Wrongful Portrayal Of Tamil Diaspora Bashing By Overseas Missions Is High Handed!
Posted on June 11th, 2010

Insight By Sunil Kumar

June 12th 2010
 On June 11 it has been posted on the Sri Lankan Guardian that a certain Mr. Rajasingham Jayadevan has accused the Sri Lanka Administration of using foreign missions towards Tamil Diaspora Bashing which needs to be put into proper perspective  and is the furthest from the truth as it is a totally distorted presentation which  world audiences need not swallow hook Line and sinker as it comes from  an individual who is presenting himself as one of the remaining vestiges of Tamil Tiger sympathiser by his body language alone and if one reads between the lines.
It needs to be said emphatically that since the defeat of the LTTE in May 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) rather than indulging in what Rajasingham alleges to be a  spree of whipping up anti Tamil Diaspora sentiments, has been making valiant efforts to reach out to the Tamil community and many conciliatory efforts have been made in this direction to which even the Sri Lankan Tamil community will attest sans bias or coercion to the contrary.
What needs to be emphasized about the Tamil Diaspora or a greater part thereof is that they have not really come to terms with the painful reality that the champions they were sponsoring through terrorist means (the Tamil Tigers) towards their objective of separatist Ealam  have been totally eliminated and it seems to be their continued ambition as well as presently prioritised preoccupation to recussitate the process as well as help rekindle the flames of a resurgent Ealam movement despite how hopeless it is, indulging in various activities globally towards this and even setting up a mock  Tamil elections and an administration in exile of a fools dream of a Tamil Homeland and these are the activities the Foreign Missions abroad are trying to suppress as well as invite the attention of the Global Community to.
The Rajapaksha Administration has more than articulated a peaceful way forward to resolve the post conflict  settlements in Sri Lanka in a positive, magnanimous  and pragmatic way contrary to what Rajasingham Jayadevan suggests where accusations that  the Administration is preoccupied with its hysterical anti Tamil Diaspora sentiments to silence and paralyse the vocal cords of the Tamils overseas by branding even the legitimate democratic campaign of the Tamils as extension of LTTE campaign which seems an admission by Jayadevan that the LTTE campaigns overseas exist as it is he who suggests this perhaps in a cognizance that this is true and  synonymously there can be nothing democratic or legitimate presented by the overseas or internal Tamils if they attempt a resurgence of the LTTE where there is ample evidence to suggest this!
Therefore if the Government in reply attempts to stifle and suppress this there is nothing illegitimate or irregular in this as it is a means to preserve the Sovereignity and Terrotorial integrity of Sri Lanka where no stone can be left unturned towards the cause and the world needs to be made aware of the realities and related dangers.

Diaspora Tamils are not the product of the failures of post independence Sri Lanka as suggested by Jayadevan but the product of glorified elevation of their community bt the Colonials during their tenure whose self esteem amd egos have gone awry in a Sinhala dominated environment and offsprings of unjustifiable ambition of a miniscule minority to overwhelm  through terrorist means, the majority Sinhalese which the Administration comprises of and have fled the country when their attempts failed and have taken up their numbers with those Tamils already established as citizens in various parts of the word. Something which did not happen overnight and are now crying foul of the Sri Lankan Administration knowing fully well the role they played in the three and a half decades long terrorist campaigns and the guilt they are coined with towards supporting through every available means the attrocities commited by the ruthless megalomaniac Velupillai Prabhakaran until he was blasted off the face of the earth.
Indeed thirty  and more years of indiscriminate violence has dispersed not only millions of Tamils an ( exaggerated figure undoubtedly) but also many other Srii Lankans of diverse ethicities all over the world through the collective mendacities of the Tamil Tigers thanks to Tamil Diaspora involvenment and support towards their cause amongst host of other entities where the role of the Armed forces undoubtedly was a legitimate one! 
Next come the crocodile tears as expressed by Jayadevan where suddenly “The emotional attachment to Sri Lanka of these Diaspora Tamils is so overt that until a peaceful resolution is found, they will not rest peacefully.” How is it that The Tamil Diaspora which was openly involved in supporting the near nation destructive terrorists are now emotionally overwhelmed towards a peaceful resolution when thay did not think about it during the peak of terrorist activity in Sri Lanka and is this a double standard (which it obviously is) and are now reversing their role while synonymously attempting to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka?
To even suggest that “post war Sri Lanka is wilfully failing to understand the psyche of the Tamil Diaspora and is engaging in a spree to randomly ridicule and denounce it without substantive justification” is unacceptable in the face of what the Rajapaksha administration has done in a multifaceted attempt to appease all Sri Lankans regardless of ethnicity and the reason why in Sri Lanka today he is considered even figuratively a demi-god.
Furthermore, a greater proportion of the  Tamil Diaspora as long as they are not in Sri Lanka and realistically never will be by choice can only indulge in meaningless rhetoric towards accusations of this nature intended to discredit the Sri Lankan Administration and the Sinhala Nation which seems a total waste of time on the part of the voices attempting to do so such as Jayadevan.
The Tamil Diaspora as represented by Jayadevan has indicated bravado and a false sense of authority in addressing the Sri Lankan Government in this manner where neither the Foreign Missions nor expatriate Sinhalese have anything to do with Diaspora Bashing.
However their denials of being involved with clandestine LTTE operations or a discontentment about how the Administration is being run in Sri Lanka are hardly worth responding to as they are not substantially motivated towards sincerity nor do they present any realistic representation of what the Tamil Diaspora are involved in and if they truly need to indicate sincerity need to return to Sri Lanka and make their case through proven and acceptable example rather than bicker from their comfortable safe havens overseas.
And there isn’t a shred of tangible evidence that the Sri Lanka Foreign Missions have become mouthpieces of the extremist Sinhala Nationalist sentiment which is a mere brainchild of an extremist LTTE supporter belonging to the category of  disgruntled Tamil Diaspora  and a figment of his imagination perhaps and a darnsight highhanded!!

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