-LTTE machine soon before it is too late.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    To fight the foreign LTTE/WHITE manace, SL government have to do some real works in Tamil areas. Ask the Tamil people who lost their kin and kiths at the hands of LTTE. That will give a clue to those damn videos or any other related issues!

    Thousands of Tamils were taken away by LTTE and never return home. All of them were torured and killed by LTTE.

  4. helaya Says:

    I do not kno why these fools (Boil and Alston) are still talking about the vedio. I have posted an articel in Lanka Web expressing one good point that we do not need vedio expret to say this is fake vedio. I challnge these expert to go Jaffna and find a very light colored Tamil (specially Terrorist) in the area. I think the victim is a foriegner who helped terrorist. The person trying to kill the victim is definetely not a Sinhala soldier. His over grown hair proves it.

  5. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    “The answer” as to why these persons and groups with influence at high places, keep manufacturing or distorting events to bully a small country like SriLanka, is “blowing in the wind”. Yes, I read an article by Charles S. Perera, titled “What does this woman Louise Arbour want”, where he has reasoned why this woman has gone out of ICG goals and spent much time on a situation which had long passed and has nothing to do with pending International Crisis, the actual role of her group. Well the same reasoning might be the answer as to why Alston and Boyle are saying these things repeatedly with no concern for their own reputation in their last stages of life in this world.

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