Posted on June 21st, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you, to your government and to our beloved war heros for bringing peace and harmony to our land after thirty long years. Due to prevailing peace around the country people were moving and enjoying the beauty and tranquility of our beautiful land. Suddenly the whole country has woken up like a sun flower and now seems to me that some governments and individuals around the world cannot stand to see us enjoying the peace and freedom which denied us for thirty years because of brutal terrorism. Mr.President we know your love for the country and to it’s people and we know that you are good man and keep your promises but we are worried when things wont happen as promised. Yes! citizens need peace after seen so many years of bloodshed but at the same time they are eagerly waiting to see when they will get their daily needs, jobs, housing, salary increases, education for their children and so on as promised. When you have a strong government with a clear majority you should not take long time to solve problems of your citizens. You have 144 team players under your leadership and we need them to work for the people not to play around and beg for the vote in the next general elections. Our country is a very small country with 20 million people and I think if everyone of your team work hard and  honestly like you we can accomplish all the tasks concerning our citizens.
These days we see and hear very unfortunate incidents happenning around the country like in old days Roberries, Gang murders, Gang rapes, kidnappings for ransom, bribes taken by politicians to send people abroad, arson in cinama halls, attacking opposition candidates, harassing citizens, illegal money printing by foreigners, transporting live ammunition by L.T.T.E. leftovers etc. These things we only read in the newspapers but actually we dont know how far these stories were true but we expect these type of things to be stopped by your government. Now the war is over so rather than keeping our war heros in their barracks they can be used as Inteligence officers around the country to protect our land and the citizens and at the same time use their services for development of the country. We need to strengthen our Inteligence as well as police force and put more policeman on the streets to protect the properties and innocent citizens who has been harrased by hooligans and thieves. We have never heard before beggars were slaughtered in Colombo like what we are hearing now so if we have more policing on our roads and places of important day and night we can stop these murders and roberries.
You and your brother Gotabaya Mr.President should be vigilant all the time for your own safety and for the sake of our beloved country. We have faith on you two very much and we need you two to continue the same way you did during the war.Be strong and dont let down the country and the citizens at any time. We have to keep our eyes open because we dont know who the enemies are now as so many new friends are rushing  in to our country with aids and new Ideas. We may not be able to check who is the enemy and who is the friend because during the war days we can remember still our war heros caught red handedly some terrorists working for U.N. UNICEF and other aid agencies who came to our country pretending to help us but helping L.T.T.E. terrorists instead. If anyone trying to bring harm to our people and to our motherland should be arrested immediately and brought to justice and should not give any special treatment as they are traitors to our Motherland. Our enemies inside and outside and the JVP’ers trying to create unpleasant, unneccessary sabotage and protests to bring disunity among the people and let down the government in front of the International community. From 1970 these traitors were doing only harm to our beloved Motherland nothing else. They killed many of our citizens and damaged millions of worth properties belongs to the governemnt and private. Now again they were trying to go back to their old habbits by spreading lies and confusing the citizens. They are bunch of angry men like their new found friend and leader disgraced traitor Sarath Fonseka. With seven seats in the parliament those idiots cannot do a thing except destabilize the government and the country and destroy the newly found peace and freedom. Our citizens as well as the government should be alert all the time for any mischief planned by these traitors to the motherland. They are like Angry Heynas now so we need to check their movements and their activities. Mr.President dont wait till they do any sinister thing like in 1971 you need to act if you smell something bad.
Mr.President we can see nowadays so many countries and foreign banks promising aids to our country in millions for our post war developments. when Dr.Mahathir Mohammed architecture of Malaysia visited our country recently he said it’s not good to take so much loans beacuse it will be little difficult when we go to pay back.That’s true but at the moment we need aids but we should check whether they give in good intensions or not to our motherland. Sometimes they come and poisoned our citizens and teach bad habbits therefore we have to be vigilant all the time. Most of the aid groups and NGO’s are not genuine like they say they always wants to create something unpleasant in calloboration with minorities to disturb the peace not only in our country but all over the world specially with small countries like us. We have seen in the past how these NGO’s SPEND THEIR MONEY ON TERRORIST ACTIVITIES in the north and east. We the citizens very well knows who the friends and the enemies are to our motherland. It’s true India is our neighbour and we have economy and cultural ties for so many years but it’s very difficult for us to call him a true friend because there are so many reasons for it. Main reason if you want to know MR.President is because they selected a Tamil person from my home country a man called Prabakaran from Velvetithurai,allowed him to stay in India and to move around with Indian and Tamil politicians and helped him to organize a terrorist group of the same origin,gave him aids in money and arms then trained this group for jungle warfare and send him and his bunch of killers to my homeland to destabalize the country and to start a guerrilla war with the government to have a separate land for them. After he came back to my land he started his killing spree for thirty long years until he die like a dog from a hero’s bullet in Nandikadal lagoon in 2009. Did any time India appologized to us Mr.President for giving birth to a terrorist and for destroying our beautiful land and killing so much innocent citizens of our motherland? How can we forgive them and now you are going to give them permission to open embassies in every corner of our country for what reason and what’s the point to have two three embassies in a country with 20 million people? Do we need embassies in every corner like police stations? Specially why India needs an embassy in Hambantota? We Sinhalese in the south do not need an embassy specially from India because we know their sinister Ideas. One embassy in Colombo is enough for a small country like us. You know what RAW is capable of they have their spies all over and they are responsible for so many terror attacks in Pakistan and elsewhere. When India opens these embassies there will be RAW spies in our country and it will be dangerous for our security. Any how Mr.President for god sake dont allow Indians to invade our country.This is a warning from A Sri lankan citizen who loves the motherland dearly nothing else.
Some people were complaining that we have opened Armed Force bases everywhere in the North and East and we are destroying their cultural places and so on but Mr.President these people can say anything anywhere they like but they should understand that our motherland SRI LANKA belongs to all citizens and people can live anywhere they like and enjoy the freedom like you said that no more minorities and we have two kinds of people one is who loves the country and the other one who dosent love their country. For our own security we should have bases where ever we like we shouldnt listen to any mother’s son for advise on that issue at all. Nobody can forces us to tell what to do regarding bases or security of our beloved country. Those people who sympathize with terrorists will suffer at the end now see in India what Maoists is doing same like what L.T.T.E did to us. Let them suffer and learn a lesson for giving aid and shelter for ruthless terrorists. Some complain that the Army has opened busineses in the north and east and  people from those areas cannot do their businesses due to that. If they are born and bread in my country they should be thankful to our Armed Forces first for bringing peace and allow them to live peacefully rather than living in  fear like those days under the rule of terror.
We have 100% faith in you Mr.President and also our most loved and fearless brother of yours Gotabaya, Basil your other brother who took care of the north and east very well and one and only Wimal Weerawansa who fought fearlessly day and night in his own way to liberate our beautiful Motherland from L.T.T.E. terrorists. We know that you will not give in to any pressure whithin or outside but we are worried because we read in the media that more of L.T.T.E. activities nowadays inside the country and in some countries around the world like in Canada,India,Malaysia,Europe,Thailand etc. If these countries allows these activities to go on without any action then we all have to face problems later on. Our distinguish ambassodors who are in foreign countries should advise those governments who are harbouring and giving help to terrorists and terrorists related activities to monitor them and exchange informations with us so we can avoid any danger before it happens.
These past years whole world saw how Myanmar government killed their own innocent civillians including buddhist monks in cold blood during the uprising and then we saw and all saw how Thai government soldiers killed their own people in cold blood likewise in many countries it happens in Kashmir,Pakistan and in Afganistan and so on so why not open inquiries for those bloodshed by U.N. or any other organizations and why these evil organizations coming after us Mr.President? Like Hon Ratnasiri Wickremenayake said that nobody have the right to inquire internal affairs in any country by any organization.Correct Mr.President dont allow these criminals to come to our country to have any inquiries or anything.These are poisonous snakes,they will catch hold of some Tamils in the north and east and try to make some bull shit stories like they gave to CNN,BBC,Channel 4 in the past. You are the President of a FREE sovereign nation and a leader who eliminated terrorism from a country after thirty years therefore they should give you the Nobel Peace prize instead of harassment,inquiries or blame game. Our whole country is behind you Mr.President except our Sinhala and Tamil Traitors. Maha Sanga and the Buddhist religion is always protects our land and it’s people therfore we are not afraid of any U.N. or Human rights We say to them go to hell with your commisions and inquiries and stay away from our Motherland. Also tell those terrorist sympathizers in India like Waiko,Karunanidhi,and also to the Government of India not to put their finger in our affairs and how dare they tell us to devolve power to the Tamils and give their lands etc. This is our land and it belongs to all there are no lands seperated as Sinhalese,Tamil and Muslims,all can live in harmony anywhere they like like one family.If anyone wants a seperate land they can go to hell or to Tamil Nadu where they came they have enough land to share because it’s a big country with big mouths like Jayalalitha,Karunnanidhi,Waiko and other terrorists like them.
Mr.President we are waiting till you eliminate corruptions, underworld, Aids,Money Laundering, Drugs, and other bad habbits from our peaceful land as promised and we know with your inteligent team that you will do and clean up the place for all of our citizens to live in peace and harmony. We like your style of governing and we appreciate your hard work and we like you as a person who eliminated the most ruthless killer of all time in our history VELLUPILLAI PRBAKARAN the monster with the help of our beloved WAR HEROS. Until we clear terrorists and terror activities 100% you and your brother Gotabaya our beloved Defence secretary and your government should rule the country with the blessings of the citizens. We dont need leaders who licks white man’s boots or sympathize with terrorists to rule our Motherland like Ranil,Sarath,Somawansa,Sajeeth or Awamangala. They were the past and you are the present and the future for many more years to come.
I am only an innocent citizen and a simple voter who loves my motherland Sri Lanka.
My concern is my country and the future though we are free.
We look up to you to save our country from evil human beings who wants to destroy our freedom

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