Never Give into External Pressure
Posted on June 25th, 2010

Sunil Vijayapala Australia

One can boldly state that two races were hell bent to destroy Sri Lanka from ancient times and continue to the present.  The Dravidians during ancient times on one hand making a hell for our Kings to survive in North and were pushed Southward due to constant invasions and plunder and the Anglo Saxons, on the other hand from the 19th Century onwards destroying our environment and plunder and exploitation of our way of living and culture.

 Mahinda and his government should take a firm stand now and never bow down to external pressure, like Burma, although we should refrain from comparing the Burmese situation to ours.  And we Sri Lankan expats belonging to all communities including sensible Tamils, should provide support to the government in whatever means at this crucial juncture.   Let EU go to hell and let us not rely on AID anymore, the trump card of the west to curb developing countries to fall in line with their unreasonable demands.  Releasing Tiger criminals who have killed innocent people through suicide bombings or shooting etc., on grounds of Political prisoners is baseless and only fools will agree to such an arrangement and those who suggest this need their brains examined!.  Political prisoners are held based on their ideology and not on criminal backgrounds.

 To be fair and reasonable the EU people should contact their own Embassies and High Commissions to get feedbacks from the current ground situation in Sri Lanka instead of  just buckle under pressure to some Tiger Terrorist sympathizers who are pathological liars who would even sell their own mothers to gain something.  Castigating Sinhalese is the easiest way for unscrupulous Tamils (most are decent ones, including the majority of Tamils who live in among Sinhalese and Muslims and other minorities in the South) to gain sympathy of the foolish westerners (not all are foolish) to justify asylum.  Tamil Diaspora continue to hit GOSL without realizing the boomerang they throw will eventually hit them as LTTE too is targeted by the UN panel appointed by the Boon the Moon.

 It’s more of a vendetta by the Anglo Saxons with the Sinhalese developed through years than the “ƒ”¹…”west’ as most people think and the west is highly influenced by this menacing race, for no apparent reason other than economic.  This is the Satanic race who themselves commit heinous crimes against humanity and blame Chinese, Russians, Germans, French etc. etc. and playing the card of Human Rights to thwart  weak countries like Sri Lanka.

 Now that the UN has appointed a panel to probe into war crimes in Sri Lanka we (and our Government) and the rest of the world should demand the UN to appoint a panel to probe into war crimes committed by Anglo Saxons, the American and British varieties in countries such as Panama and Iraq, as thousand innocent unarmed people perished during these invasions.

 None of the Anglo Saxons like Alston or others who held/hold high positions in UN or other NGOs would ever mention war crimes committed by Americans and British.  These people have one agenda and that is to promote the Anglo Saxon domination and vulgar, pathetic values of their race.  This is a mean, calculating, scheming race which has the power to influence any organization in the world to carry out their strategies and also has the power to quell any force which will go against them, of course occasionally with disastrous results.

 It is time that the rest of the world lead by Russia, China and India etc. etc. unite to fight Anglo Saxons to put an end to their hegemony.   How could this race get away with all crimes against humanity committed over the last 200 years?

 I would advice Mahinda to cancel the proposed CHOGM meeting in Sri Lanka in 2012. Even if they do hold it never to bow down to that stupid Mad Cow, denigrating our past leaders who gave their life to save our country from British, denigrating especially the Sinhalese and rest of Sri Lankans who love our motherland and other world races and leaders.

 Sunil Vijayapala

11 Responses to “Never Give into External Pressure”

  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Sunil
    What a marvelous article. Exactly 100% correct and 100% agreed.
    Hope you may not offended if I correct only one sentence. It was not Dravidains who invaded our country. It was Tamils who invaded and destroyed the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Civilizations.
    Dravidains are south Indians from Kerala (Malayalam Language) Karnataka (Kannadi Language), Andra Pradesh (Theligu Language) and Tamil Country (Tamil nadu- tamil language). Velupillai Prabakaran’s father was a Tamil nadu migrant.
    All Tamil are Dravidians but all Dravidians are not Tamil!

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Veluppillai was not a Tamil but a Malayali. If S/Indians are Dravidians, who are the Sinhalese? Sinhala is closer to all S/Indian languages and have nothing to do with any North Indian languages.

    Further barking at Tamils never helpful to stop the WHITE CHRISTIAN acts of conquering or controlling because Sinhalese are not bother much about the Catholic Church and its cunning plans to convert the Island as a Catholic Nation. Vatican took the first step to back the LTTE publicly but Sinhalese are barking at Tamils only and not at Vatican!

    Catholic Church is the agent of all these WESTERN powers in Sri Lanka. Catholic or White nations did not ban the film DA VINCI CODE but Sri Lanka banned the film. What a mockery and injustice for Hindus/Buddhists who were oppressed by the Christians/Catholics!

    Catholic Church praised the LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST. Catholic Tyronne Fernando went further praising Veluppillai Prabakaran as the TRUE PATRIOTIC SRI LANKAN! Christian Ranil Wickramasinghe carved out VANNI to LTTE.

    Now Sinhalese bend to the Tiger bishop of Jaffna or Malcolm Ranjith. Before Tamils betray Sri Lanka, Sinhalese will do the job in favour of Nazi POPE!


    Mr. MUdali, you are off-the-point again. I think you should write an article to express your hate for Christian Church. Please avoid writing off-the-point comments to reasonable articles. Hope you would not get offended by my advice.

    You said Velu was a Malayali. Does it mean that his father was too?

  4. sharpeshooter Says:

    Sri Rohana – Thanks for your comment. Ancient times Cholas and Pandyans invaded our country. There were no Tamils, Malayalams etc then. Helas made mistakes in siding with one time Cholas to ward off Pandyans and another time siding with Pandyans to ward off Cholas. We are facing a dilemma today because of this grave mistake. Only Gagabahu(if my history is correct) took on both Pandyans and Cholas in one go and conqured South India and almost graced on Burma on the North west coast. Dravidian I agree is based on linguistics – it does not identidy a race, as is Aryans, which is NOT A RACE but a linguistic group.

    Mudali – Well everyone agrees with you on Catholic action in SL and World over – no qualms about it. The only thing the reader of this grand elite forum disagrees is with your remarkable statements you make on and off. I wonder whether you are actually a Dravidian using a Sinhala name. I ignored once your comment on Silvas and Fernandos as I am a person who rarely get involved with arguments and idle chatter.
    Here is a bit of history lesson for you to ponder. According to experts on history going by ancient writings on stone and book form, Aryans were linguistic group who arose in Persia (now Iran). They migrated to west and east, and on the eastern front they conquered North India inhabited by Dravidians, who were pushed to the South. We Sinhala people was a group by the name of Simhala according to Paranavitane (read his book Sinhalayo) and this Indo-Aryan group migrated to present day Sri Lanka, their language being Sanskrit. They came from present day Gujarat, speaking an Aryan dialect of Sanskrit, and may be Prakrit.
    If you have read Mahabharata – two Aryan races Pandawas and Kaurawas were involved in a great war. Kaurawas were the warrior caste of nobility i.e. kings and rulers were born from this group. Buddhas time they were known as Kshatriyas, Sakyans (Buddhas a clan under them), Mauryans (Asoka fame) – all the same. Kaurawas who built Hastinapura, were defeated and some were pushed Southward. They began speaking Dravidian languages and when Parakaramabahu vi needed mercenaries to protect the shores of Lanka, he invited this Aryans who were speaking Dravidian. (Sakyan princes and princesses came to Lanka even during Anu era and produced the greatest Kings Sri Lanka as again I emphasize they were of Nobility) They occupied the eastern shores and their warrior and nobility traits were forgotten and began fishing. When Portuguise invaded SL some of these people embrased Catholism and adopted names like Silvas and Fernandos.
    My mother was a Devadittiya(meaning non-believers of God) and both my seeyas were de Silvas, coming from this clan and we are staunch Buddhists. Now you may read some ancient and 16th to 20th history books to enlighten yourself, to verify my statements. I sincerely hope you read this or someone would and let you know.
    Sunil Vijayapala

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    MUDALI is a Tamil word and not a Sinhala word. MUDALI is an exact TAMIL translation of the Sanskrit/Pali word PALLAVA!

    In Iran no evidence of Sanskrit or Prakrit.

    Ganges Valey civilization created Sanskrit or Pali. Both languages are UNIQUE to India and Hindus. Arya means LEARNED person and nothing to do with a RACE or Language. But later some groups of languages connected with Sanskrit and Pali started to claim that they are ARYANS.

    I dont trust Dr.Paranawitane because he (idiotically or racillay) created a mess in Rajarata. He was the only man found the name of the person from ashes(carbon test). People of Rajarata followed the request if their King DutaGemunu for more than 2500 years and paid homage to the TOMB of Elara but this Paranawitane created a RACIST lie and said it was not the tomb of Elara.

    Further the FISHER clans among Sinhala traced a LINK in Maha Bharatha to claim HIGH CASTE status in Sri Lanka in the 30s and 40s. Kandyans never treated the LOW country Sinhalese as EQUALS. When the EUROPEAN RULE was in Sri Lanka those LOW country Sinhalese became RICH and powerful than the Kandyans because they are all Catholics/Christians.

    That is a funny story. Most of the South Sri Lankan (currently speak Sinhala) people have their ancestry in South India and nowhere in North.Speaking a language never change the RACE. Genetically Sri lankans belong to the South India stock.

    If the boat-man story of Maha Bharatha to be believed, what about the Fishermen in Tamil Nadu or Cambodia?

    Why and how did those Maha Bharath Fishermen jumped all the way from Hastinapura(current Delhi) to Panadura and Moratuwa?

    Bogus claims make more mockery while probabilities and science ignored to establish a false theory!

    Our Kings went to Tamil Nadu for help or marriage and not to any part of the North India for thousands of years! Why?

    If Sinhala is an ARYAN language, all the South Indian languages are qualified to be Aryan languages! All the South Indian languages including Sinhala originated from the common ancestor HELA or ELU!

    Eastern Sri Lankan people are known as MUKKUWAs who came from Kerala. Their main profession is FISHING!

    I understand your problem of having a Portugeuse name and Buddhism! Buddhism and Portugeuse name cannot go together!

  6. cassandra Says:

    Concessions come at a price. That is understandable. What is unacceptable is when the conditions demanded as the price of such concessions are outrageous and impossible for any self respecting nation to accept. And that is clearly the case with some of the conditions that the EU has asked Sri Lanka to meet, with respect to continuing the GSP+ concessions.

    The prosperity of the west had been built in large measure on its easy access to cheap raw materials from poor countries and its ability to exploit those countries again by selling the goods and services at prices favourable to the west – buying in a ‘buyers market’ and selling in a ‘sellers market’. It seems nothing has changed. The EU is simply carrying on the tradition. Despite the moral posturing that the west so self righteously often displays, it has rarely given the poor countries a fair go. To put it bluntly, the EU is intent on screwing Sri Lanka by hitting it where it will hurt. They are not fools at the EU and they will have known only too well how Sri Lanka would respond, that it will not will barter away its sovereignty for trade concessions.

    I recall when there were calls for sporting boycotts and/or trade sanctions against South Africa and Rhodesia during the time of white rule in those countries. There would be strident calls from some in the west against such actions, ostensibly on the basis that we should not mix politics and sports and that trade sanctions would actually hurt most, the poor in those countries. The fact that the withdrawal of the GSP+ concessions will hurt most, the poor workers in Sri Lanka cannot have been lost on the EU – as I said earlier, they are not fools at the EU. But presumably, its moral conscience is not troubled by such considerations.

    The EU has given Sri Lanka only one option – to reject the conditions the EU demands.

    I must say I have some difficulty with some of your statements. You say, referring to the demands of the EU, that this is “a vendetta by the Anglo Saxons” who you later say “commit heinous crimes against humanity and blame Chinese, Russians, Germans, French, etc, etc”. I thought the Germans and French are very much a part of the EU. How can they be blaming themselves?

    Then, you say the UN has appointed a “panel to probe into war crimes in Sri Lanka”. This is factually incorrect. The UN had appointed no such panel. The Secretary General has appointed an advisory panel, NOT to “probe into war crimes” but to “advise him on the issue of accountability with regard to any alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law during the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka”. There is a fear, of course, that the appointment of this panel signals an unstated intention to later appoint a probe into alleged war crimes. But as of now no such panel has been appointed.

    You have seen fit to say in reply to MS MUdali, a respondentto your article, that “Well everyone agrees with you on Catholic action in SL and World over – no qualms about it”. EVERYONE means ALL, and NO, not everyone agrees with this. I, for one, don’t. I have no doubt there are those who share MS MUdali’s views (you, clearly, do) but not ALL do. As for MS MUdali, readers of these columns will by now know that – regardless of whether it is relevant or not – he will trot out his predictable anti Catholic rant at every opportunity and give us gratuitous lessons in history with his version of the origins of the Sinhalese. It seems the man cannot help himself.

    You have concluded your article with advice to the President to cancel the proposed CHOGM meeting in Sri Lanka in 2012. I don’t believe it is within his authority to do that. He can only decline to hold it in Sri Lanka. But what good is that going to achieve? I think, such a move would, in fact, be quite silly.

  7. sharpeshooter Says:

    Mudali – You have the right to your own views and your own history – I wonder where this all came from? There is one person who take you seriuosly and that person is non other than you! I wonder whether you have anything to offer to this forum other than some run-of-the-mill statements about Aryans, Sanskrit, Sinhalese and other statement about Moratuwa and Panadura people. Shall we wind up now? You seem to show of your diary of diction and thoughts and elevate yourself to a scholastic pundit grazing on epistemology.

    Cassandra – I am not into pedantic stuff you seem to ponder on, English words, phrases etc. I reiterate what I stated before that what we face in Sri Lanka today is the consequence of Tamil Diaspora lies, Anglo Saxon hegemony and Catholic action, which undoubtedly antagonise people like you. If we all agree on everything this world, will have no Terrorism, wars or dialogues such as this. I take flowers and bricks with equanimity and I must thank this mentality to that to great treasure called Buddhism. For you to understand the Anglo Saxon hegemony it would take probably life time or probably never. Again I respect your views and we will keep it at that.
    Sunil Vijayapala

  8. Leela Says:

    MUdali: You said; “Veluppillai was not a Tamil but a Malayali. If S/Indians are Dravidians, who are the Sinhalese? Sinhala is closer to all S/Indian languages and have nothing to do with any North Indian languages.”

    I am with you about Velu. but I do not agree with your effort to connect Sinhala with S/Indian languages.

    To say the least, ask any scholar of oriental languages; he will tell you that Sinhalese language is ‘not’ developed from Tamil language as you say. Most words in Sinhala is from Hela, Sanskrit and Pali. See the shape of Sinhala writing; they are circular to a great extent. There is no resemblance of Tamil letter shapes what so ever in Sinhala letters. Having said that, I admit there are many Tamil, Portuguese, Dutch, English words in our language; just like all other languages today.

    I am not a language scholar. But, I can tell you this much; the Sinhala alphabet consists of 61 symbols: 18 vowel symbols, 41 consonant symbols and 2 semi-consonant symbols; whereas the Tamil alphabet consists of 48 symbols: 14 vowel sounds and 26 consonant sounds.

    Sinhala is a member of the Indo-Aryan family of languages; whereas Tamil is genetically unrelated to the North Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, and Gujarati. The modern script used in writing Sinhala is unique to it. ‘ba’ and ‘ga’ letters are there in Sinhala alphabet but ‘not’ in Tamil alphabet. That is why ordinary Tamils cannot pronounce ‘baa’ or ‘gaa’ sounds. They sound them as ‘waa’ and ‘ka’. This does not mean to say that Tamil is an inferior language. On the contrary it has its own sophistications. I am only trying to show Sinhala is not based on Tamil language.

  9. sharpeshooter Says:

    Leela – its a case of enlightening Mudali and educating this misguided person and I feel its our sincere responsibility. When I met Anu archeologists in 2008 they explained how our language Aryan Sinhala letters became rounded. Simply the reason was to avoid cutting the material they were writing on. Say the plus sign of Brahmi script + if one one were to write this on a piece of kola potha, it would have cut the paper – to avoid that they made it rounder and over the years ended up with letter ‘ker’. This gradation and develpoment, for each letter in our alphabet, is captured on a display at archeology office excavation site in Anu. Its very interesting. Pali is suposed be the first language spoken on earth according to Buddha dhamma – if we believe Dhamma we may believe this too. Paranavitane (according to Mudli idiotically or racillay created a mess in Rajarata) was consulted by even Indian archelogists to decipher Brahmi inscriptions in India. He was a Christian and had no inclinations like we Sinhala Buddhists to lean on unscientific litreture and biases but purely based on his findings on inscriptions found in Anu and elsewhere and thats how he found the Dhakkina dagaba where Arahat Mahinda’s ashes were discovered, which was a mound used for defecating and urinating! Alas still we leave this Dagaba in a dilapadated state an insult to Arahat Mahinda. This place need to be restored in the name of Buddhism.
    Sunil Vijayapala

  10. cassandra Says:


    I assure you I was not trying to be pedantic with my earlier response but I have been taught that I need to use the right words if I wished to get my message across clearly. I have also been told to always get my facts right, so that any statements I make based on them were valid conclusions and because if I did not get the facts right, my credibility would be in question.

    You rightly refer to your Buddhist faith as a treasure. No doubt, you will appreciate that people of other religions also regard their own faiths in like fashion. I trust you will also appreciate that they’d understandably feel hurt when unsubstantiated accusations are made against them, as in your reference to “Catholic action”.

    You have seen fit to say that “it would take probably a lifetime or never” for me to understand “Anglo Saxon hegemony”. I respect your right to hold the views you do but this statement of yours smacks of a pathetic arrogance and is, quite simply, offensive. If it is intended to express what you see as my capacity for comprehension, you might care to reflect that the feeling could well be mutual.

  11. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Do you know any “other” Indian languages or Tamil atleast to compare?

    I dont say that Sinhala is developed from Tamil but Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Thulu were developed from a COMMON ancestor. Scripts too develped from the same Brahmi!

    க =Tamil
    ක = Sinhala
    ക =Malayalam
    ಕ =Kannada
    క =Telugu

    का =Hindi

    If you do more reasearch, you will find Kannada and Telugu are more closer to North Indian languages than Sinhala. But Sinhala has closer LINKS to Tamil and Malayalam!

    Only Tamils and Sinhalese call their elder sister “AKKA”. Why?

    Tamil dont have some letters to represent many sounds but Malayalam have all the letters to represent all the sounds. many language including Chinese too have the same. Sanskrit and pali contributed South Indian languages with many words and terms.

    That is a thousands of years development and evolution! Sanskrit words or Pali words in Sinhala cannot qualify Sinhala as an ARYAN or North Indian language.

    Tamil has 12 vowel sounds and 18 consonants!

    But Sinhalese will fail all the DNA tests to connect them to North India.

    In the case of Paranawitane, he misinformed the history. He fooled the people at the public expense. If you have political backing, you can create any “idiotic” theories to suit the political needs.

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