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Heroism, Sacrifices our war heros did during thirty years of war fighting the most brutal murderer and his gang of Tamil terrorists cannot be described in one or two days or in years. They were our heros for ever. God bless them. They should be remembered every single moment of our lives,if not for them our homeland will not be celebrating heros day like what we are going to witness tomorrow 18 June 2010. Young and old sacrificed in thousands to free our nation.

Sri Lankan governments spends millions of rupees to eradicate terrorism. Governments fall because of terrorism. Political leaders were killed beacuse of terrorism. Many of our leaders died from the bombs and bullets of terrorists led by Prbakaran Tamil Nadu’s pet. People left in thousands to other countries fearing for their lives.People lost their kith and kin, properties and valuables because of terrorism. So much misery was around us and day by day people went through untold sufferings. Thanks to the current Government and the WAR HEROS we were able to celebrate VICTORY day in Peace with the participation of all Sri Lankans as one nation.
One year has passed since we end the war but during this one year we witnessed so many changes in the country and in peoples lives. We saw important changes in the Armed Forces as well as in the political forces. Now we can see free and happy faces because of peace and harmony prevailing in the whole country. Nobody wants to go back to war and destruction again after suffering too long. Only we know how much we suffered during those dark days. I dont think anyone can forget it so easily.

We have to keep in mind who was responsible for ending those dark days? It was not an easy task when so many leaders failed only one leader was there with a strong will power to guide and show the path to victory and that is none other than His excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa. Our war heros in the Armed forces sacrificed their lives in thousands to bring an end to the most brutal terror in our history. No father or mother knew when his son or daughter will come home safely at the end of the day. It was death,destruction, horror and blood everyday and everywhere and no one knew when the enemy will hit, that much dangerous was our beloved country.

Many foreign governments banned their countrymen visiting the country fearing terrorists will attack and kill them. Those terrorists didnt have any mercy even for babies, they will kill in cold blood because they like to see only blood nothing else that’s why we call them bloody terrorists monsters. When some individual or government give aid to a terrorist or terrorists they dont think that these monsters will play havoc among the human beings and destroy the livelyhood of innocent people. Because of these terror groups many countries around the world suffer too much. India lost a valuable son of theirs because they created a human bomb to destroy others, if they didnt helped Prabakaran Rajiv Ghandhi would have lived even today.
Our Sinhala nation shouldnt be ungreatful to our war heros. We unitedly should support every effort this government taking on behalf of those war heros. We owe our lives to them and all of them were very brave individuals who valiantly fought the enemy day and night and in the sun and rain to save our nation. I cry for those sons and daughters same as their own parents. We love them for ever and they will be in our hearts for ever. Thank you my Son and Daughter for saving our beautiful Motherland from evil Tamil killers who didnt have any sympathy to mankind. I will never forgive India for creating such a monster like Prabakaran who killed so many of our innocent civillians in cold blood. When we think of Aranthalawa,Anuradhapura massacres I dont think anyone can forgive those bastard or their Masters next door.

My blood boils when I think of those bloody murders and those who did those bloody murders. Some of our Sinhala dogs even supported those murderers and helped them to kill our Sinhala brothers and sisters and still some are there who  never appreciate what our war heros and the government did to eliminate terrorism completely from our soil in four years of this present government. Dear citizens think of those L.T.T.E check points and the taxes they collected from our Sinhala people to move around in our own country?

 Think of the days they attacked our holiest places in Kandy, Anuradhapura and other holy places, some of the places were destroyed completely. Their plan was to eliminate all our Sinhala leaders and to destroy our cultural and worship places and to have their own government aided by their friends in India,Norway,England,U.S.A. Australia and mnay other western evil countries. Nobody knew the strength of our Sinhala war heros until the present President came in to power in 2005. Because of the support and the backing the President and his brother Gotabaya gave to our Sinhala heros in the Armed Forces they were able to planned and excute their deadly assault on the enemy from one corner to another from Ground, Air, and Sea until they got rid of every murderer including the most feared terrorist leader in the world Velupillai Prabakaran and his ruthless gang of murderers from the soil of our nation. Tomorrow and every day of our lives we will remember them in our hearts and what ever way we can we will help those heros to rebuild their lives as normal citizens and to help to build our Motherland for the future. 
We are very proud of our war heros. Only country in the world which got rid of terrorism completely. We need to erect a monument in every city to remember those valiant heros because they were from all over the country. Every citizen should be taught to respect the nation they were born and the war heros who liberated our land from ruthless terrorism lasted for thirty long years of our lives.

This victory of ours didnt come easy as a pie just like those traitors in the opposition think, twenty thousand or more of our sons and daughters in the armed forces sacrificed their lives and many thousand of our own innocent citizens gave their lives, blood was spilled all over our country because of one ruthless coward and his gang created and aided by India. If india wants to be our true friend they should stop the Tamil Nadu politicians and L.T.T.E sympathizers who is still trying to create disturbances in our peaceful country by helping the remnants of L.T.T.E terrorists. Before these Tamil Nadu’s like Vaiko and others do harm to their country as well as our country the Indian government should act immediately.

Every country in the world which suffers and fights terrorism should take action against L.T.T.E left overs who are living in their country’s without any delay because they are very dangerous to their countries as well as for our country.If any country needs to eliminate terrorism they should act without fear if not many innocent human beings will die. I say to the world stop talking and finger pointing and help to get rid of terrorism from the world for all human beings to live in peace and harmony.
Our sincere wishes and prayers to all the war heros in this first anniversary and May Lord Buddha protects our land and the citizens of all faiths and allow all of them to live happily as one family in our beloved homeland. Our appreciation and gratitude to our beloved President,his brother Gotabaya and all the war heros in the Armed Forces,Government and the citizens of SRI LANKA.
THIRD IS THE NATION and that is the Sinhala nation comprise of Sinhalese,Tamils, Muslims,Burgers,Malays living together  peacefully.happily and harmony with others who value humanity.

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  1. Siri Says:

    This is very good. Congratulations Ranjit. We should also remember that China is our friend and without her help we would not have been able to win the war. Gratitude is a long standing Sri Lankan tradition. We should be always grateful to China. India on the other hand is a troublesome neighbor who has to be tolerated. They were the creaters of the problem. we should be always be on the look out for the RAW infiltrators. They can still pose a danger to us. Why does India want a consulate in the North and in Hambantota of all places. No Sri Lankans in the South are interested in going to India. This is an excuse to bring in RAW personnel to the south to sabotage the Chinese projects. The TID should watch out for these Indians, arrest and deport them at the first sign of anti Sri Lankan behavior. We should not trust the Indians. They are the stooges of the West. They will do anything for money. To begin with they should never have been allowed to open these unnecessary consulates. now we will have to spend money having the TID watch them.

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