What India plans next for Sri Lanka & the Real Tamil Homeland
Posted on June 16th, 2010

Shenali Waduge

Given the argument that India planned for and orchestrated an internal problem in Sri Lanka in the form of the LTTE it had to have thought of varied off-shoots of such an endeavor and its own actions to counter same. Would it actually allow an Eelaam, if not how long would it desire the strife to continue, how best within this time frame would India be able to devour Sri Lanka and how would it deal with the other internal & external players must have been thought of by all those who strategized the Sri Lanka plan. It is perhaps not enough that Sri Lanka ensured Tamil Nadu did not end up a separate state for India to be thankful to Sri Lanka that it continues its dogmatic policy of attempting to further throttle a nation trying to come out of the abyss it forcefully had to weather just to satisfy Indian hegemony.

 In 1963 constitutional amendments in India ensured no individual or political party promoting separatism could contest elections. India’s objective was to divert the separatist notion to Sri Lanka. The ploy of diverting this objective while it allayed any threats for separation in India resulted in a country forced into turmoil with a guerilla movement soon to become one of the most sophisticated guerilla outfits in the world with an uncompromising megalomanic leader (ironically this trait was what saved Sri Lanka from having a part of its land officially carved out or devolved) The premonition of a demand that was first voiced in the 1930s through “Tamil Nadu for Tamils” could never be tolerated or allowed but it was nothing that could be easily subdued by force. The anger between Indira Gandhi and J R Jayawardena whose pro-western stance at the time invigorated a looking-East Indira Gandhi possibly helped trigger India’s gameplan for Sri Lanka vis a vis the LTTE. However, when India is now looking very much west we can but wonder if Indira Gandhi’s fixated anger is still applicable to Sri Lanka through India’s present policies? For why would India feel threatened by Sri Lanka, can we ever think of challenging the 2nd largest economy in the world? Why should India ever have to fear Sri Lanka whatever its abilities to develop. 

 It was however no coincidence that the elimination of the LTTE took place thirty years into the cancer planted and nurtured by India. By thirty years the LTTE cadres themselves have aged, wondering whether the Eelaam will ever take place, their families become fed up with a dream not coming true & children denied education & ability to become somebody’s in life”¦.therefore it was required to put that dream to rest & start on another endeavor. That it took a resolute President, an adamant Defense Secretary & an angered army commander wanting revenge for the assassination bid made on his life is undeniable, yet the behind the scenes assistance given to the GOSL by India ensured it belonged to the list of “friends” that actually helped Sri Lanka and also enabled them to forcefully tie the GOSL to Plan B which was to economically and socially control Sri Lanka. This is the economic trap that has been built up through the years with Sri Lankan leaders falling prey to the bigger plan being designed by India for Sri Lanka. However, far danger than any trade pact is the prospect of Indians actually coming, working & living in Sri Lanka. When unemployment is high amongst the Sri Lankans how would the Government cater to this with Indians setting up business & having labor brought in from India? It would be the rural base that would end up suffering the most. Surely a government that gains its numbers from the rural votes & survives on it must understand the repercussions of allowing Indians to set up shop & residence here. Would Sri Lanka end up another Vietnam or Nepal sooner than later with scores of illegitimate children? Given that the influx reaches disproportionate numbers can a future Government ever be powerful enough to demand that these foreign nationals leave our country when their Governments are actually promoting their stay? Can our Sri Lankan Governments even use military force as was the case with the LTTE “”…” our future problems will be far more dangerous than eliminating the LTTE. What we cannot chase out we should not accept should be our guiding principle.

 In the modern context, countries unless they are mighty USA can’t suddenly eagle down on other countries and take it over. India is well aware of that. However, twice, US troops unceremoniously descended upon Iraq. UN didn’t dare to denounce the act. No human rights group cried “foul” the way they presently do. No westernized nation declared sanctions against the US”¦since then the US has forcefully landed in Afghanistan, takes liberty to fire drones on Pakistan “”…” not many actually are even prepared to take the US and charge it with crimes against humanity.

 Given that we believe the next plan is to annex Sri Lanka, India will not be able to do so in the same manner as the US. What applies to the West certainly doesn’t apply to the East whatever its friendship with the West. So possibly, it is why India is next trying to ensure enough of Indians are in Sri Lanka giving it enough right when the times comes to apply further pressure on Sri Lankan Governments. This is nothing that is likely to occur in a year or two but something that is very likely to occur with time and given the present leader attempting to tweak the constitution to contest more than twice we would urge him to ponder the possibilities of such an eventuality happening.

 It was easy to have dealt with an enemy through the use of weapons & a disciplined army and the key to the eventual success despite the leadership given by the President, the Defense Secretary & the Armed Forces Commanders was in fact the People of Sri Lanka. Had it not been for their backing the country would have been facing a military intervention. The west decided against this purely on the grounds that no army could have overtaken a country where the people stood firm & voiced their backing towards the elimination of the LTTE & its support for the Government.

 The present scenario is far different and requires a very firm Government for it is their steadfastness that will ultimately seal the fate of the nation. For the people to back its Government the Government needs to be firm that the integrity of the country, its natural resources & its people will not be humiliated for any monetary advantage that may be given as favors, for the ultimate price our nation will have to pay back will be far more dangerous and disastrous and possibly irreversible.

 What are the alarm bells that Sri Lanka needs to be watchful of vis a vis India’s actions? Most of India’s actions are predictable but many are not. A country that earlier had provided haven to Prabakaran’s parents was suddenly to deny making such a fuss over allowing his mother to take medical care. No sooner the President of Sri Lanka arrives on his first official visit to India following the elimination of the LTTE a major train accident is averted & blame sharply targeted at pro-LTTE factions in Tamil Nadu. Given Indian strategy it is likely to signal to us that the LTTE can be resurrected. Which ideally should have ensured that Sri Lanka’s navy now needs to be strengthened and holds the key to any infiltration. The Indian push to facilitate movement from Sri Lanka’s North to Tamil Nadu needs also to ring alarm bells for it takes no fool to ascertain that many of the LTTE cadres had to have been from Tamil Nadu”¦.the Tamil population figures, those that live outside of Sri Lanka and even within Sri Lanka outside of the North and East, those that were rounded up and in camps towards the final stages of the war, when tallied just does not make the 2.4million Tamils that should actually live in Sri Lanka. Some of the LTTE fighters had to have been from Tamil Nadu who would have helped with the hit & run attacks and returned to Tamil Nadu or died in battle or who may now be practically Sri Lankan for lack of proof!

 There are some learned few who still however maintains that Sri Lanka must eternally pay homage to India “”…” for what? India has humiliated our country. It is still baffling why despite the Right to Information Act no Indian has demanded the cost incurred to the Indian state to destabilize Sri Lanka which ultimately resulted in the deaths of their own soldiers.

 In a country that has its own share of never-ending separatist movements it begs to question whether these are purposely induced or whether India desires for such destability to carry out its other goals! Given that its army is the 5th largest in the world one can but wonder at its effectiveness especially considering the manner in which they carried out their role in Sri Lanka (IPFK presence) and taking 3 days to flush a handful of militants who had practically taken Mumbai by storm. If no military action is likely to be taken why is India not giving into some of the demands of these separatist groups? Essentially India may have a large army, its weapons may be sophisticated but it has no success stories to actually boast of. The Indian experiment with the LTTE vis a vis the military push failed or rather it was never meant to be a military effort which is clear by the manner in which the Indian armed forces were clueless about their objective in Sri Lanka. It also explains why so many Sri Lankan Tamils ended up being killed and many more women ended up raped. If India never determined to actually wipe out the LTTE, it makes us wonder how it could have allowed the LTTE to turn itself into a conventional army, watch it procure sophisticated arms & even become the first terror group to fly planes!

 How would India have dealt with an LTTE in the eventuality that it became too powerful for the Sri Lankan army especially given the unpredictable nature of Prabakaran? The only cowardly way was to actually assist the Sri Lankan Government and this is exactly what occurred. LTTE was espousing for far more than what India was ready to deal with and India’s thirty year plan had reaped perfect results. The desires of the West at this juncture would not have come into play. For the West, the religious movements & NGO/INGO lobby the prevalence of internal strife helps to advance their western doctrines and it is in this milieu that many of the Christian/Catholic dominated NGOs set up offices in Sri Lanka & started out their own campaigns 90% of whom were functioning under the guise of “humanitarian workers”.

 It is obvious that the West is using India as its front to remain zoomed in on Asia and its developments. India naturally would benefit by allowing western presence limited to the advantages that come India’s way. Nevertheless, by India descending upon Sri Lanka through the trade pacts & service agreements presently being discussed it would be only a matter of time that Sri Lanka would permanently loose any sense of ownership it has on its country & the present leaders would be held accountable for that loss and humiliation wherein future leaders may not even be able to contest in a democratic Sri Lanka.

 India during the conflict had planned their strategies well. Leaders of the past unconcerned about our own loss of life would have cared little to actually think patriotically before signing any of these foreign agreements. Most of these are now being thrust forward for immediate activation & despite the GOSL not been solely responsible for inking these pacts it will be upon their shoulders if they actually activate them. Given that they have won elections with massive mandates it bemoans them to ensure that Sri Lanka’s land, resources nor its people are disadvantaged in any way through any of these pacts. They have advisors who are obtaining handsome remunerations & it behooves them to do justice for what they are given in finding ways to come out of this abyss.

 The real Tamil Homeland is in Tamil Nadu

 If India never meant to have an independent state in Tamil Nadu it certainly would not have wanted an Eelaam created in Sri Lanka. It is important at this juncture that we differentiate the Tamil nationalism vis a vis Tamil Nadu and a call for a separate Dravida Nadu and the LTTE/Prabakaran separate state. The two does not have any connectivity apart from the fact that the target audience was Tamil. Why is Tamil Nadu separatism & LTTE/Prabakaran separatism different? It is simple really.

 There are 75million Tamil people in the world. Of this number 55million live in India/Tamil Nadu. Sri Lanka has only a mere 2.4million Tamils. LTTE and Prabakaran used the “Tamil” slogan to ensure it could run a guerilla movement, obtain western sympathy, set up & commence propaganda campaigns that would ensure it had a flow of legitimate funds against the illegitimate activities it was soon to add on, eliminate Tamils that went against its doctrine and to finally ensure its leader would be almighty of a movement that was never about fortifying any rights for Tamils.

 Was it a wonder that the LTTE scuttled peace talks, avoided compromising solutions or even dared to experiment outside of their main objective? It was a perfect ploy for the other players involved from the international community, to missionaries, UN, NGO lobby who had their own objectives being met through the LTTE gameplan & its leader’s obstinacy. It was unfortunate that to this group joined the Tamil people in Sri Lanka most of those who lived outside of the North & East & used the LTTE as a means to better their own lives flying off to western shores on the sympathy note and using the “ethnic discrimination” tag to facilitate the needed documentation for travel. Years on they should ponder at their own guilt for the manner in which most Tamils in the North & East have lived over the years under the threat of LTTE. The “ƒ”¹…”discrimination” tag worked superbly for it would ensure that the numbers of “refugees” into these western shores would end up doing the shoddy jobs that their natives were reluctant to do & moreover it would allow these Governments to use fisticuff methods upon the GOSL & tie it to agreeing to varied decisions that would ultimately be a disadvantage to Sri Lanka & its people as a whole. A perfect example is the GSP plus”¦ does this trade concession have anything to do with human rights. By denying this the likelihood would be the loss of over 300,000 direct & indirect jobs. Would that not be a human right denied?

 A simple set of questions is appropriate to be answered at this stage. Was the LTTE ever the mouthpiece for the 75 Tamils in the world? If so, would it have meant that Tamil Nadu had abandoned their quest for a Tamil homeland in India because there cannot ever be two or several Tamil homelands in the world? Why is it that all through the long struggle only Sri Lankan Tamils living abroad were crying out for an Eelaam”¦essentially shouldn’t it have been 75million demanding that the world recognize a right for a Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka’s North & have Prabakaran as its leader? However, throughout we have only seen handfuls of Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in action. If there had been 75million Tamils actually voicing their solidarity with the LTTE the LTTE would have been earning more than the USD300million that it generated annually to run its terrorist operations in Sri Lanka, buy over foreign politicians, UN & other NGO/INGO sympathy & even train other aspiring insurgents.

 With the elimination of the LTTE what essentially occurred was the division of the Tamils themselves became further highlighted. The LTTE had ensured that the moderate Tamils most of whom preferred to live & work in peace were silenced, many of these were silenced forever. With the fall of the LTTE it was visible to see exactly how many actually sided with the LTTE out of choice & out of fear. We cannot begin to understand the turmoil that the people of the North & East would have had to suffer under the LTTE dominance. Earning USD300million annually one would have expected much of the North & even parts of the East to have been developed especially since the bulk of NGOs/INGOs were actually stationed there as peace crusaders. But the reality was far different. What emerged was nothing of what we would have expected a group that was fighting for liberation for Tamil people. Instead of schools, hospitals, libraries, parks the LTTE had built underground safe havens for its leaders & its cadres. While they were enjoying a plush life the people had to end up sacrificing their children as child soldiers. The surprising part of this reality was that many of these UN offices & other NGO/INGO offices were actually located practically next to these LTTE offices and is it not natural to question whether these officials never for a moment thought of the injustice that the LTTE was actually doing to their own people? Did they not apprise their head offices of the actual situation & the ground realities “”…” that they did not and the messages that eventually emerge as official statements reveal the hypocrisies that actually prevail in this world and once again questions their moral right to function as humanitarian workers.

 In reality the LTTE was never the actual voice of the Tamils in Sri Lanka nor Tamils of the world. Yet, the world has remained silence to the very pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora setting up what they call a Transnational Government of Tamil Eelaam. Despite 1million Tamils being located all over the world”¦the votes that these representatives received were an embarrassment to say the least”¦in many places far less than 10% of the Tamil population of these countries went to vote. The result is hardly a sample to actually term themselves victorious or representatives of the Sri Lankan Tamil people let alone all Tamils of the world. Besides why would this TGTE have only Sri Lankan Tamils contesting “”…” an espoused Eelaam should be for all Tamils of the world”¦not just Sri Lankan Tamils. Nevertheless, while questioning the legality of such an exercise when most of these representatives do not plan to ever come to Sri Lanka or perhaps may not even know parts of the North or East, we can but wonder why this trend has not caught on with the other separatist movements where their natives living in foreign climes can also be setting up Transnational Governments”¦what an international fiasco that would lead to”¦Perhaps some group can even set up an alternate UN for these Transnational Governments as well. There should be a limit to some of the absurdities that prevail. 

 We are all well aware of how the LTTE ran its operations. It is nothing that the FBI, the Interpol or any other intelligence outfit are unaware of. Given this scenario & also the fact that leading nations of the world have proscribed the LTTE & continue to maintain the ban, why it would still allow these Tamil representatives to openly call for an Eelaam & pledge support for the LTTE is baffling unless they plan to use this new ploy for a purpose? Why would the parliamentary representatives of these countries even decide to attend LTTE events & speak on behalf of them when in their country the LTTE has been included as a terrorist-outfit?

 The entry of LTTE /Prabakaran & now the TGTE has actually diverted the real issue at hand “”…” that is the quest for the real Tamil Homeland in Tamil Nadu. Perhaps this is one reason why most foreign Governments remain silent in view of their allegiance to India. They would not want to crush the Tamil homeland theme away from Sri Lanka & towards Tamil Nadu which serves India perfectly. The lackluster approach of the Tamil Nadu politicians possibly as a result of much North Indian maneuvering has ensured that Tamil Nadu’s right to demand independence from the Indian state remains hidden under the LTTE/Prabakaran & now TGTE propaganda machinery.

 It is nothing for Sri Lanka to actually worry over. The present lot of LTTE combatants are now been rehabilitated & 106 couples married in a ceremony that should have shamed the TGTE members who enjoy living in their comfort zones in the West and desire to have innocent men, women & children return to the jungles so that they could fatten their coffers by restarting to raise funds. The likelihood of this ever happening is scarce so long as the GOSL makes sure that Tamil Nadu infiltrators are controlled for that is how things ended up going haywire.   

 It is obvious that India will do whatever possible to ensure that Tamil Nadu doesn’t resurrect its justified right for a separate independent state from India & so it is likely that so long as it is to India’s benefit the West will also tow the line but with the go ahead for some of its own agenda taking momentum and if Sri Lanka has changed its policy to bind it close to the Eastern block though the balance may have been maintained the country is in for harder times unless every decision that is taken is not judged carefully. It is at this important juncture that our public officials must take ownership of their role and advise the leaders correctly and for the people to provide a backing against the odds the GOSL must ensure that the country’s land, natural resources nor its people are compromised in any way “”…” this is an inalienable right of the Sri Lankan citizenry & no Government which is only a custodian of the country & its people for a limited term can work outside of this mandate.

17 Responses to “What India plans next for Sri Lanka & the Real Tamil Homeland”

  1. dhane Says:

    Shenali Waduge while agree to you comments wish to point of mine.
    These 75million Tamil people in the world out of 60 million live in India/Tamil Nadu. Has their own History, Language, culture, religion BUT NO Country. We Sinhalese with less population has our own country and we are proud if it. Tamil people are shame for them self. Their hidden agenda was to create a country similar to Israel for Jews. Prabhakaran as its leader try it in Sri Lanka. India try its best to keep the wound within Sri Lanka for ever but failed due to President MR & Gotabaya after 30 years. Now Indian had taken its next strategy to take control over Sri Lanka economy same as Indian control Fuji Island & one time Indian PM.
    Do not worry soon within 5 years Prabhakaran’s slogan will come up “Tamil Nadu for Tamils”. Then India can fight for ever for Kashmir in North and South with Tamils. This is what Western wants to keep Indian economy down for ever spending money on bullets.

  2. Maurya Says:

    What a biased unfair article. Isn’t it a crime in Sri Lanka if a writer actively support disintegration of a neighbouring nation? This article is full of factual inaccuracies and outright lies combined with outlandish “analysis”. One can only read such articles in obscure far left/jihadi websites. I am truly surprised to read such a poor article in Lankaweb!

    First of all there are no Tamil separatism in India. In 1930s there were calls for Tamil Nadu for Tamils, that movement was again for more autonomy for Indian Tamils and leaders like Karunanidhi came up during this struggle. At the moment, Tamil Nadu is one of the most prosperous industrially advanced state in India. Indian central government has at least 9 union ministers from Tamil Nadu alone- the highest from ANY Indian state. Popular Indian defence minister P. Chidambaram is a Tamil (who could not speak Hindi). It is widely speculated that Chidambara could be India’s next prime minister. So much for your “Tamil Homeland”. All Tamil parties-even the militant parties like actor “Seeman’s” party is not separatist in nature and made clear that all Tamil parties support Integrity of India.
    These are the real facts but our author “Shenali Waduge” here is dreaming up facts. May be it is her dream to see India breaking up, a wet dream indeed. But why would Lanka web allow such fanatical articles which would obviously create enmity towards 2 friendly neighbours!! She wrote ” It is obvious that India will do whatever possible to ensure that Tamil Nadu doesn’t resurrect its justified right for a separate independent state from India ”
    Justified?? Says who? Even most fanatical Indian Tamil leaders dont ask for any such “separate” home land. Then what right does this writer have to say it is justified?

    The truth is ,LTTE was indeed supported by Indira Gandhi initially, reason being, Sri Lanka prevented Indian ships port facility and refuelling rights to Indian warships and planes during 1972 India pak war. Fair enough, it was a mistake(by Indira),India did pay a heavy price for that , more than 1000 Indian soldiers sacrificed their life in fighting LTTE. LTTE has no support in India after they assassinated Rajiv Gandhi (except some loud mouth Tamil politicians). Everyone in India including ordinary Tamils were overjoyed to hear about Srilankan armies heroic victory against dreaded LTTE terrorists. Everyone India wanted to congratulate the brave Srilankan president Rjapakse (some even wanted to emulate Srilankan model in crushing Indian maoists). India and Srilanka enjoy excellent relationship and it is time to forget history and move forwards. Indian economy is growing at 9% a year and expected to be world’s 2nd largest economy in few years time. It is high time India and Srilanka rebuild our historical links based on mutual respect for territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Biased outlandish articles like this will only enrage Indians and will serve no purpose other than to shoot Srilanka’s own feet.

  3. Leelawardena Says:

    Let’s make no mistake; Tamil aspirations, claim for a homeland, demand for 13A, 13 plus, federal solution, are all a part of the new roadmap to Eelam. So, I agree, the desire of almost all Tamils is to have an Eelam somewhere.
    The present day states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh constitute Madras Presidency. It was given federal powers at the time of Indian independence. Were the Tamils satisfied? No. Tamils instigated other Dravidians to join them to demand ‘self rule’. But all other non-Tamil Dravidians in Madras Presidency were satisfied with federal powers.

    So, India started its state demarcation on clear racial and linguistic lines to satisfy Tamils. In 1953 Andhra Pradesh was formed, and Tamils were left to concentrate in to Madras state. In 1956 the Bellary and South Kanara districts were given to Mysore state. More Tamils were allowed to concentrate in to Madras state. And Kerala was formed from the Malabar district, the former princely states of Travancore and Cochin. And, when all the others were gone, only Tamils were there in the Madras state. In other words; Tamils got their own racial state. Were the Tamils satisfied? NO.

    The cat got out of the bag in 1962. The DMK stood for 1962 state election on separation ticket. It proved that Tamils wanted not more power but separation. Since Hindi was made the national language of India six years after in 1968 Tamils couldn’t have claimed that they wanted separation because Hindi was forced upon them.

    What mattered was Tamils voted vehemently for a separatist party, DMK in 1962. Prime Minister of India, Nehru had grasped the game plan of Tamils and responded in a very clear manner and passed an amendment to the Indian constitution to ban individuals and political parties that promote separation from contesting elections. DMK had to choose between losing their parliamentary seats and dropping the demand for separation. The Central Committee of the DMK met at Royapuram on November 3, 1963, and unanimously voted to drop its demand for independent Dravida Nadu.

    In 1968, India renamed Madras state as ‘Tamil’ Nadu on a racial basis. Their aim had been to wither separatism in India. Once Tamils of India realised their dream would not come true in India, they moved their action to Sri Lanka.
    Kiths and kin of Tamil Nadu politicians had declared the infamous Wadukodai resolution and planted the Eelam disease to divide Sri Lanka.

  4. Geeth Says:

    Adding more to dhane’s comment I must say, when that time comes that India struggling with its own misdeeds of the past, we must have a superior navy to protect our shores. Building a ‘state of the art’ navy is our first priority. Our future in the Indian Ocean depends on the capability of our navy equipped with its own air power. Sri Lanka has no any other option. The only path left for us by Indian ruling class is resistance. Indians are pushing us away from them.

    India has become a pain in the……. Problem of India is that she doesn’t leave any in-between position for Sri Lanka, other than hating her. When we try to be fare with Indians, they try to use our goodwill to suck our blood. Post-colonial Indian is not less vicious than their counterpart in Colombo. Partition of India was mainly resulted due to their betrayal of national interest with that of their class interests at the final hour of independence. Like Colombians did, they feared more of the native than their colonizer British.

    Pushing the British partition agenda was depending on their relationship with the colonized class in Delhi. To keep this agenda alive, British espionage agencies had infiltrated the very heart of the leadership of the independent movement, for which, it is said that, British had used even wife of Lord Mountbatton to have an immoral relationship with Nehru. When Indians talk about this alleged relationship with sense of pride, I usually laugh at them. Stupid Indians! I am pretty sure that lady Mountbatton must have reported every single development to her man each and every night. That scenario nicely portrays the real picture of the politics of the British ruling class as well. Our Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Colombo, Ponnambalam, was failed, not because of the high principled good governance of British colonial administration or the talents of Colombians capable of outsmarting the British, but as a result of the big fish ‘India’ that Brittan was grappling at the moment. Britain had to postpone Sri Lankan agenda for the sake of the success of Indian agenda of partition. They succeeded in it.

    Now, the mercantile class in India is working hand in hand with their Trans National Corporations in the west. Ignoring the fact that TNC agenda of the west has its own chapter of destabilizing India as well. In a way, theoretically these local agents of TNC’s do not belong to any nationality, like Colombians. For that reason, India is just a geographical location for them, with billion of rats in their TNC lab for maximum exploitation. Stupid Indians! If any one asks about the name of the most confused secret service in the world that has been confused of their national interests, friends and foes, it is the RAW. I wouldn’t be surprised if the chief of the RAW is found to be a double agent of M16.

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    What a crap of postings! DMK gaveup separatism in 24 hours when Indian PM brought a law against separatism in 1962. Those who supported LTTE were defeated in Tamil Nadu at every elections. Are you guys making “comedy” here?

    But how did Sinhalese in the UNP and the Catholic Church support Eelam? Those who bark against India never answer because they try to hide the facts and mislead the people with their usual arrogance.

    You better answer why UNP and Catholic Church need Eelam? Did India ask to carve out Vanni to LTTE? Vanni was given to LTTE by UNP because both LTTE and UNP serve the same western masters!

    Just you are vomitting the usual anti-Indian crap with your imagination. The mind set of people like you will encourage more Indian “intervention”.

    Further India or any other super power can over-run Sri Lanka in 24 hours if they want. But other super powers do not like to “invade” Sri Lanka without the agreement of India.

    Sri lanka is a small nation but some Sri lankans bark that they are “superpowers”.

    Shenali and others talk for “other” super powers and not for Sri Lanka!

  6. Geeth Says:

    What we see as India now is not the real India like what others picture as Sri Lanka is not the real SL, since it was the mutilated picture that most of our post independent politicians projected to the world. All what Indian ruling class was doing in post independent India is based on the shortsighted policies of the colonized ruling class of Delhi. Unfortunately, until the day that native of India taking the reigns of power into their hands is dawned, we have to react to the dictates of this colonized class of Delhi. As it is our historical task to separate Sri Lanka from the colonized policies of our ruling class, Indians also have their historical responsibility of liberating from their colonized Delhi bourgeoisies. Until that day downs, Sri Lanka cannot relax her security.

    How can we expect justice from Indian ruling class given the fact to their betrayal of millions of masses living under the poverty line in India? They marketing their poverty world over at the lowest price and profiting out of their poor population. Political gap in Indian ruling class and the masses of India is symbolical to the gap between their ‘Prithvi’ missile and the homeless in Bombay, their servility to western TNCs and the hegemonic dictates to their less powerful neighbors.

  7. jana Says:

    unfortunately Sri Lanka has not produced any leaders who could not think beyond them selves. I is every thing the country is nothing. What india is attempting is subjugation by debt and flooding the country with indians. if the ruling class agrees to this it is treachoury. One should apply gotabayas treatment for traitors.

  8. Sri Rohana Says:

    You said that India could invade Sri Lanka within 24 hours. It’s a hypothetical statement. But then within next hour (25th hour) to save their lives all tamils will have to take either plane or boat to go to India. With in next 2nd hour (26th hour) India’s Vietnam War will start. India invaded Sikkim and Goa but don’t think that they can invade Sri Lanka. They lost to Pakistan 1947/1965. They lost to China in 1962 war. Even they lost to LTTE in Vanni Jungle. Hariharan knows very well. Don’t think this is Ramayana era and monkey army cannot torch Sri Lanka again!

    I agree with you MUDali in UNP and Catholic Church scenario. Traitor Ranil signed a pact with Velupillai with the blessing of Norway and other westerners. The westerners wanted the first Eelam in Sri Lanka. Eelam will use as a logistic and supply base to Tamil country’s (tamil nadu) struggle against New Delhi. This is a stepping-stone to balkanize India similar to former Yugoslavia. If Tamil Country separated from New Delhi then they will form Dravidastan with Tamil country (tamil nadu), Kerala, Andra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Then Kashmir, Kalistan (Sikhs), Nagaland, Orissa and Bihar Naxalites will fight for independence. Westerners can easily divide India in to 12- 15 countries. This is a best opportunity to westerners. They can easily exploit India’s resources and control 1.2 billion population market on their wish. They can create more Velupillais and Manmohan Singhs for this agenda. A weak South Asia is a blessing to them. Westerners can get more South Asian ports such as Trincomalee from Ealamist to control Indian Ocean and oil routes. After divide India in to 15 countries westerners can control on trade, arms & weapon supply, Infrastructure, Services, Air lines, Shipping industry, minerals, forestry, farming and agriculture, Import & exports etc. Similar scenario is happening in former Soviet countries. To fulfill westerns greedy ambitions their Sri Lankan agents UNP and Catholic Church always ready and those are the reason UNP and C.C supported LTTE to get Eelam in Sri Lanka.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Two vital factors for the sovereignty of Lanka :

    * Say NO to foreign labor. Tamil Nadu labor (in the form of Tamil Dalits) may come in to build the 50,000 houses for the IDPs.
    Beware of this. This type of labor will never go back to TN, and I do not think they will ever be truly loyal to Lanka. They will be prone to conversions too. All jobs in Lanka for Lankans only.
    * Say NO to Illegal Migration (from Tamil Nadu). A watchful & LOYAL Coastguard for Lanka’s coastline, especially the North & East and parts of the West coast, is a must.

  10. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Hearts and minds of the majority will decide the future of a nation. No amount of force will succeed if the SriLankan people wish to remain independent. However, this can be overcome by foreign powers like India by infiltrating the country in large numbers through agreements such as CEPA (which the SriLankan Govt has not signed up to now), and diluting the wishes of the existing majority. As for the UNP and the Catholic Church supporting these machinations of foreign powers through LTTE, I wonder why?. In anycase the current UNP leadership is also in step with the Church as it is heavily influenced by the Church. A replacement of the current UNP leadership is very important to bring back the UNP supporters back to the thinking of mainstream SriLankans. Hopefully Ranil and the non-patriotic UNP leadership will be replaced soon with a patriotic lot. Such a change together with the support of countries like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other regional nations would ensure the continued independence of SriLanka. So lets not be pessimistic.

  11. Leelawardena Says:

    MUdali: I gave the date that DMK gave up separatism. As I said they had no choice; they had to choose between getting in to political business or separation business. Many chose the business of politics but there were many others who chose to continue agitation.

    As I said; no separatist can contest for any election in India on separatist ticket. So how can they win MUdali? Staunch LTTE backers like MDMK leader Gopalswamy, alias Vaiko do not contest Indian elections on a separatist platform; because they cannot. They just beat their drums round the mulberry bush. They hoped to ignite Tamil separatism in India after Piripaharan reach his Eelam in Sri Lanka. That is why they went mad when Piripaharan was killed.

    The fact of the matter is; today’s rulers in India know all this. So, they need Rajapakse much more than Rajapakse need them. That is why Rajapakse said, he did the job for Indian. That is why India will never demand Rajapakse to implement 13A in full. They just put thing to Rajapakse to pacify Karananidhi. I shall write a separate article on this.

  12. Leelawardena Says:

    PrabasFlaccidHead: He has been a good military strategist but a lousy political strategist. He has reached the peak popularity as the common candidate for the Presidency. He has become an MP and reached the maximum he could go as a politician. Fonseka has become an agent of neo colonist, and everyone knows it. Fonseka is doomed.

    Rajapakses have become synonymous with Nationalism. Rajapakses have become synonymous with Sinhala Buddhism. Rajapakses have become synonymous with Development. All Rajapakses know what keeps them at top. Rajapakses know how to retain it. Don’t undermining Rajapakses.

    You can see what I mean from the fact that neither JVP nor UNP can organize a successful agitation against the proposed term extension to the constitution. They only could put up posters.

  13. jana Says:

    You cannot have blind faith in any politician. people had blind faith on JRJ . now we see what damage he did. MR unfortunately is keeping his dealings with India secret and allowing India to flood the country with indians and hegamonise her economy. One can only pray he does not do a JRJ. The sinhalese have to be vigilant.

  14. Leelawardena Says:

    jana: I am a realist. I cannot be the President of this country. So, I support the one that has the nearest policies to that of mine. And I oppose the one that has that has policies that are detrimental to this country – anti-national and anti-patriotic. If you have trailed MR’s track for the past few years, there had been times his action looked as if he was drafting away from our ideals. But he always got himself manoeuvred back on the track at the appropriate time. That’s what matters. That is the smartness of a politician. What matters is where he ends up. So, we have to trust him and be patient with him.

    MR’s continuation of RanilW’s peace agreement is a case point. Genuinely or as a ruse JVP criticized him on that. It wasn’t their criticism that MR severed it. He was waiting for the right time. But just go back and see what his detractors said about it at the time.MR has proved all his critics are off beam.

    But, I agree with you, we have to see MR is plying along the patriotic and national path. But take a cue from the past and let him play the game of chess. I believe, right now, we can only reach our goal with him.

  15. jana Says:

    blind faith is no good. yes MR helped to win the war but look at his governance .Apptment of unqualified people to run the country , petroleumm corp loss 1.2 billion dollars, mihin air billions of dollars, poor qulity drugs brought costing millions it never ends, all on borrowed money. now he is borrowing from the indians. If he goes on like this he would have won the war but before he finishes he would have sold the country.

  16. M.S.MUdali Says:

    “Fraud” is our national decease. “Neopotism” is another ruining factor. Victory over LTTE is used to hide both! If Mahinda fails to eradicate fraud and bribery in pulic service, he will face a “waterloo” in the next election!

  17. mario_perera Says:

    That India always wanted to colonise Sri lanka is as clear as the midday sun. History show that such colonisation plans were effected by two preponderant means; firstly by armed invations and secondly by the influx of cheap labour. India tried the first method and has apparently failed. NOw phase two in underway. It is well known, even obvious that a great contingent of the LTTE fighters were Tamls from South India. Now most of them are in IDP camps and have assumed srilankan nationality as nothern tamils.
    Let us face the hard these facts. The ONLY long term solution to separatims rearing up again is to populate the North with Sinhalese families. Those adopted most for this all important venture are the armed forces and their families. For thirty the military of Sri Lanka shed their blood in the North to free this country fro the scourge of separatism inducted by India. Now. in addition to all other arguments, by the argument of blood shed, the North has become their homeland as well. make Sinhalese settlements in the North. This is the solution. IN fact this is the ONLY solution for there is NO OTHER.

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